Bridal Nightmares in Ireland

A band of brides gone wild were detained by police in Ireland after attempting to storm and barrage a Cork bridal store. This premiere Irish bridal store, which was holding their pre-paid wedding dresses, had abruptly gone out of business, leaving many an astonished bride and 183 unclaimed wedding gowns in its wake.

These damsels were left to ogle the locked doors and pound the windows through which their unavailable wedding gowns gleamed at them. Said wedding dresses were estimated to cost between $2,000-$4,000 each. A bummer for brides, but we notice there weren't any bereft bridesmaids in this story, hee hee.

The Unwritten Bridesmaid Commandments

Many articles offer instructions to brides on how to maintain positive relations with their spouse-to-be during the stressful wedding planning. But we think this advice could also be applied to maintaining positive relations with your bridesmaids. Hence, a few bridesmaid commandments:

  1. Thou shalt have scheduled €œgirl time€ where you and your bridesmaids hang out like old times and no wedding talk is allowed!

  2. Thou shalt be open and honest with bridesmaids, rather than bottling up feelings into a bridezilla freakout.

  3. Thou shalt let bridesmaids choose their own bridesmaid dresses, or at least be open to suggestions about bridesmaid dresses.

The Bridesmaids Guide to Better Bachelorette Parties

As bachelor parties grow less X-rated, bachelorette parties should follow suit. But that doesn't mean bridesmaids don't still just wanna have fun! So, here are some great new bachelorette party ideas, some courtesy of The Knot.

  • Have a slumber party, then sweeten the pot with a surprise guest: instead of a stripper, hire a poker dealer, a tarot card reader, or a henna tattooist to spice up the night!

  • Going out? Drag shows, limo rides, and scavenger hunts are fun for bridesmaids and brides.

  • Last but not least, just because there's no nudity doesn't mean your bride isn't entitled to at least a little good old fashioned humiliation (she did pick out that crinoline bridesmaid dress after all). Go to a comedy club and let the comedian know your friend is getting married.

Follow these ideas for a bachelorette party none of you will ever forget!

How to Use Wedding Colors Effectively

Now that color is all the rage in wedding dresses, every bride wants her own splash of mocha or hot-pink on her wedding dress.
But there's definitely a wrong and right way to do color. Instead of the popular ribbon sash, consider a color trimmed veil, bright jewelry, or colored gloves to add a hint of pizzazz to your wedding gown. For brides who prefer subtle accents, like a colored underskirt, draw the color out by having bridesmaid dresses or the groomsmen's tuxedo vests of the same color, or draw out the color in your bridesmaids' bouquets.

Order Bridesmaid Fabric Swatches Online

If you brides don't want your bridesmaids mocking your choice of bridesmaid dresses for years to come, invest in this awesome non-bridezilla gesture: Order some bridesmaid fabric swatches online, enclose them with your bridesmaid invites, and let your girls decide together which fabric and color they like best. That way, you can be mocking their bridesmaid dress choices for years to come. (Hee hee!)
See for great bridesmaid styles.

Hot Trend: Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts

One exciting trend released by for 2006 is personalized bridesmaid gifts! Personalized bridesmaids gifts can be achieved in a variety of ways: the bride may give out monogrammed gifts, or attach a handwritten note.

But the best way to give personalized bridesmaids gifts is to pick out something special for each maid, rather than give every girl the same gift. Check out Weddingstar for unique bridesmaid gift ideas!

Celebrity Bridesmaid Hall of Fame

If all this talk of €œtwice a bridesmaid, never a bride€ has you blue, take heart bridesmaids! Here is a roster of celebrity bridesmaids who have proved time and again that they are still marriage material.

One notable celebrity bridesmaid is the seven-times married Elizabeth Taylor, who was a bridesmaid in Liza Minelli's wedding in 2002. Featured in the same wedding were bridesmaids Mia Farrow (former wife of Frank Sinatra) and legendary singer, twice-married Chakha Khan.

If these female powerhouses can do bridesmaid's duty, us simple folk certainly can too. Word has it Drew Barrymore is also vying for the role of bridesmaid should best pal Cameron Diaz get hitched to Justin Timberlake. So, next time you get bummed about being a bridesmaid, channel your inner Barrymore (a la Ever After) with some elegant bridesmaid jewelry.

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The Tradition of the Flower Girl

No wedding party is ever complete without the flower girl. The bridesmaid plays an important role, of course, but the flower girl is essential. Often a younger relative of the bride (or a bride's friend), she usually wears a flower girl dress either matching the bridesmaids or in a similar style to the bride. In Latin America, the flower girl and the ring bearer are dressed as miniature versions of the bride and groom.

The tradition of the flower girl began in the Middle Ages, when it was grain rather than flower petals that the flower girl carried and threw in the path of the bride. Grain symbolized both the bride's new life and hope for 'fruitfulness' in the marriage.

It is believed that having a flower girl will bring happiness and extra luck. It was the English who introduced the tradition of scattering flower petals, rather than grain, during the Victorian era. Flowers symbolized the hope of a happy path in life together.

These days it is common to have more than one flower girl. My sister had two; her soon-to-be husband's younger sister and myself. Dawn (the groom's little sister), at the age of twelve, was much better at the tossing of the rose petals than I was! Being five years old, I didn't get the whole 'scatter' concept. The result was clumps here and there all the way up the aisle where I made a beeline for the front pew and hid next to my mother.

My sister made an effort to make sure that Dawn and I were both included in the girly-girl portion of the wedding party and the thank-you gifts that she gave us were cherished for years. I still have mine!

Flower girls, especially those in their 'tweens' will appreciate age appropriate jewelry such as pearl or rhinestone jewelry set as well as mementoes of the occasion such as a photo of them with the bride.

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The History of the Honeymoon

Honeymoon Thoughts

Rumor has it that the word 'honeymoon' has its origins in an ancient Northern European custom in which newlyweds, for the first month of their marriage, daily drank a cup together of honeyed wine (known as 'mead'). This practice dates all the way back to the Fifth Century AD.

According to the same source, there is also an alternative Northern European traditional practice, known as 'hjunottsmanathr'. In this tradition, the bride is abducted and held captive in a secret location for at least a month. It's important to note, however, that this is a folkloric explanation and that the original meaning of the word is obscure.

I turned to My Swedish Friend for confirmation or denial on these 'traditional customs'. This is what she has to say about Northern European honeymoon traditions:

"The Swedish language has two words that are used to describe what we think of as a 'honeymoon'; 'bröllopsresa' which literally means 'the wedding travel' and 'smekmånad' which refers to the month following a wedding. So they'll say 'fire smeksmånad' for 'go on honeymoon' but 'bröllopsresa' is more commonly used to describe a honeymoon. The word can be literally translated out as 'bröllop', meaning 'wedding', and 'resa', meaning travel.

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The History of Bachelorette Parties

Some wedding traditions go way, WAY back. Take the bachelorette party, for instance. Bachelorette parties really got their start in the seventies, as a spin-off of the bachelor or stag party. Why should guys have all the fun, right? Brides-to-be and bridesmaids alike look forward to the bachelorette party!
The bachelor party itself originally started in fifth century Sparta, Greece. Guys would feast and toast one another on the eve of a friend's wedding. The party was an actual dinner, attended by the groom and his closest friends. The dinner served a dual purpose: it was an occasion to celebrate the impending wedding (or mourn the passing of the groom's bachelor status) and it was a chance to raise money for the groom so that he could continue to drink with his buddies after his wife took control of the finances.

These days it's very common for the bridemaids to throw the bride her own bachelorette party and, while the modern bride no longer takes over the family finances, they can have just as much (if not more) fun at the bachelorette party.

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