Technicolour Wedding

Don't get me wrong, I love pastel- and soft hued-themes, particularly for a wedding - they just ooze romance and almost demand a soft lens on the camera.

HOWEVER, there is undoubtedly a place in the world for more vibrant, shake-it-in-your-face colour schemes which shout to the rooftops how ecstatic you are to be marrying the love of your life. Of late, I feel the Boho Bride has almost claimed this most joyous of crowns for herself, but I'm here to encourage even the most conservative of brides to give the technicolour wedding a second glance. Take a look at this fabulous bouquet of gerberas and ranunculi, anemones and freesias from Helen Jane Floristry. Doesn't it just make you want to grin with sheer delight at the audacity of colours singing together so merrily? Or the brilliant clash of greens and pinks in the table decoration photographed by Gia Canali at the top of the page.

technicolour wedding

And then just think of the vibrancy you could create at the Wedding Breakfast with table arrangements like these below left. You would literally have the guests dancing their way to the tables, energised by the brilliant clashing of blooms. I love the multicoloured table runners, bright plastic mini-vases (I'd use IKEA tumblers which come in punchy colours that work so well together), and really tall vases with lavish coloured foliage and flowers dramatically spilling over as in the photo below left. And just look at the bride's bouquet - you'd have every guest beaming like a cheshire cat when they first clapped eyes on that! With thanks to One Fab Day for this lovely montage.

technicolour wedding

Long gone are the days of three tiers of royal-icing, marzipan-ed fruit wedding cakes, where the first tier was packed away for Baby No 1's Christening, the second tier cut up and sent to those invited who couldn't make the wedding, and the third tier distributed amongst the guests to crack their dentures on!

technicolour wedding

Nowadays your wedding cake can be as colourful and individual as the bride and groom. Really truly, the world is your technicolour oyster! I love the dramatic cake above, beautifully captured by Tucker Images, and then the rainbow-coloured cake below by the talented team at

technicolour wedding

And don't forget your bridesmaids: if you're going all out for a technicolour wedding, go to and let your imagination run wild! These maids below are all wearing Alfred Sung dresses - how stylish do they look with their mismatching bouquets? Go on, forget about work for a bit and have a play with Dessy's Inspiration Styleboards and see what you can come up with. I bet you'll have a lot of fun!
multicoloured bridesmaid dresses





4 Must-Haves for a Winter Wedding Look

4 Must-Haves for a Winter Wedding Look

Getting married next month or in the next couple of months, so you obviously have your wedding day look complete down to the earrings and necklaces.  But did you think about accessories you might need since it is in fact winter?  

Here are some of our top must-haves for your winter wedding look:

Pashmina Shawl/Evening Shawl:  We love our shawls, the come in a variety of colors and will definitely keep you warm for your winter wedding. They make a great gift for the bride and her bridesmaids.   If you are really feeling generous, get one for all the women attending your wedding as part of the wedding favor.



Pashmina Shawl/Evening Shawl 

Winter Hosiery: While many of us hardly wear hosiery anymore, it's a good idea to consider them for your winter wedding.  They will keep your legs warm underneath the dress and this is a chance to have some fun with different colors and patterns.  Anyone say reindeer patterns?



Image by 

Snow Boots:  How can you not do an outdoor winter wedding photo without wearing boots? This is for bride and her bridesmaids. It makes for a good winter wedding photo.


The Mini Bailey Bow boot by UGG 

Keep Your Hands Warm:  Another great gift alert! White gloves for the bride and different color gloves (matching the dresses) for the bridesmaids.  How lovely is that? Especially for all of those outdoor wedding photos. If you don't want have gloves, faux fur hand muffs might be a good idea too.


Image by 

Looking for more accessories for your winter wedding? Check out!

10 Top Tips for when you have Teenage Bridesmaids

Teenage bridesmaids - handle with care

And I mean that in the nicest possible sense.

I was at the opening of Annabel Ridley's latest collection in Mayfair yesterday when a friend told me that her twin 15 year old daughters had been asked to be bridesmaids not just once but TWICE next year. And that, although initially they had been thrilled, their hearts had been sinking ever since at the thought of what they might be forced to wear...

teenage bridesmaids

So here is my advice to any bride asking a teenage girl to be her bridesmaid.

  1. Involve her in the initial discussion about style and colour, making it clear that there is a dress out there for her and the two of you just need to find it. NOBODY is going to wear an outfit they don't like.

  2. Make a list of all the colours that she (and the other bridesmaids) HATE. You're not going to necessarily rule those hues out, but it's good to have a heads-up. Just ask that everyone involved is open-minded...

  3. Remember, that just because someone said they didn't like pink, it doesn't mean that there isn't a shade of pink out there that is right up their street! Not many teenagers are going to want to wear Barbie pink, but what about American Beauty?
    Teenage Bridesmaids

  4. If there doesn't seem to be a mutually satisfactory colour, opt for neutrals like taupe, oyster or grey; or introduce a colour nobody had thought about, like cloudy, spa, frost or celadon.Teenage Bridesmaids

  5. If there is a real clash of ideas about colour, establish your wedding theme and let the girls all choose a colour that works for them within that theme. Maybe within the same colour family, just varying shades; or maybe you go for the rainbow look...Teenage bridesmaids

  6. Think about styles: will the teenage bridesmaid wear the same style as the other bridesmaids, or will each girl choose the dress that suits her body shape? If you go for different styles, try to ensure that all of the dresses are of the same fabric - it makes for a much more cohesive look.teenage bridesmaids

  7. Have an honest discussion about length of dress; some teenagers hate tea length, some will want long, others might like the idea of hi-lo skirts. Think of how the photos will look and how you want the visuals. If you are determined to have a certain style dress that the teenager is not entirely sure about, let her choose her own shoes and jewellery that allow her to show her individuality whilst you still stay in control.

  8. Remember that a teenage girl is going to be far more self-conscious about her bust (or lack of it) than an older girl so make sure that the dress has enough support for her and doesn't show too much cleavage. Spaghetti straps are a perfect way to boost a girl's confidence without looking matronly, but if she is quite well-endowed, she might prefer a dress that enables her to wear a bra, particularly if there's going to be plenty of dancing later.

  9. Many teenagers won't have developed a waist yet; if that's the case for your teenage bridesmaids, then keep away from figure-hugging gowns and suggest a dress that is slightly more empire line than natural waist.teenage bridesmaids

  10. Take a look at the Dessy Twist dresses; fab colours to choose from and endless styles - your teenager can be as daring or as demure as she likes. These two late-teen bridesmaids wore one style for the church ceremony and then re-worked their dresses for a totally different look for the after-party!teenage bridesmaids

My final piece of advice to the bride is this - whatever you do, DO NOT make your teenage bridesmaid wear a dress that is the same colour as her school uniform - she will NEVER forgive you!

For more ideas, check out - the dress is there waiting for her.

2 Easy DIY Up Dos For Your Wedding

2 Easy DIY Up Dos For Your Wedding

Finding a wedding look for your hair is not always easy. There are so many beautiful styles out there, but it is important to find a look that is right for you.

We came across these two hairstyles by stylist Sarah Potempa of Beachwaver that are not only gorgeous, but they are easy to do if you are looking to cut costs and do your hair yourself. We encourage passing these videos along to your bridesmaids too!

A Reverse French Braid Updo

The Headband Updo

What is a great wedding day up do without some beautiful hair accessories? We think the Pearl Spray Hair Comb and the Rhinestone Star Hair Pins.  Also check out all of our other accessories at! 

Electric Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Go High Voltage with Electric Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Wow, these Electric Blue Bridesmaid Dresses are SO energising that you could almost sell back to the National Grid!

Electric Blue D440

Don't the Bridal Party all look fabulous? This Alfred Sung style D440 is one of my favourites, I must admit. The way the straps sit just on the shoulders elongates the neck and encourages perfect deportment. Combined with the bateau neckline, it is one of the most flattering, elegant of dress shapes and in this colour, it just sings out the bride's vivacity and vibrancy. The girls'  bouquets have been superbly chosen to fortify the sentiment, with the matching shade of blue creating a perfect foil for the bright pink and lime green, with just the right amount of cream to lift the visuals and tie-in those wonderful pearl necklaces. The Maid of Honour wears a lace shift dress and holds a rounder, more sophisiticated posy in shades of blue, lime and white. The beautiful bride is stunning in her gorgeously embellished gown and a near-mirror image of the MOH's bouquet.

Electric Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

A similar effect is found in the bridegroom and his ushers who have almost the 'negative' of each others' outfits. The groom looks supremely dapper in his dark blue silk DJ with matt satin lapels and black bow tie; his favourite chums sport black dinner jackets and narrow bright blue ties and pocket handkerchiefs that match the bridesmaids' dresses.

To create a similar look for the jewellery, try Braybrook and Britten who do exquisite jewellery on-line that really is as top quality and divine as it looks.

Electric Blue bridesmaid DressesTake this graduated, single strand Grace Pearl necklace at £195; the lustrous Giselle Pearl Ear Studs at £84 and the triple strand, adjustable Giselle Baroque Pearl necklace at £395 - all of them absolutely perfect with this kind of bright colour choice. Find your nearest Dessy stockist here and think about the electric blue for your bridesmaids dresses - you know it will look stunning.


With many thanks to for sharing their brilliant images of this great wedding.


Illusion neckline bridesmaid dresses

As you will see from a recent post, illusion neckline bridal gowns are absolutely the in thing for 2016. But what about your bridesmaids? If you want your favourite girls to be on trend too next year, Dessy has four stunning illusion neckline bridesmaid dresses to choose from:

illlusion neckline

First up is this beautiful After Six gown style 6726. You can see from the image of its back why the illusion neckline works so well: the sweetheart bodice has a daringly low back which might make you feel a little over-exposed were it not for the sheer fabric which not only adds a little warmth but also gives the strapless dress support and extra structure. The full-length gown is made of the softest tulle (probably THE fabric for 2016 weddings!) over either a gold or silver lurex bodice which adds a gentle sparkle to the whole affair.

illusion neckline

My next choice is Dessy Collection 2924 in Oyster, as shown above. Here the illusion neckline features shimmering rococo lace which of course looks particularly gorgeous for an evening reception. The top is immensely flattering as it produces a very pretty line for the shoulders so if you haven't had time to tone your upper body it won't matter in the slightest!

The next two illusion neckline bridesmaid dresses are both short and I think look all the sassier for it! Alfred Sung's D694 in Ivory is cocktail length in sateen twill with a chiffon knit yoke and jewel neckline - so pretty. Below that is I think my favourite of all, the Dessy Collection 2947 in Rose with fleur lace bodice and appliqué spilling on to the fuller skirt. There's no doubt that the back of this dress is extremely stunning.

Alfred Sung D694

Illusion neckline 2947Which one is your favourite?







9 Unlikely Places to Pop the Question (She'll Love It, We Promise!)

9 Unlikely Places to Pop the Question (She'll Love It, We Promise!)

As we head into engagement season, where men everywhere are holding engagement rings anxiously trying to find the best way to pop the question, we thought we would make this a little easier.  We ask that you leave this post open on his desktop.  You're welcome!

Her Childhood Home: If her childhood home was a place filled with wonderful memories, this could be a good idea for the perfect place for a wedding proposal.  She can add this to all the wonderful memories she already holds dearly.  It's a great way to show the connection between her past, present and future.

School Playground: Take her to the swing set or the sandbox and get down on one knee.  This is especially a good idea if the two of you met as children.   Chase her around a bit like kids do before you get down on one knee, to add to the fun.

Where You Two Met: This isn't entirely an unlikely place, but it could be unique depending on where you met.  For example, take her to the coffee shop where you two first bumped into each other,  or the laundry mat if you two met over the separation of whites and colors.  It's sweet and different!

The Top of a Skyscraper: There isn't anything more beautiful than being proposed to surrounded by beautiful scenic views of a city.  The top of Empire State Building perhaps?

On a Ski Lift: It will get hard to get down on one knee here, (wait until you get to the top) but how romantic is it to propose on the way to the top of a high mountain? It's a great way to say, "I am willing to soar mountain tops for the rest of my life with you."

The Same Place Her Parents Got Married:  Do her parents have a wonderful love story? Emulate that by proposing to her where they got married.

A Place You Find Special: Is there a place you go to from time to time? Maybe it's the golf course or quiet place in nature that brings you peace and serenity?  Take her there and get down on one knee and propose. It shows how committed you are to having her be part of your life forever, that you want to make this place the place for your proposal.

The Zoo: Nothing says he wants to take the plunge of getting married like proposing in front of the lion cages at your local zoo.  In all seriousness, this could just be a fun idea if you two have a love for animals.

The Aquarium:  If you can get someone at the aquarium to hold a "Will You Marry Me Sign" in the fish tank,  all you will need to do is get down on one knee.. she will get the rest.  A good one if she loves fish!

Ok girls, here are some ideas, now all you have to do is leave it where he can see it!  Also, once he does propose, make sure to take a selfie and send it to us!  Read this post by clicking Here to find out more information!

Also, don't forget to visit when you begin shopping for bridesmaid dresses!

Featured photo by Origin Photos

Illusion neckline Bridal Gowns

Illusion Neckline Bridal Gowns - sheer delight

There is something incredibly clever about an illusion neckline, where a more dramatic front - or back - is kept modest by a sheer fabric or lace appliqué. It allows you to wear a really quite sexy wedding dress but that fairy-light fabric covering keeps it perfectly in the realms of wedding modesty - genius! Take these two beauties from the Pronovias 2016 collection:

Illusion neckline by PronoviasIllusion neckline dresses

The lace looks almost like fingers of frosted flowers as it seemingly defies gravity at the back creating a very sensuous look that is still beautifully virginal.

Dessy also has a beautiful illusion neckline bridal gown where the lace appliqué on sheer tulle is used to create an unusual, one-shoulder style and flattering draped bodice above a fully shirred ballgown skirt - just see how wonderful it looks, especially from the back. Not only does the lace look stunning, but the feather-light tulle adds just enough covering to keep you a little warmer.

illusion neckline

 It's definitely a look that's worth considering, don't you agree?

Firecracker Orange Bridesmaid Dresses

Have a (Fire)cracker of a 5th November!

Interestingly, a Martha Stewart blog recently stated that "friends don't make friends wear orange bridesmaid dresses" - well, I'm not so sure about that! Just take a look at the happy picture above; the gorgeous bride and her three equally as gorgeous maids all look as though they are still friends! And you don't get much more orange than Dessy's fabulous Firecracker! The pure white posies work a treat against the bridesmaids dresses whilst the marrying (as it were) of pink and orange in the bride's bouquet couldn't be prettier.

And take this bevy of beauties in their Firecracker Lela Rose LR 174 numbers; they look absolutely stunning in my book! I love the wide satin ribbons around the lilies; very elegant and suiting the dresses to perfection. Clever too the way the Maid of Honour is subtly notable by carrying three blooms instead of one.Firecracker orange bridesmaid dresses

You certainly couldn't say that these lovely ladies (below) are feeling that their friendships are on the rocks in their fabulous Alfred Sung and Dessy Collection Firecracker Orange bridesmaid dresses - they all look SO happy and beautiful - and I love the turquoise accents with their mismatched funky necklaces; really fun.

firecracker orange bridesmaid dresses

OK, so I suppose you might be able to argue that these bridesmaids were SO fed up with being made to wear orange that they refused to face the camera...but somehow, I'm not so sure - I think they look brilliant in their Twist dresses and I'm fairly confident that they felt the same way too!

firecracker orange bridesmaid dresses

So sorry, Martha, I think you just might have got that one wrong! And to prove my point, I'll leave you with a close-up of the top image - those smiles look pretty genuine to me :)

Firecracker orange bridesmaid dresses