Elegant, Sophisticated, Flattering ... Bridesmaid Dresses Your Maids Will Be Wearing To Parties Long After Your Wedding Day

Your besties are very important to you - which is why you've asked them to be your bridesmaids and share in your wedding day.

So you're hardly going to make them wear dresses that don't flatter - ask your curvy girlfriend to squeeze into a bias cut number that's going to do her no favors. Or your less well-endowed friend to wear a strapless number that quite frankly makes her chest look like an empty envelope.

Oh no. You're a real friend, not a bridezilla and you're going to let them choose dresses that really flatter and suit them - maybe just tie in your wedding theme with colors but leave the style, necklines and length up to them

Bridesmaids Dresses For Partying

Now why don't you go one step further and suggest some dresses that your bridesmaids love SO much, they are going to be dying to wear them again and again after your big day and celebrations are over. Dresses that look so good, they're going to be on full show at the next party season.

In which case you need to look at frocks like the ones above that don't shout 'bridesmaid dress'.

Think about the occasions they could be worn for in future. Dessy's floral print frocks come in a number of different styles - spaghetti straps and strapless and various different colorways. Perfect for afternoon parties or summer evenings.

Then if you go for a dark, deep color in a rich fabric, you'll get more of an evening dress look. Add a diamante detail at the waist or on the shoulder for some glitzy glamor. Here you need to think about colors like black, midnight blue, forest green, berry shades, aubergine ...

Mind you, talking about glitzy glamor, you should check out Dessy's new sequinned separates in rose gold, and five other colorways, as well as dazzling dresses.

(Top image credits clockwise from top: Style JY Jenny Yoo style JY533, styles 4503 (left) and 4514 (right).

A rainbow wedding theme? These photographs will make you LOVE the idea

Wondering about colors for your wedding day?

Maybe you find pastels a bit too ... well pale.

You love brights but can't decide between scarlet, emerald green, electric blue or a striking mauve.

Nature has given you the perfect color theme - a rainbow

Put together red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet and you have your colors right there.

And they work together beautifully.

There are all sorts of advantages to having using these shades.

Color choices for your bridesmaids

Not all girls suit the same color. Well, not unless you're planning on having identical twins as bridesmaids!

Depending on their complexion, some girls will suit a bright red or an orange. Particularly if they have dark hair.

A blue often looks good on blondes, as can indigo. Maids with darker complexions will look fantastic in yellows or violet.

The thing is, if you go for a rainbow theme then you can offer your bridesmaids color choices. Try different frocks on until you find a shade that looks wonderful. And of course you can do the mis-matched bridesmaid style thing too, with different necklines and waistlines - but that's a whole other story.

Just take a look at Dessy's different colored bridesmaid frocks and you'll be well on your way. You can also order fabric samples in different colors too.

And of course, you can investigate different colored shoes. Maybe put purple shoes with a red dress, yellow shoes with a blue dress ... and so on.

Blooms in every hue

The same applies to flowers. You can take your pick between red roses, blue delphiniums, lilacs, sunny yellows. Talk to your florist about what's available to you in the season in which you're marrying.

We think it would be super stylish to have each of your maids carrying a bouquet in a separate rainbow color (your florist would just love to have a project like this).

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Top photograph from top: Shop Joielle, CW Wright Photography via Wedding Chicks , Volatile Photography via Wedding Chicks

Bottom photograph clockwise from top: Volatile Photography via Wedding Chicks, Style Me Pretty, Volatile Photography via Wedding Chicks, Volatile Photography via Wedding Chicks

10 things brides should know about one-shoulder bridesmaid dresses

(All images via Dessy Facebook page)

Today we're going to be talking goddess-style bridesmaid gowns - or to be a little more down to earth, let's call them one-shouldered bridesmaid dresses. Or maybe you'd describe them as asymmetric frocks.

Whatever. One thing is for sure though - they will make your maids look fabulous. Just look at these pictures of real bridesmaids wearing one-shouldered dresses at weddings to see.

  1. If your maids have athletic figures and broad shoulders then an asymmetric-styled frock will make them look very feminine
  2. Toned arms look fabulous in one-shoulder dresses
  3. See how a flattering ruched style would work for your bridesmaids
  4. One shoulder styles work well for girls with a larger bust as they offer more support than a strapless gown
  5. However they also work for girls with a smaller bust if they're ruched
  6. If the bride is going for a strapless gown, then a one-shoulder style creates a themed look (which will look wonderful in the photographs)
  7. Large chandelier earrings work beautifully with a one shoulder dress. You don't want to wear a necklace with this style - just put the jewellery focus on ears (and maybe add a bracelet or two)
  8. This is a style that won't date in a hurry. It's a classic - dating from Ancient Greece!
  9. Styles come in a range of fabrics - from a floaty chiffon through to a rich satin
  10. Shoulder details can be simple, or feature diamante for a bit of glitz or delicate fabric flowers

If you're having a cocktail party wedding, check out Dessy's shorter styled one-shoulder frocks

We've shown gowns in blush pink here, but Dessy has over 30 beautiful different styles of one shouldered bridesmaid dress in a rainbow of colors - so you can pick out whichever works for you. Our styles come in floral fabrics and darker shades of course, both of which would work well at future events - whether a garden party or a formal evening dinner and dance.

Mini-me flowergirls and bridesmaids

(All frocks by Dessy. Clockwise from top left: Jenny Yoo Bridesmaid style JY534, Flowergirl dress FL4054, After Six Bridesmaid Dress, Flowergirl dress FL4053, Flowergirl dress 4033, After Six Bridesmaid style T1507, Flowergirl dress FL4055, Jenny Yoo JY533)

Most little girls dream of being asked to be a flowergirl. It's a chance to dress up in a pretty dress, have a special hairstyle and cute shoes too. As well as having the important role of walking behind the bride, looking after her veil, her bouquet and being in charge of scattering confetti.

It's such an exciting moment for little sisters, nieces, cousins, daughters of friends ...

A memorable day in a young girl's life

Having a beautiful new frock to wear is all part of the fun.

Now what if you told your little maids that they would be wearing a smaller version of the older bridesmaids' gowns?

They probably wouldn't believe it.

But because at Dessy we know that brides love to have those extra special touches, we've created designs for flowergirls that echo the adult versions of the dress.

They come in the same colors, similar fabrics - with just a tweak here and there so they suit a little girl.

(Photo credit: @krishantiphoto @curtisphillipa on Instagram)

So your little ones can have mini-me versions of the grown up girls' dresses.

And as for colors, because it's Dessy designing and creating, you're going to find just the shades you're looking for, whatever style you're after.

Browse through our bridesmaid designs and see what you like, and then look at flowergirl options. Our dresses come in a variety of fabrics too - from chiffon through to satin - and many have lace details.

Perfect party wear

All these bridesmaid frocks are so gorgeous, they're going to be worn after the wedding as well - and all the above are perfectly suitable for a smart evening party! Little flowergirls will love to wear them again to parties.

We're particularly proud of our rose gold bridesmaid dresses and flowergirl frocks - which give a bit of shimmer to the day. If you're having an afternoon wedding in a garden then you should investigate our floral bridesmaid frocks too, as shown in the image at the top.

How to plan a destination wedding

Have you always dreamed of getting married on a beach? Where you can guarantee the sunshine during the ceremony, feel the sand between your toes as you exchange your vows, choose your wedding gown without having to think about what coat to wear if the weather suddenly takes a turn for the worse?

And by choosing to get married abroad, you can keep the guest list down to a bare minimum, if you want to, without causing any offence, neatly side-stepping the issue of how far to extend the invitations.

Sounds perfect, doesn't it?

But how do you plan a destination wedding? Where would you start?

Your destination wedding choice of course is driven not JUST by your dreams, but by the number of guests you are hoping will join you, how much you feel you should contribute to their expenses and how much time they will be able to take for the trip.

Whichever country you decide on, your next step will be to contact the foreign embassy or consulate to make sure that you really understand exactly the legal requirements and to allow yourself enough time. For example, if you want to have your wedding in Ireland, marriage by registrar's certificate requires three months written notice of intention to wed. You might also need to produce birth certificates, divorce and death decrees AND be resident for a period of time prior to an Irish wedding.

Whatever the requirements, if you follow the correct process according to the local law, your marriage or civil partnership should be recognised.

(Image credit: Stephen Ludwig Photography)

Wedding packages can be helpful

  • You can plan the whole thing yourself but that could be quite stressful unless you know someone on the ground.
  • Wedding packages organised by tour operators are quite cost effective and have the bonus that you know they've done it before.
  • Many hotels will have an on-site expert to work with you to reserve your dates, plan the schedule of events, coordinate all food and beverage details, from menu design to table linen, and assist with other aspects of your wedding experience.
  • It is always worth considering insuring your wedding, but perhaps more than ever when you are thinking about getting married abroad.
  • Probably the last thing big thing to think about is how much you contribute to your guests' stay. Maybe nothing; maybe the odd meal here and there; maybe just the celebration itself - ultimately it doesn't matter what you decide to do, as long as you make it clear at the outset what the possible expenditure is for those you invite.

This is how to dress your bridemaids in purple

So it's purple for your wedding day? You just love the richness of this shade. You love the way you can move from lilacs and mauves through to a rich imperial purple, something dramatic that will hold its own on a winter wedding day.

It's a shade that lends itself perfectly to having an ombre bridesmaid line up as well. Depending on your girls' complexions you can choose soft pastel purples (we're thinking of sugared almonds here) or deep dark tones.

Hold some fabric samples up against the face to see which color works (you can get the color samples from Dessy right here). It might be surprising to see what works with which maid. Somebody might be convinced they don't suit pastels, only to find out they work beautifully. Another might always have avoided brights, only to realise that they should have been wearing dramatic colors always.

How a real bride did it on her big day

There's no doubt, such an exquisite colour palette is incredibly amorous - and so many violet-coloured flowers have a wonderfully delicate fragrance too. You'll also find a big selection of blooms in shades of purple - just talk to your florist about what's available. Whose heart (and nose!) would not be moved by the posies below, created by the lovely Helen Jane Floristry, with the perfumed muscari, syringa, roses and freesias?

This might be time to revisit the Sophia Coppola film "Marie Antoinette". It's a confection of pastels and purples and could give you some fabulous inspiration.

As for accent details, you'll find that metallics work well with purple. Silver, gold, bronze - maybe do things a little differently and put your maids in silver or gold sandals ...

Takeaways from this post

  • Purple is a fabulous accent color to choose for your wedding day for a number of reasons
  • You can go for an ombre theme and use every shade of purple from the palest lilac through to a rich deep purple
  • You'll find plenty of wedding flowers in purple shades - talk to your florist about choices for the time of year
  • Purple shoes peeping out from beneath a traditional cream or white wedding dress look fabulous (but think about metallics too)
  • Depending on the shade you choose, purple is just at home at a city wedding in winter, a country garden wedding or a destination wedding on a palm-fringed beach

Bridesmaid dresses for moms-to-be

Well, you never know what's going to happen when you're wedding planning.

And the chances are that somewhere down the line, one of your chosen bridesmaids is going to announce that she has some happy news. That's she's pregnant and so she's going to need a bridesmaid gown that works with her mom-to-be status.

How to do maternity bridesmaid dresses beautifully

Well, we think all moms-to-be deserve to be dressed so they feel and look wonderful and so here's a whole range of dresses that will suit different girls.

And because they're by Dessy they are available in a literal rainbow of colors.

You want a pastel colored wedding and a pastel colored maternity frock? No problem.

Dessy maternity gowns clockwise from top left: After Six Maternity Dress M428, Dessy Collection Maternity Bridesmaid Dress M433, Alfred Sung Maternity Bridesmaid Dress Style M437, Dessy Collection Maternity Bridesmaid Dress M431

Blues, greens, pinks, reds, sapphires, jewel tones ... browse through the shades and you'll wonder how you'll ever choose. Strapless maternity bridesmaid gowns, round neck or a plunging neckline - take your pick. Dessy has an amazing range of maternity bridesmaid dresses.

Maybe get right on trend and have an ombre thing going on? Dress your maids (including the non pregnant ones!) in varying hues of the same shade.

This is where our Twist Wrap Dress will come into its own

If your mom-to-be bridesmaid wants to be sure that her dress will adjust to fit her, then maybe investigate our Twist Wrap Dresses (as shown above here) which can easily adjust to fit a changing size. Your maid will also be able to wrap the dress in a style to suit her (which will give her more confidence).

Staying comfortable

Dessy also does some great bridesmaid flats in matching and contrasting shades, as a pregnant bridesmaid probably won't want to be wearing heels ...

Weddings in the palest pink.

(Image credits: Jenny Haas and Adam Barnes Fine Art Photography for their photos of real weddings, and to Bloomsbury Flowers for the image of the blushing bride and bouquet.)

Always loved pink? It's such a romantic color.

And it's always been a favorite at weddings. So if you've always dreamed of having a wedding in pink, then you do just that.

Here we've used the palest pink for some wedding ideas. Call it blush pink, call it shell pink - it's delicate, dreamy and classic.

The very name blush pink has all the connotations of old-fashioned modesty, purity and romance when just the look from the man of your dreams was enough to send a delicate flush to your maidenly cheeks!

So it is no wonder that pale pink is such an appropriate shade color for a bride to choose for her bridesmaids - or even herself.

How to use pale pink at a wedding

Pink works well with:

  • Blooms with darker pinks and greens
  • Plenty of cream and ivory shades
  • Pearl jewellery
  • Spring and winter weddings (the light is right)

(Image credits: Top left Social Bridesmaids Style 8182, right Lela Rose Style LR200 , bottom left Lela Rose Bridesmaid Dress LR178, right After Six Bridesmaid Style 6674

One of the best things about pale pink bridesmaid dresses is that they complement girls of every hair colour, which is another reason why they are a great choice. And what an added coup, to get married when the cherry trees are in blossom - wow, now that is truly neat planning!

Roses are the perfect flower at the best of times, but when you choose a pale pink wedding theme, they come into their own. As you can see from the cascade of roses on the wedding cake above and in the pastel table decoration further down (with thanks to Jenny Haas), you can achieve an effect of sublime beauty using an abundance of pale pink roses of all shades. Use pale pinks for table napkins, tablecloths and candles to prevent the room from looking too stark whilst still retaining an aura of delicacy.

Pale pink bridesmaid gowns are dainty, exquisite and feminine. Add a level of diaphanous beauty by choosing one of these dreams from Dessy.

And don't forget to keep the make-up light and natural with just a touch of lip gloss for a truly romantic look.

Why you should enjoy wearing your bridesmaid dress again and again

(All these photos feature on Dessy Facebook - join us here)

One way a bride can be certain that she found the perfect frocks for her maids is if they love them so much they can't wait to wear them again.

And why shouldn't they?

If a bridesmaid dress flatters the individual, making the best of their figure, complexion - in short having that magic factor that makes a girl feel beautiful - then it's a real shame not to put on a dress again that makes you feel that way.

Nowadays bridesmaids gowns like Dessy's are worlds away from the frumpy, badly fitting wedding attendant outfits of old.

So if you loved your bridesmaid dress, here are a few ideas to turn it into a wardrobe staple that you can count on to make you feel good every time you wear it.

Ring the changes and alter it

If you had a long bridesmaid dress, trim it and make it into a cocktail dress for your next formal event. If it was a strapless dress you can add straps in the fabric that's being cut away, or go online to somewhere like Rouleaux and find some fancy diamante ribbon.

A post shared by V V Rouleaux (@vvrouleaux) on

If you want to change the overall look of the dress you could add a sash (if your waist is something you particularly want to show off). Try something with a little sparkle or a classic satin sash. (You might need to practice your bow-tying technique here).

Just some of the decorative sashes offered by Dessy

Accessorise and accessorise

Add a new statement necklace. A pair of slinky shoes. Maybe a shawl or shrug.

Too pretty to be worn just the once. These dresses are VERSATILE! From left, style Jenny You JY533, After Six Bridesmaid Style 6751. Oh and they come in different colors too.

How can you, the bride help?

We've said it before but it's just so important that the bride chooses bridesmaids dresses to suit her girls. Mismatched bridesmaid frocks can work well here, as they allow for different necklines, differing waist detail, different sleeve length and different bodices. No two girls are the same, so why should they really dress the same?

You can mismatch the bridesmaids dresses in style but opt for the same color. Or you could mismatch the frocks and go for a graduation in color. That would be very stylish.

One thing is for certain though. If your maids want to wear their dresses again after the wedding, then they've paid you the biggest compliment going.

9 Things Flower Girls and Pageboys Wish Brides Knew

It's such a sweet picture and just what you want to be happening at your wedding service. A flower girl scattering petals in front of you as you walk up the aisle. A young ringbearer carrying that all important cushion.

Flower girls and pageboys sweetly holding hands throughout the service, looking adorable, listening and not making a noise at all.

Is this the reality of it all?

Well, this vision is probably due to rom coms.

Because in real life the sweet flower girl might have a fit of shyness and refuse to walk down the aisle at all, let alone scatter rose petals. And then the pageboy might start kicking her in the shins whilst you're saying your vows.

So don't overestimate how well they are going to behave and how much of a role they will be able to play in the service. Here's the inside track on what you need to know.

  1. Don't give a young flower girl too important a job and always have an understudy. If your chosen little one does come over all shy, make sure there's an older girl on standby to take over her role. And practise, practise, practise - if she's practised sprinkling petals around and posing for photographs or holding your train, she's less likely to be overcome with timidity on your big day.
  2. Think about what you're giving your young ringbearer to wear. Whilst Kate Middleton got away with knee breeches and decorative jackets for hers (as did her sister Pippa Middleton at her recent wedding), your own ringbearer might feel far too self-conscious to wear kit like that. Instead why not dress him like one of the groomsmen in tails or black tie - complete with a matching tie or cravat (or a bow tie if you prefer).
  3. Don't get them involved in the wedding photographs for too long. Try and get the images with the young attendants done first - they'll be desperate to run off and let off a bit of energy, particularly if they're on a candy sugar rush.
  4. Don't put your young attendants on the top table, even if you'd like to keep them on show a bit longer. Sort a children's table - in fact one for boys and one for girls would work best and don't mix up ages too much - 12 year olds might not enjoy being with six year olds! On the other hand teenagers will probably get on better together than on tables with the oldies! (To a teenager, anyone over 25 is really, really old by the way).
  5. A children's entertainer is worth his or her weight in gold - organise one whilst the speeches are going on.
  6. Think about the ages of the children you're asking to be flower girls and pageboys. I think that a boy over the age of 10 is a bit too old to be a pageboy - but ask him. You could always ask him to be an usher and hand out the service sheets instead. The same goes for flower girls - after a certain age a girl is definitely a bridesmaid - and you might like to put her in a dress that suits that in-between age for bridesmaids.
  7. Don't forget to give your young attendants a gift (and I think a framed photograph of you all on your big day would also be lovely). Ask the boy's parents what they think he'd like and consider giving a young flowergirl an appropriate piece of jewellery - maybe a pearl bracelet?
  8. Little children grow FAST! So don't buy their wedding outfits six months beforehand. Three months is a better idea - in fact, it's always a good plan to leave it as late as possible to allow for growth spurts!
  9. Have the flower girls and pageboys you want. It's your big day so ignore hints, pleas and demands from family and friends. You need children who will do a great job - not ones who've been foisted upon you.

A chill-out room for the youngsters is a great idea. Your young attendants will have been on show for a big part of the day and they need to relax too.

Image credit: Rebecca Yale photography via The Wedding Chicks