Is this the perfect bridesmaid dress for a destination wedding?

Twist Dress

So you're getting married somewhere far away.

Maybe on the beach. Under palm trees. 

You've got your own dress sorted and it's beautiful. But your bridesmaids?

The thing is your girls are all different. One's curvy and voluptuous. Another is tall and willowy. And another is pregnant. 

Plus which, you want more than one look for your girls. Something for the beach ceremony and then something for the evening dancing. 

You want your ladies all to wear something they feel fabulous in, that shows off their best features. But what? 

Sounds like you should investigate the Dessy Twist Dress.

  • It can be halter-style, strapless, sleeved or one-shouldered
  • It's made from soft jersey that travels beautifully and just shakes out on arrival
  • It's a dress your girls will want to wear again and again
  • It has a forgiving fit - so it's perfect for ladies who are pregnant
  • You can change the look from day to night
  • It comes in a dazzling rainbow of different colors, so there's one to suit your theme and your girls. Go for an ombre effect, jewel shades or two or three contrasting shades


Twist Dress

The bridesmaid frock that works through day and night

It'll take your girls from an afternoon ceremony on a sandy, palm-fringed shore and then off to a sophisticated evening party. Effortlessly.

Check out this real Dessy wedding featuring Twist Dresses here. 

Go strapless, in flats and it's a completely perfect bridesmaid dress for a destination beach wedding.

Change it to halter-style maybe, add heels, an updo, some statement earrings and they're all set in a glamorous cocktail frock.

Twist Dress

Why your bridesmaids will LOVE this dress

You'll be their friend forever. For a number of reasons.

Your bridesmaids can create a style that shows their best features (sleeveless, strapless etc. etc.). You just pick a dress from one of the colours available and leave the rest to them.

They'll love it that you chose a Dessy Twist Dress for that reason, because there's nothing worse than having to wear something that doesn't suit you. Especially when you're going to be photographed A LOT.

Twist Dress

Also you've given your girls a fashion treasure that'll last because this is a dress they really will wear after your wedding day. Again and again. And it looks classy.

What else? Oh yes, this multi-tasking gown comes in either long or cocktail length.

You might even like to buy one yourself to take on your honeymoon - for a different look every night.

See all the Dessy Twist Dresses here. 

All featured images of Dessy Twist Dresses worn by real girls via Dessy Facebook page


10 tips for choosing bridesmaid dresses

choosing bridesmaid dresses

It's not all about you when you're choosing your bridesmaid frocks. Not really. 

You see, these girls are going to be supporting you on one of the biggest days of your life. So you want them to feel happy. And if you choose frocks that make them look and feel fabulous then they're going to be smiling all the way. Here's how to do it. 
  1. Think of the location of your wedding. If you're getting married on a beach, then your maids will need to be wearing something soft, light and filmy so that they look and feel cool. Don't go for any heavy fabrics or brocade.
  2. Ask your girls to tell you honestly what they feel their best points are and what they'd rather remain hidden. So a girl who has long elegant legs might want to show them off - but hide a somewhat flat chest. Alternatively, a girl who feels her arms are her best feature may be happy to show them, but be a bit self-conscious about her legs. Chat to them and look through bridesmaid styles together. 
  3. Think about the colors you're choosing. Some girls suit some shades and others don't. If you've got a particular color theme you can get round this by choosing contrasting and complementing colors or by opting for an ombre effect. (The Dessy Pantone tools are very useful for choosing wedding colors and working out what goes with what.)
  4. If you want your maids to wear their frocks again, then think about separates. This is very on trend. Check out this Dessy style here. 
  5. Don't be frightened of opting for different necklines. They can look fabulous and choosing the same color will hang your look together.
  6. In winter, be thoughtful and give your girls some cover ups against the cold. Maybe a cosy pashmina or shrug. Don't leave them shivering - it won't make for good photographs. 
  7. If you have a bridesmaid who's a young teen and at that in-between age, you'll find Dessy Junior Bridesmaid styles a real find. They're similar in design to adult bridesmaids, but cut for a less mature figure. 
  8. Don't forget about shoes for your bridesmaids - experiment with different colors and remember that metallics always look good.
  9. Get some fabric swatches for dresses you like - and talk through the fabrics with your maids. 
  10. Finally, the Dessy Twist Dress is popular for good reason. It comes in all sorts of colors, can be wrapped in a number of styles, you can choose long or short and it will also work for pregnant bridesmaids.

Engagement rings that will make you want to say yes, yes and YES!

diamond engagement rings

Aah. Engagement rings. Those pretty, sparkly pieces of jewellery that say so much.

Like "will you marry me because I want to spend the rest of my life with you". Sigh. 

How will you choose your engagement ring?

  • May your fiance popped the question, went down on one knee and surprised you with a ring already picked out.
  • Or maybe you both want to choose a ring together?

An engagement ring is a something that's probably going to be a significant financial investment. So you need to know you're buying the best for your budget.

Here's to know what to look for, what to avoid and how to choose a ring you're going to love for years to come.

Key tips for when you go out engagement ring shopping

  • Choose a style of ring your partner will want to wear forever
  • Look at the jewellery they wear everyday. There's no point in buying a vintage style if your partner prefers a contemporary style
  • Think about the stones you're going to choose. Will your partner want diamonds. If so how many?
  • How about colored stones?
  • Would a combination of diamonds and sapphires or other gemstones be more appropriate? Not all gemstones are hardwearing, and it might be worth avoiding those that aren't, such as emeralds or aquamarines.
  • When diamonds are the choice, color, clarity and size should all be taken into consideration.
  • However the most important is the cut of the diamond and the colour which will give it its bright sparkle. A twinkly diamond will always catch your eye.
  • The shape of an engagement ring is important too. Think about the style of wedding ring that is going to be worn with it.  You can fit a shaped wedding ring around your engagement ring but maybe you would prefer a traditional straight band?
  • Think about lifestyles.  A high-set engagement ring is beautiful but also more liable to get knocked or caught. So if the wearer has an active job something lower set would be more practical.
  • The ring metal is also a choice to think carefully about. Platinum will keep its naturally white colour for a lifetime, but is the most expensive and rarest of the precious metals. Palladium is also part of the platinum family, and is hypoallergenic and so won't irritate the most sensitive of skin and also stays naturally white.
  • White and yellow gold are still regularly the preferred metal, with rose gold becoming ever more popular. In its natural state, 9ct white gold is a beige colour and 18ct white is more of a dark grey and both require rhodium plating to give it a bright white finish. This plating will wear with time and the original beige or grey colour can be seen again. A re-coating will be needed to bring back the lovely white finish.
    diamond solitaire engagement ri
  • A six claw diamond solitaire engagement ring

Cleaning and caring for an engagement ring

  • As with all jewellery, avoid harsh cleaning products, chlorine and other caustic substances, especially if you have a white gold ring, as they can damage the rhodium plating.
  • Rings with gemstones can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush to remove the build-up of grime.
  • Take off your engagement ring if you're doing any activity that may scratch or catch it.

diamond and sapphire engagement ring

A classic diamond and sapphire cluster

Photo credits: All images and rings via CoolJoolz, infographic via Gemvara 

Why floral arches are a fabulous choice for weddings

Floral wedding arches

(Image credits clockwise from top left: Green Wedding Shoes, Wedding Chicks, Wedding Chicks, Wedding Chicks)

 One of the most important thoughts to bear in mind when you're styling your wedding is to spend money where it will have the most impact. And a floral wedding arch certainly creates the wow factor when your guests arrive at your wedding venue.

Floral wedding arches

(Image credits from top: Green Wedding Shoes, Wedding Chicks, Wedding Chicks)

 A bower of flowers is a good idea for plenty of reasons:

    • It gives a sense of welcome at the entrance to your venue 
    • It provides a focal point for the area in which to say your vows or where you sign the register
    • If you're having a Jewish wedding, then you'll want a floral huppah to be married underneath
    • It's a great backdrop for photographs
    • It can beautify a less than beautiful doorway
    • Or create a doorway wherever you want one
    • If you're marrying outside, you can set an arch up with spectacular scenery behind
    • You can use flowers for the season and theme of your wedding day 
    • A flower curtain can disguise an indifferent area at your reception
    • You can use a floral arch or arches to direct guests to where you want them to go. For example, if you want people to head to the bar while you're having your photographs taken, have an arch placed there that calls out 'this way to where the party starts'. If you're having a country-style wedding day in summer, think about old-fashioned flowers like roses and peonies.
    • In the winter, think of holly, berrries, ivy.
    • In fall, use trailing vines, mini squash and have an earthy palette. 
    • If you're having a Jewish wedding, then you'll want a floral huppah to be married underneath
    • Floral arches are a great backdrop for photographs
    • Fancy making one yourself? Here's a DIY guide to making a floral wedding arch
    •  Talk to your florist and say that you're interested in having a decorated floral arch and see what is suggested for the time of year and your location. 
    • Maybe take some Pantone swatches if you're keen on matching up colors to flowers. 

Think carefully about where your flower budget goes - after all, table decorations are all well and good but they don't feature big time in the wedding photos, do they? A floral wedding arch is a styling trick you really shouldn't miss. 

Floral wedding arches

(Image credits clockwise from top: Taryn Baxter Wedding Chicks, Wedding Chicks.

15 things you should know about choosing wedding shoes


  1. This is your opportunity to choose shoes you adore. So if you've always wanted a pair of Jimmy Choos or Manolos then indulge. Choose a pair you won't just want to wear on your wedding day. If you get to wear your dream shoes over and over again then they work out to be far less expensive.
  2. Don't feel you have to choose white or ivory shoes. Metallics, bronze, silver and gold can also work well and are more practical for future wear (see note above on buying wedding shoes you LOVE). 
  3. Wear your shoes indoors on the carpet before your big day for three reasons. First of all, you want them to mould themselves to your feet so they feel comfortable and don't rub. Secondly, if you're wearing heels (and you don't generally) then you want to get used to walking in them. Thirdly, if you wear them on the carpet you run less risk of scuffing them.
  4. If you're getting married in an ancient castle or somewhere with a precious wooden floor, you may find that stilettos are banned. Best to find out before you make any shoe style decisions. 
  5. When you're being fitted for your wedding dress, take your shoes with you so the fitter can see how your wedding dress hangs and how the length works with your intended heel height. 
  6. Think about the style of wedding day you're having and choose your shoes accordingly. For example, if you're marrying on the beach then high heels aren't really called for. Instead have that perfect pedicure and go barefoot or choose a beautiful pair of wedding flats. On the other hand, if you're having a chic city wedding, then you can choose whatever heels you like! 
  7. You may love skyscraper heels but they may not be the best choice for your wedding day. You've got to wear them all day - and if you're having a show-off first dance, they may be difficult to dance in. Better to wear heels that are manageable. You don't want to be grimacing in pain. Also, very high stilettos have a habit of getting stuck in hems, which is a problem you can do without. 
  8. On the other hand, you could change into a pair of shoes just for dancing. Save the heels for standing and greeting guests. But make sure they're not too different in height or your dress won't fall correctly (and may even drag on the floor).
  9. Don't feel that shoes don't matter if you're wearing a long gown. Your feet are still going to peek out from underneath so make sure your shoes offer a magical glimpse.
  10. Brightly colored wedding shoes can work perfectly, particularly if you're having a bit of a boho theme. You can wear red, emerald green - whatever catches your fancy
  11. If you find the perfect style of shoe but not in the color you want, then remember you can have them professionally dyed.
  12. On a tight budget? You can dress up an inexpensive plain pair of court shoes with jewelled shoe clips to completely change the look. 
  13. It's important to make sure that the fabric of your shoes complements your gown. The best way of doing this is to take a swatch of your wedding dress fabrics - or a Pantone color that matches - and hold it against the shoe to see if they work together. 
  14. Also, even if you're having a vintage wedding, it's best to buy shoes that are new. Wear them in - as described above - and have them dyed if necessary. If you buy vintage shoes then they may well break on your big day - which would not be an ideal scenario! 
  15. Finally, scratch leather soles before you wear them so you don't slip.

Image credits clockwise from top: Wedding Chicks, Weddbook, Wedding Chicks, Wedding Chicks, Giodanodieci.

Why you should dress your bridesmaids in black

Dress your bridesmaids in black? "Whoa, I don't think so" you may think to yourself. 

But we'd say, think again. 

Because the results can be absolutely spectacular, as you can see from these photographs of real weddings. 

And there are a lot of advantages too

  • The little black dress is an absolute classic
  • Every girl should have the perfect black dress in their wardrobe
  • Black looks spectacular at a chic evening wedding
  • You can liven up the color with bright wedding flowers - which will look fabulous against a dark gown
  • Black suits just about every complexion
  • You can ring the changes with different necklines for different girls
  • Think about cocktail length or full-length frocks 

Let's think about fabrics

Depending on the style of wedding you're having, consider the different fabrics that are available.

  • You could choose a black bridesmaid gown with lace inlays for a really sophisticated but covered-up look. Maybe a black frock with a paler color inlaid underneath.
  • If you want something dramatic and film-starry, think about fishtail skirts or dresses that use black netting. 
  • Chiffon is also romantic and dreamy on sweeping long black skirts. 
  • Or for something powerful, maybe black satin or black sequins. 
  • Of course, black and white also work beautifully together - so you could opt for a monochrome approach. (This Dessy frock makes it easy to do that). Have a black bodice with a white skirt, or vice versa. 

When black won't work well

We'd say that there are some locations and themes for which black bridesmaid frocks wouldn't work so well. 

If you're having a rustic style wedding day, then a black frock won't really give you the look you're after. You'd be better off choosing colors or pastels. 

Also, if you're having a wedding day in the height of summer out of doors or if you're getting married on a tropical beach - you'd be better off choosing different bright colors.

If you want to check out masses of bridemaid frocks in black, in different styles, start your search here.  

Image credits: Clockwise from top:  Wedding Play Book, Wedding Play BookJose VillaRachel Meagan Photography, June Bug Weddings 

Middle image via Pinterest 

Why you should choose colorful wedding flowers

colorful wedding flowers

Interior designers have long known that a ‘pop’ of color in a neutral room can add a fabulously vibrancy.

Which is exactly why you should consider colorful wedding bouquets and wedding flowers.

Because if you’re going down the traditional wedding dress route, then your bridal gown is likely to be white or ivory – neutral in fact. And an splash of carefully-considered color could give some serious styling to your big day.

colorful wedding flowers

(Image credit: Style Me Pretty

Bright colors, blue skies

If you’re getting married under a tropical sun or somewhere hot, then bright colors work really well. Pastels can look a bit washed out under palm trees and on white sands – but brights really come into their own. Same applies with your bridemaid dresses. Under a cloudless blue sky think about dressing your maids in stand-out shades and jewel colors.

Think about the heat too – maybe it’s time for one-shouldered bridesmaid gowns like these.

(Image credit: Wedding Chicks)

On a beach, have a colorful wedding arch created from local flowers to give a focal point for saying your vows (and having your photograph taken).

(Image credit: Casaecozinha)

Think about how your flowers are presented too – we love the idea of using tropical fruit – like the pineapple above – as containers for your floral décor.

White dresses, colorful bouquets

A vibrantly colored wedding bouquet will look fabulous against the white of a wedding dress – like the bride shown. She’s cleverly chosen to echo the color of her bouquet in her bridesmaid gowns too (and better still, has given her maids different necklines so that they’re confident they’re wearing a dress that suits them perfectly).

(Image credit: Burnetts Boards)

Colored wedding flowers aren’t just for bouquets either – think about ways to use them to decorate your wedding cake, around doorways and on chairbacks (we’ve some great ideas for decorating wedding chairs here too). Enjoy! 

(Image credit: Wedding Chicks)

One last word: Always talk to your florist about which flowers are in season for the area you are in. You'll be saving money and you'll also be doing your bit to help the environment, by not having expensive out-of-season blooms flown in from distant countries. 

Image credit: Aisle Society)

(Image credit: Wedding Chicks)

(Image credit: Ruffled Blog)

11 things to know about wedding cakes

wedding cakes with flowers

Wedding cakes with flowers like the ones above are perfection if you're having a very romantic kind of a wedding theme.

Of course, your wedding cake is going to take center stage on your big day.

So you need to make sure it says just what you want to

And you have so many options. Deciding on the look of your wedding cake might be one of the more difficult decisions you make when planning the catering for your big day.

(Image credit: The Cake Parlour)

Here are a few wedding cake tips from us

  1. Have wedding cake tiers in different flavors - a chocolate sponge, a traditional fruit cake and a citrus flavored sponge. 
  2. Offer a gluten free cake on the tier so all your friends can indulge
  3. Have a nude wedding cake - with minimal icing, like the one shown above. 
  4. Don't forget the bridegroom. Surprise him with a groom's cake as your gift. Choose his favorite recipe. Prince William had a chocolate biscuit groom's cake when he married Duchess Kate. 
  5. Don't want a traditional cake?  You could go for a tower of cheeses if you prefer savoury to sweet. Or put one on your dessert table as another option for guests. 
  6. Watching your budget but still want to have an impressive tier of cakes? They don't all have to be real you know. Just have one or two tiers that are cake and get your caterer to ice boxes for some tiers. Nobody will know the difference except you and the caterer. And you're not going to be saying anything, are you?
  7. A spectacular wedding cake could make a really good gift from somebody
  8. Give your caterer fabric swatches or Pantone refereces (Dessy makes it easy here) so that they can get colors EXACTLY as you want them. For things like ribbons and paste flowers.
  9. If you're marrying somewhere really hot, a citrus flavored cake could just hit the spot
  10. On a budget? Buy a good quality iced cake from a baker or supermarket and decorate it yourself with flowers. Here's a tutorial for doing just that.


  11. Finally, choose a cake that reflects your style of day. Your wedding dress. The venue. The time of year. If you're having a boho or rustic wedding, you probably won't want to opt for a formal tiered iced cake. Or if you're having a chic city wedding then you might find that decorating your cake with rustic flowers doesn't look quite right. 

(Image credit above: Wedding Chicks )

Image credits above and below: Maisie Fantaisie



Image credit: Rosalind Miller Cakes 

5 easy DIY ideas to decorate your wedding pews

DIY ideas to decorate your wedding pews

It's that wow factor moment. You know, the one when your guests walk into your church or your wedding ceremony for the first time and see just how beautifully decorated everything is. 

And if you're thinking about DIY-ing some aspects of your big day, then it's worth considering decorating your pew ends yourself  - or asking a talented friend. 

  • You can use some pew end decorations afterwards at the party
  • Dried pew ends - like lavender or decorations - can be put in place the day before
  • Pew ends don't have to be expensive or use expensive blooms

Here are five ideas for wedding pew ends to consider

1.Hydrangeas in mini buckets. This is really, really easy and you don't have to have any particular skills at flower arranging either. Just buy some simple hook-on mini buckets in either cream or zinc (we found some for just over $1 each) and put a hydrangea bloom in every one (in water of course). They'll lighten up dark pew ends to perfection and afterwards you can have them taken along to the wedding reception to do double decoration duty! 

2.Lavender bunches. This is an inexpensive idea that you can organise well ahead of time. Pick lavender blooms - about 20 to a bunch would be good - and then tie with ribbon, looping the ribbon over the pew end. What could be simpler? You could make your lavender bunches a few days before and then put them in place as early as possible, because the lavender won't wilt. In fact, it will smell better the drier it becomes! 

3. Gypsophilia and burlap. Another low cost DIY wedding idea that works really well when you're having a rustic wedding day. Gypsophilia is one of the cheapest blooms around and you can buy big sprays of it for very little. Tie a decent sized spray together, and then create a bow from hessian (you'll find a bow tying tutorial here). Add in a contrasting rose if your budget permits. 

4.Paper strip hearts. Choose sheet music, colored paper or pages of text. This is another decoration you can prepare well ahead of time. Use contrasting ribbons to loop the hearts around the pew ends. Wondering how to make them? Here's an easy to follow tutorial on making paper hearts just here that will tell you everything you need to know. 

5.Rustic jam jars. Again, here's a very simple idea but it's very effective. Choose jam jars (Mason jars) in the right size for your pew ends - we'd suggest something fairly small - fill with small posies of rustic blooms (we're not talking amazing flower arrangements here, just something loose) and then tie with string to the pew end. Get them collected up at the end of the ceremony so they can decorate your reception venue. 

Image credits from top: Boho Weddings, The Natural Wedding Company, Weddings Online, Etsy, Whimsical Wonderland Weddings 


Image credits from top left: hydrangeas



10 things you should know about children at weddings

children at weddings

Should you invite children to your wedding day? Or should you make it a child-free event?

It can be a tricky one- particularly if a lot of your friends have had children already. Some people will say you're selfish not to invite kids. Others will breathe a sigh of relief.

A lot depends on your style of wedding day

Not all weddings are suitable for children. For example, if you're having a service in a chic city venue with a dance afterwards then young children aren't really going to add much to the occasion. They will also get very bored and probably make all the adults realise that in the loudest and most disruptive ways possible!  

It's your big day and it should be done your way. So here are some thoughts about children and weddings to consider before you make any decisions. 

    1. If you request some friends not to bring children but have other kids there (young nephews and nieces for example) it could look awkward. So explain beforehand what you're doing so there are no misunderstandings.
    2. Banning kids from the wedding will preclude some of your friends being able to come at all - they might have issues with childcare or young babies.
    3. Children can add a wonderful atmosphere to a wedding day and make for some fabulous photographs!
    4. If a friend is bringing a young child or baby to the ceremony, be prepared for a bit of noise. A polite parent will always take the child outside if the noise is intrusive.
    5. Have a children's table and think up some fabulous child-centred wedding favors.  And make sure they are named - kids love arriving at a table to see a parcel with their name on it! Also don't plan on serving the same food that you're serving to adults (unless you're having a barbecue or similar). Kids find it hard to sit through a formal three piece meal - maybe serve party food in boxes for each child? This is also the time to seriously think about having a sweetie table or a dessert table.
    6. If you're marrying in winter a chill-out room for young kids - equipped with party games and a DVD is essential. In summer, think of outdoor games which you can hire - croquet, Jenga, badminton ... And a chill-out room is still a good idea - it might be rainy and kids do get tired.
    7. Teenagers over the age of 16 should really receive their own wedding invitation and certainly if they are over 18. Also, put teens on a table together - don't jumble them up with the young kids. They probably won't appreciate it. Don't serve them party food either - they should be served the same food as the adults.
    8. If you're having a disco, make sure they play a medley of tunes the children will enjoy. You could also have a dance competition to keep the youngsters entertained!
    9. Make sure you have a photograph taken of yourselves with your flowergirls and pageboys - early on whilst they are still clean and tidy!
    10. Children at weddings is an emotive subject and people have strong feelings. It really is up to you at the end of the day - be considerate and thoughtful and whatever you decide will run more smoothly!

Image credits clockwise from top: Bridal Musings, 100 Layer Cake, Maui Aloha WeddingsEtsy.