His and Hers Wedding Favors

His and Hers Favors
You've heard that halter bridesmaid dresses are a hot wedding trend right now. But have you heard of this hot-off-the-press wedding idea: His and Hers wedding favors.

Instead of struggling to come up with an adequate unisex wedding favor, doling out generic candles and Jordan almonds, why not hand out gender-specific favors for a personalized touch everyone will love? Think rose petal boxes for the girls and silver yo-yos for the guys, or coffee for the fellas and tea for the ladies who lunch.

This is an adorable idea and the kind of little unique touch that separates the cutting-edge wedding from the matching heart cookie-cutter wedding.

Choosing the Maid of Honor's Bridesmaid Dress

You love all your bridesmaids of course, but chances are there's something about your Maid of Honor that makes her truly special. She's proved her friendship countless times along the way, so why not give her a special honor on your big day?
One great way to do this is by distinguishing her bridesmaid's dress. We like the idea of having all the bridesmaid dresses be the same color, but maybe have the Maid of Honor's be a different fabric.
If the rest of the bridesmaids dresses are chiffon, pick a more formal silk or satin for the Maid of Honor's and so on. A special friend deserves a special touch, and if you don't like the idea of different fabrics, maybe a pretty fashion tote or a gorgeous clutch is the key.
Any way you choose, make sure you give your Maid of Honor the props she deserves for being awesome!

The Unwritten Bridesmaid Dress Code

In lieu of mandating bridesmaid dresses, some gracious brides are allowing bridesmaids to pick out their own. Right on, brides! One little thing we recommend though. Even if you are open-minded enough to let your girls pick out their own bridesmaid dresses, do yourself a favor by instituting a bridesmaid dress code: the color you prefer, any styles you can't stand, how much cleavage is too much€¦the basics! This way, you won't get any nasty surprises when your bridesmaids walk down the aisle in neon mesh.

An Elegant Prom Dress and Bridesmaid Dress to Be

Spring's in the air, and for starry-eyed young ladies of a certain age that only means one thing: prom. Your mind is dancing with visions of flowers, candles, and jewelry, but most of all, the dress. But looking for the perfect prom dress can often be better in dreams than in reality. Fear of having the same dress as someone else, or being disappointed by the same boring dress selection can really get you down. Luckily, companies like Dessy offer a great line of bridesmaid dresses that can easily double as prom dresses. With affordable lines like Alfred Sung, shopping for bridesmaid dresses may lead you to the perfect, unique, and affordably priced prom dress. And who knows, maybe you'll get to wear it again in a wedding a few years down the road.

Spring Bridesmaid Dresses to Flatter any Figure

Spring is in the air, and with the carefree season comes a whole new bounty of bridesmaids' dresses, one perfect for every body. Peruse spring's hottest bridesmaids' dress trends to find the right style for your bridesmaids! In necklines, the V-neck is replacing strapless as the hottest bridesmaid dress look. This trend is particularly good for full-busted bridesmaids. For taller bridesmaids, spring's flouncy balloon hem is the bridesmaid dress trend of choice. And for thicker-waisted bridesmaids, embracing the trend of ruched bodices will work wonders for your figure. For a look at some trendy bridesmaid dresses, check out Dessy.com. Bridesmaid dress trends courtesy of www.ivillage.com.

A Bridesmaid Luncheon Versus an Outdoor Activity

Have a little extra tension in your wedding party? In lieu of a bridesmaid luncheon, why not take it outside with a bridesmaid ballgame? Whether attending a baseball game to root for your favorite team, or staging an informal baseball game of your own (anyone for bridesmaids against groomsmen?), you'll of course want to look stylish as well as sporty. With adorable baseball caps or tank shirts that say €œbridesmaid€ in rhinestones and come in a choice of colors, you'll looks stylish whether you're stealing, sliding, or spectating. Extra points for brides who buy these cute caps as bridesmaids'gifts.

Look to Big Screen Brides for Wedding Inspiration

If you've seen a zillion cookie-cutter wedding comedies and are looking for a refreshing take, gather thy bridesmaids together and take them to see two upcoming wedding movies with a twist. The first one, called Save the Date, is about an obsessive-compulsive bride who plans every last detail down to the wedding favors and the bridesmaid dresses.

Now all she has to do is find a groom to show up on the appointed date. This movie's a perfect cautionary tale for the borderline-bridezilla in your life.

The second movie is the long-delayed debut of Lucy Lui's project Beautiful Asian Brides, about a guy who's wrongfully accused of murder and becomes a mail-order bride to escape his fate. Hmm, on that note, is there such thing as mail-order bridesmaids?

Bridal Nightmares in Ireland

A band of brides gone wild were detained by police in Ireland after attempting to storm and barrage a Cork bridal store. This premiere Irish bridal store, which was holding their pre-paid wedding dresses, had abruptly gone out of business, leaving many an astonished bride and 183 unclaimed wedding gowns in its wake.

These damsels were left to ogle the locked doors and pound the windows through which their unavailable wedding gowns gleamed at them. Said wedding dresses were estimated to cost between $2,000-$4,000 each. A bummer for brides, but we notice there weren't any bereft bridesmaids in this story, hee hee.

The Unwritten Bridesmaid Commandments

Many articles offer instructions to brides on how to maintain positive relations with their spouse-to-be during the stressful wedding planning. But we think this advice could also be applied to maintaining positive relations with your bridesmaids. Hence, a few bridesmaid commandments:

  1. Thou shalt have scheduled €œgirl time€ where you and your bridesmaids hang out like old times and no wedding talk is allowed!

  2. Thou shalt be open and honest with bridesmaids, rather than bottling up feelings into a bridezilla freakout.

  3. Thou shalt let bridesmaids choose their own bridesmaid dresses, or at least be open to suggestions about bridesmaid dresses.