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30 Photos You Really Need To Have Taken On Your Wedding Day

Image via Krista Mason Photography

No pressure - but your wedding day photographs are one aspect you really need to get right on your big day. There's no second chances there.

First off, you need to decide on the style of wedding photography you want. Do you prefer a traditional set up with traditional poses or are you going for a more reportage kind of a style? It's really up to you - just remember that these photographs are going to be a longstanding reminder of the day you tied the knot and you want to be sure you're going to be happy with them.

Are you a traditionalist? Photography by Jose Villa

A post shared by Krista Mason (@kristamasonphotography) on Or do you prefer reportage style?

A post shared by WeddingWire (@weddingwire) on

Before you book a photographer have a good look at their portfolio of work so that you can be sure you like their style. Ask to see testimonials from other weddings and engagement shoots.

A post shared by David bostock (@davidbostock) on

See how you can work your venue into the background of your images

It's also a good idea to walk around your venue looking for photo opportunities - and also give you and the photographer the chance to get to know one another. You should also give your photographer a list of must-have shots so that nothing gets forgotten (and so you don't spend any more time than you need to away from your guests). Here's our list of 30 photographs we think you'll treasure forever - and if you've any to add please leave us a comment.

20 Must Have Wedding Shots

  1. Close up of bride's dress on hanger and/or bride's shoes
  2. Bride's mother and attendants helping bride with finishing touches (veil, shoes)
  3. Bride with mother and attendants
  4. Groom with his best men
  5. Groom at altar/ceremony doorway waiting for bride
  6. Bride in car with father (or whoever is giving her away)
  7. Bride and bridesmaids walking down the aisle
  8. Groom's face when first sees bride
  9. A shot of the marriage ceremony
  10. Couple walking down aisle as newly weds
  11. Bride and groom walking out of ceremony being greeted by guests with confetti/rice
  12. Bride and groom's first kiss together
  13. Bride and groom's hands with rings
  14. Exterior of reception venue with guests arriving
  15. Bride and groom arriving in car at reception
  16. Bride and bridesmaid's bouquets
  17. Bride and groom with their attendants
  18. Bride and groom with their parents/grandparents
  19. Interior of reception venue with tables ready
  20. Seating plan
  21. Table place settings
  22. Receiving line (if you're having one)
  23. Guests' faces during bridegroom's speech
  24. Top table during speeches
  25. Bride and groom enjoying a quiet moment together as newlyweds
  26. Young bridesmaids and pageboys during reception
  27. Cake cutting
  28. Bride and groom's first dance together
  29. Guests dancing and enjoying themselves
  30. Bride and groom leaving in car for honeymoon

Anything you think we've missed?

Wedding cake trends to look out for

(Image credit: Midsummer Nights Dream by Rosalind Miller Cakes)

I don't know about you, but I LOVE looking at photographs of wedding cakes. It doesn't matter if they are professionally made or made by a keen baking friend - they are all so different.

Designers such as Rosalind Miller, Helen Mansey of Bellisimo Cakes and Ceri Olofsen of Olofsen Design are some true culinary artists to look out for. Next season's wedding cakes appear to be moving away from traditional styles. The most popular wedding cake fashions at the moment are incorporating an increasing use of color, lace, metallics and height.

glowing tiered wedding cakes

Rosalind Miller Silver Silouhette wedding cake-2

Rosalind Miller Gold Silouhette wedding cake 2

Spot the watercolor effect here below ...

floral tiered wedding cakes

Textures, embellishments and geometric patterns are all playing a part - along with this new watercolour technique.

gold sequinned wedding cakes

Metallics are increasingly popular (and Dessy has designed a range of metallic bridesmaid frocks that you should certainly check out if you like this kind of a look). Think gold, silver, platinum and rose gold for a delicate look.

Brides who love lace will be delighted by a new product - edible lace - which can be used by cake designers to match the lace on the bride's wedding dress.

Tiered wedding cakesdecorated wedding cakes in pale blue

Beaded wedding cakes are also having a bit of a moment. The beads can be all one colour or form a sort of ombre effect. Either way, we like what we are seeing!

A post shared by Elizabeth Solaru Wedding Cakes (@elizabethscakeemporium) on

Florals on wedding cakes are never really going to go out of style. It just depends on the way they are done.

Whimsical cakes

Whimsical and slightly fantastic wedding cakes still have their place. It's probably because a) They allow the wedding couple to express their personality and b) Because they create a real centrepiece at the wedding reception c) They're really, really fun.

A post shared by Elizabeth Solaru Wedding Cakes (@elizabethscakeemporium) on

In our view, cupcakes, shabby chic and vintage are a bit over. They've been around for a while now so it really is time for a change.

10 Great Wedding Songs for walking down the aisle

This is your moment. Your grand entrance. You're walking down the aisle towards your future partner and you need the right wedding music to accompany you. Something to create the perfect moment.

Making your music choices

So what are you going to choose? A timeless, classical piece or something a little more contemporary? Here are some wedding music ideas to inspire you. Just click on the link to play and start dreaming!

Vivaldi - Glorida. Very uplifting. This is something to consider if you're a bit of a traditionalist but also want the classical wow factor as you make that long walk. You're going to have a bit of a moment if you walk to this one - and if you're getting married in a large church with a long veil, then this music might must be a must.

The Bridal March from Lohengrin by Wagner. The 'Here Comes The Bride' piece. It's a classic and everyone will recognise it. You will certainly feel like a princess walking to this one!

What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. Lovely, slow paced. And so romantic. Have those hankies ready.

I Got You Babe by Sonny & Cher. Perfect for walking back down the aisle together as man and wife. A sunny, uplifting song that everybody knows.

I Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley. Timeless and perfect. Elvis sings it with a voice like velvet.

Unforgettable by Nat King Cole. Another romantic classic.

Ode to Joy. Beethoven. Classical again, this one will never date.

Vivaldi - The Four Seasons. Just beautiful.

Purcell - Trumpet Tune. Dazzling.

In My Life - The Beatles. As you walk either up or back down the aisle. Perfection.

Hope this wedding music inspires your walk down the aisle on your big day.

Oh, and here's how Kate Middleton - now the Duchess of Cambridge - made her walk.

Ideas for a gold wedding theme

(Image via Sofia Invitations)

Metallics are fast becoming a trend at chic weddings these days. One way of embracing the metallic look is by giving your wedding day a golden theme.

Gold is classic, rich and goes beautifully with white and cream. Or you can mix it up with bright shades like hot pink, turquoise or emerald.

Use it as a key color throughout. Start by calligraphing your envelopes with gold ink - or maybe send your save the dates and invitations out in golden envelopes.

(Gold wedding invitation and cake topper by Sofia Invitations)

A post shared by Designer Chair covers (@designerchaircoverstogo) on

Gray and gold shades work stylishly together here.

A post shared by Sharp N Chic (@sharpnchicweddings) on

This is one luxe looking wedding! We're reminded of the Palace of Versailles in France!

Weaving the gold theme through your wedding day

(Bridesmaids dresses by Dessy, from left to right: Studio Design Collection Style 4509, Dessy Bridesmaid Dress Style 3002)

We think your bridesmaids would love these metallic gold dresses from Dessy. They're slinky, sophisticated and flattering and come in three shades (we've chosen the rose gold here).

Alternatively, give your bridesmaids golden accessories - like the luxurious Dessy chiffon stole. On their feet they could wear gold strappy sandals (as could you, the bride). Another good thing about metallic shoes is that they go with every colour and you'll be able to wear them after your wedding if you want to.

Sprinkling the magic of gold dust

On your tables you can place runners of golden cloth or ask your caterer to place golden chargers at each place setting. Print your table plan in gold lettering - and the place settings.

A post shared by Little Book For Brides® (@littlebookforbrides) on

Your wedding cake could be sprinkled with gold, have golden flowers or a metallic gold sash. These cakes below are by the talented Rosalind Miller.

As for your flowers, you could tie your wedding bouquet with some metallic gold ribbon ...

Really a gold wedding theme can be as glitzy or as low key as you want to make it.

Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

You know, some of us just don't suit having long hair. Perhaps you've tried it and never felt it was quite 'you'.

You might have a long face that's better suited to short hair. Or small and petite features that show off a pixie crop beautifully.But now you're getting married you're wondering if you should grow your hair longer again. Because you want to wear a tiara - and how will that work? How will you attach your veil?

Don't worry. We've been looking around and we've found some great inspiration for short wedding hair and some beautiful role models.

Inspirational wedding hairstyles for short hair

A post shared by @Leen75 (@75leen) on

Sweep your hair back and attach a diamante band to it. Elegant, classy and yes, you can still wear diamonds in your hair. Check out the diamante hairbands and slides on offer at Dessy.

You don't have to wear a veil if you don't want to. Instead look around for a chic little statement hat - we think the brides above absolutely nailed it. The detail on their heads creates a perfect contrast to the simple cream wedding dresses. (Images from left to right Paper Antler, Cappy Hotchkiss).

And if you do have short hair, you can always ask your hairdresser to give you the impression of more volume by having a well placed hair extension placed at the nape of your neck - which can be covered by your veil or hair ornament. (Bridal hair accessories by Dessy.)

If you're having a destination wedding somewhere hot, short hair is in fact very practical. You can tuck a floral accessory behind one ear and stay cool in the heat! (Images from left to right Our Labor of Love, Turner Creative Photography).

Tips for short wedding hairstyles

  • Talk to your hairdresser. If you're getting married in a year or so, you have time to grow some of your hair to have a different type of short hairstyle. That will affect how you wear a tiara, diamante hair accessory and the type of veil you have. Take their advice and get a look book together of bridal hair you like.
  • Talk to the sales people in the bridal shop you use. They will know what sort of headpiece will suit the frock you're planning to wear and how it can fit with your hairstyle.
  • Think about hairpieces and hair extensions for your wedding day to give you a different look. Discuss with your hairdresser.
  • Not everyone wants to wear a veil anyway, it may not be your style at all
  • Don't have a dramatic hairstyle change just before your wedding day or change the colour. Firstly your partner wants to marry somebody they can identify! And secondly, you may not be happy with the change and it may be too late to change the colour/grow it.

(Images from left to right Kido Design, Pinterest).

A Sunflower Themed Wedding Day

(Image via Kingdom Photography)

Bright, vibrant, full of sunshine and HAPPY! How else would you describe a sunflower?

A post shared by Rosewood Boutique (@rosewoodboutique) on

Every flower has a meaning and sunflowers have come to symbolise adoration, loyalty and longevity - so what better bloom to pick for your summer wedding day?

Another advantage of sunflowers is that they are relatively inexpensive and you don't need many to make a fabulous display.

A post shared by Sarah Westbrook (@westbrookhome1) on

They're the sort of flowers that are happy to look beautiful on their own or when placed alongside other blooms.

A post shared by Cora (@cora_de_jongh) on

A sunflower motif works well on your wedding invitations, seating plans and of course you could put a packet of sunflower seeds by every place setting as a memorable favor.

A post shared by MoodyRanchEvents (@moodyranchevents) on

Using sunflowers as a color theme

If you're having a summer wedding day then consider putting your bridesmaids in sunflower yellows.

Bright and sunny bridesmaids are just what we need to perk up this winter week. Alfred Sung style D660 in Maize Photo via @smpweddings

A post shared by The Dessy Group (@dessygroup) on

Or you can also use the sunflowers with other hues to create quite a different feel to your day. Take a look below at a few of the real wedding color combinations.

Blue and yellow always works together well - so maybe that's something to consider for your bridesmaids' dresses.

Sunflower Summer Wedding

I love this bride's choice of delphinium blue and white flowers mixed with her sunflowers, with the bridesmaids in pretty royal blue. Many thanks to Boho Weddings for this great shot.

And then for a TOTALLY different look - sunflowers mixed with coral pink or red! Both of which combinations are absolutely stunning. Immediately below is an inspirational look from Rustic Wedding Chic and below that is a riot of color from Jennefer Wilson, via Pinterest.

Sunflowers with coral from

Red and Sunflower summer wedding

Mr & Mrs Questions For Your Bachelorette Party

Remember the sleepovers you had as a little girl?

When all your friends came over and you watched a movie and slept in sleeping bags.

Well, there's no reason why you shouldn't reinvent the idea as an adult for a bachelorette party with a difference. Just imagine the gossip and conversation.

Get everyone to come over (and bring a sleeping bag), you can cook up some delicious food, serve a little wine and then stay up all night chatting in one room, tucked into sleeping bags.

Of course, you're going to want to play some bachelorette games along the way and so we've devised a Mr & Mrs Quiz with questions for your girls to ask the bride to be - which I think will result in even more amusement.

Here are 20 questions that are guaranteed to get a bachelorette evening sleepover going

  1. If your other half could be anyone famous then who would they be?
  2. What's the most embarassing thing your fiance has ever done?
  3. Where would you both like to visit most in the world?
  4. What's the thing you're most likely to argue about?
  5. What's your other half's best physical feature?
  6. What does he think is his best physical feature?
  7. What's his special name for you?
  8. Which of the following has your fiance done? Streaked, bungee jumped, abseiled, skinny dipped?
  9. Where was your fiance on New Year's Eve 1999?
  10. If another man flirted with you would he be a) Jealous b) Pleased c) Amused d) Not bothered
  11. What's his favourite thing for you to wear?
  12. What's your fiance's most annoying habit?
  13. What was his first present to you?
  14. What's his favourite ever book?
  15. What's the first thing your fiance does when he gets home from work?
  16. Who was his first crush?
  17. How many times has your fiance been a best man?
  18. What's his favourite food?
  19. How old was he when he had his first kiss?
  20. How old was he when he got his driver's license?

    After reading this list you might think of a few questions of your own!

Easy crafting - paper flowers to dress up your wedding day

Just sometimes, you get to craft something and it's great. By which you mean you can follow the instructions and the finished result looks fantastic. Professional and something to be proud of (rather than a bit of a disaster).

Which is what we think you'll find when you follow this easy tutorial for making paper chrysanthemums. The ones here have been made in a soft pink but actually chrysanthemums come in many different colors - whites, yellows, creams, golds, rich deep purples and hot pinks - so you pick out the colour that's going to suit your theme (or maybe even more then one color.)

You will need:

  • Paper of 180 gsm or a thin cardboard (in a colour of your choice)
  • Craft knife
  • Sharp scissors
  • Florists wire
  • Florists ribbon
  • Masking tape
  • Watercolor paints
  • Paintbrush
  • Cork


  • Paint the paper horizontally with watercolor and dilute the brush in water to layer the color. (You don't need to do this if you've bought paper in a color you already like).
  • Cut the paper into strips of less than 1cm. It can be cut with scissors. Don't worry if the strips aren't exactly the same width.
  • Wind the scissors round the tips of the petals and curl with the edge.

paper flowers

  • Cut the leaves from green paper.
  • Fasten them to the flower with masking tape.
  • Cut a piece of cork, pass through the wire and turn it.
  • Push it gently through the middle of the flower.

making paper flowers

  • With masking tape secure the flower to the wire and just cover it to give body to the stem.
  • In the middle of the stem add a leaf.
  • Make the flowers in different sizes to add variety and realism
  • You can also create flowers that look like buds or some with fully open petals.

paper chrysanthemums

Using Flowers For Decoration

So where to feature your flowers once you've made them? Well, you could use them to decorate chair backs at your wedding venue. Tie them onto napkins to decorate place settings. You could make a bouquet out of them for the bridesmaids.

Doorways always look good decorated with flowers, so if you've the inclination, why not make enough to create a garland to go around the entrance to your reception.

Original blog by DRI

The Secrets of Wearing a Fascinator at Weddings

(Image via Creative Commons)

Fascinators are bang on trend at weddings. Kate Middleton - now The Duchess of Cambridge - started off the fashion. (In fact, why not rename them "Kates"?)

In all the photographs we've seen of the Duchess of Cambridge as a wedding guest, she looks fabulous wearing this type of headgear. She picks styles to complement the color and cut of her outfits and her choices are memorable for all the right reasons.

In fact, we'd really like the Duchess to give us her hints as she is so obviously an expert. How does she keep her fascinators on, for a start? Especially when it's windy, for example when she launched a lifeboat.

Obviously, we can't ask the Duchess. But here are our tips for wearing a fascinator to a wedding elegantly.

Top Tips for Wearing Fascinators

  • There are fascinators to suit every woman, whether you're looking to make a statement or add a touch of glamour to your outfit. So if you think they won't suit you, you probably just haven't tried the right style yet.
  • Fascinators can be worn for the whole day (forget about worrying where to put your hat at the wedding breakfast) and they don't give you Hat Hair. They look great both at the service and at an evening reception.
  • Fascinators are so varied and versatile, even the bride and bridesmaids can wear them.
  • You can match your fascinator color to your outfit, or choose one in different shades to pick out the varying tones of your dress.
  • Fascinators are usually worn to one side - if you have a parting, then wear your fascinator there.
  • With very short hair, wearing a fascinator attached to a hair band is the easiest option.
  • When fitting fascinators with a comb attached, decide where you want the headpiece positioned. If you have thick hair, slide the comb backwards through your hair about an inch (the opposite way your hair falls), holding the fascinator at a slight angle to feel the teeth against your scalp. Then tip the comb, rest the fascinator on your head and push down in the direction your hair falls. The fascinator should then grip.
  • For finer hair (or extra security) take a small section of hair, comb in the opposite direction to the way your hair falls and grip with a hair pin. You then have a sound base in which to slide the fascinator.
  • For extra security, backcomb a section of hair before gripping and then spray with a small amount of hairspray before fitting the headpiece.
  • The general rule with fitting combs is to slide them back onto themselves to create an abrasive surface which will GRIP!
  • Wash your hair the day before you want to wear your fascinator, not the day-of. This helps to keep it in place.
  • Consider your hair color. Redheads look great with natural and earth tones such as beiges, browns, camel, dark and olive greens. Blondes should go for light warm colours like coral, turquoise, apple - neutral navy, beige and taupe also look gorgeous. Brunettes suit bright, deep shades. Think hot pink, purple, bright blue and emerald, and again neutral black and navy.

How to make your maid of honor look fabulous

(Image via Anne Edgar Photography)

When you're choosing your bridesmaids, it's likely that you have one particular friend in mind who will be your maid of honor (MOH). Some brides have their MOH carry a slightly different bouquet or wear more elaborate jewellery.

But we think that the best way to make your MOH stand out is by choosing a dress for her that is either a different style, a different color or both!

We love happy brides! Here's what bride @kayrenee8 said: "Still can't get over how perfect the bridesmaids dress colors turned out!! @dessygroup - thank you for having the perfect colors to make my vision a reality!!" #DessyGroup style 2943

A post shared by The Dessy Group (@dessygroup) on

Here the bride has chosen pastel shades for her girls, with a mushroom taupe color for her chief bridesmaid.

The new #DessyGroup collection makes everyone take a second look. Pictured here L-R: 4511 Blush, 4509 Rose Gold, 4511 Blush. Shop on! #bridesmaids

A post shared by The Dessy Group (@dessygroup) on

There are various ways of making your chief bridesmaid stand out. Maybe dress her in a metallic frock, like the one above. Or dress her in a floral frock with the bridesmaids in contrasting colors (or vice versa).

#Monday blues: Just the right amount of #Holiday glam. Check out #DessyGroup's new Spring 2017 collection! Link in bio: #newcollection

A post shared by The Dessy Group (@dessygroup) on

This bride below chose to enable her Maid of Honour to stand out from the bridesmaids using a different shade with an ombre effect, which of course produces such a romantic and soothing aesthetic.

How to make your Maid of Honour stand out

To shop the look above, try Alfred Sung D721

how to make your maid of honour stand out

So take a leaf out of these brides' books and really make your maid of honor feel special - and it will make your wedding photographs look even more spectacular!