Primrose Yellow Spring Wedding

Yellow Spring weddingThe yellow flowers of Springtime are so beautiful; yes, you get the brasher yellow of daffodils dancing gaudily in the breeze, to paraphrase Wordsworth rather harshly, but you also get more delicate yellow blooms with other narcissi, fragrant freesias and tuberose. But for me its the woodland primrose that encompasses the most delightful of yellow hues - pale, fragile and charming. Yet like most wild flowers, primroses don't make for the most robust of cut flowers, so if you want a primrose yellow Spring wedding then have your bridesmaids dresses in that colour and choose other flowers for the posies and bouquets.

As ever, take your lead from what's growing in the garden and woodlands in Spring and consider pairing the yellow with its complementary colour, purple, like the pretty maids all in a row at the top in their gowns from Tulle and Chantilly. Alternatively, the peach, pink and orange roses above look absolutely wonderful against the yellow dresses (also from Tulle and Chantilly) and I love the palest of pale pink roses held by the bride.

For a similar look, consider Alfred Sung D650 in Maize or Social Bridesmaid 8136 in Buttercup:

yellow spring bridesmaid dresses

Alternatively, this predominately white bouquet below from Helen Jane Floristry looks so fresh and delightful with its touches of primrose yellow within the narcissi, that it would be perfect for a primrose yellow Spring wedding, and would smell diving too.

yellow spring wedding

For a really delicate look, I'd be tempted to choose a Lela Rose dress, style LR204, from Dessy in Buttercup which is such a charming shade of yellow. The bridesmaids below have partnered their dresses with tiny hints of blush pink in their parasols and posies which gives such a pretty effect:

yellow Spring wedding

And the best thing about choosing this soft yellow for your bridesmaids is that it goes beautifully with all types of hair and skin colouring so everyone will be happy, even the teenagers!

[caption id="attachment_21262" align="aligncenter" ignore-width="292"]Primrose yellow Spring wedding Junior Bridesmaid JR534 in Maize[/caption]

9 Unique DIY Ideas to Inspire

9 Unique DIY Ideas to Inspire

Ladies and gentlemen, the craze of the "do it yourself" wedding is apparent and we have to admit, we're totally loving it. Incorporating DIY ideas into your wedding means you're after a unique flair that will have guests paying close attention to all the  details. Whether it's a simple craft or a large scale project, trading the traditional for something a bit more creative will put a personalized touch on your wedding day, elevate your event,  and  save you some cash. We've seen many projects replicated beautifully again and again but we give these projects a 10 out of 10 rating on our scale in terms of pure originality.

Alternative Boutonnière

This fishing lure idea is sheer perfection for an event thats set in the countryside and has a rustic appeal. We like the notion that a boutonniere doesn't have to be a floral arrangement. Try incorporating a small pin into your gentlemen's ensembles that relates somehow to your overall theme.


Vintage Photo Booth

Photo booths are an amazing place for guests to remain entertained and also obtain a keepsake. Create a space where guests can hang the photos for an interactive decor idea. A vintage set up is a little more rare so you should  research where to rent one from in your local area.

View More:

Survival Crate

Take a different approach to the wedding survival kit and gear it towards your wedding party as opposed to your guests. Create two separate crates for both the bridesmaids and groomsmen that contains items for them to use while they're getting ready. Include uniquely crafted snacks, beauty products, and celebratory beverages.


Needlepoint Keepsake

The vintage art of needlepointing makes for a very charming keepsake. Embroider your names the date of your big day to display for years to come. Jose Villa Photography

Paper Crane Hanging

Florists get a run for their money when paper crane hangings are introduced into the mix. Note: this project is definitely time consuming. To quicken the timeline of this DIY  think about purchasing paper cranes on Etsy (or a similar site) that are already folded. Once you receive the oragami, you will just have string them together and strategically place them at your venue. -

Embroidered Jackets

We love that you can take the traditional bridal robe and revamp it to feel modern and different. Consider embroidering a flannel and wearing it to get ready for the special day. We also love the idea of applying patchwork to matching denim jackets to create personalized Bride and Groom looks.


Teepee Altar

For this grand scale project, assemble a team to help you both conceptualize and  execute. The only materials you need for a teepee altar are very large wooden dowels and your choice of fabric. Consider enhancing your DIY sanctuary with colorful garlands or fresh blossoms.


Wooden Directional Signs

Hand painting signs is  a rustic way to show your guests which way to proceed.


Plant Favors

Plants are a wonderful way to add some green to your wedding. Handing out something that can be planted not only resonates as sentimental, it's also environmentally friendly!

Photos by Apryl Ann Photography, Bonnallie Brodeur Photography, Town Country Studios, Heather Michelle Photography, Jose Villa Photography, Steffen Harris, and Black Hue Photography. 

Artificial Blossom Trees

Every year when the blossom trees come out I am struck by the precious, delicate beauty of the flowers and find it one of the most fabulously uplifting of sights. And of course, I'm not the only one! The cherry blossom season in Kyoto is one of the world's most glorious natural events and not just because of its visual allure. In Japanese culture, cherry blossom represents the fragility and the beauty of life - "a reminder that life is almost overwhelmingly beautiful but that it is also tragically short" as Japanese chef Homaro Cantu wrote.

And not only is cherry blossom exquisite in colour and form, its appearance is always a sign of better things to come. How more appropriate could it be to have at your wedding? I'm not talking about the odd sprig in your bouquet either, I'm talking about re-creating the Kyoto Cherry Blossom extravaganza inside your wedding venue:

artificial blossom trees

I challenge anyone to find a more beautiful, show-stopping sight than this incredible set-up from the innovative venue styling, marquee decor experts, Crescent Moon. There are two options to choose from: the avenue of artificial blossom trees as shown above within a marquee or room, or using the fake cherry blossom trees as table centres:

artificial blossom trees

So if you want to have one of the most romantic wedding receptions ever, do contact Crescent Moon and enquire about their artificial blossom trees  - it really would give you a Wedding Day that you and your guests would never forget.

Blue Summer Wedding

Blue Summer Wedding

When you are trying to decide your wedding colour scheme, Nature is a good place to start. Have a think what will be growing in the gardens and fields at the time of year you're thinking about getting married. Not only will the use of seasonal flowers cut down the florist's bill quite considerably, but plants that bloom together tend to go together. You need look no further for proof of that pudding than the stunning floral photos above and below from the divine Amanda Taffinder's website. What a fabulous collation of summer blooms in all manner of hues that work perfectly together.

So if you're pondering a May or June wedding, when the suitably named Love-in-a-Mist and Forget-Me-Nots are blooming, what about a blue summer wedding? Because as you can see from the top left photo, dusky pinks and coral reds will help make up a gorgeous bouquet to go with a blue floral print bridesmaid dress, like this Alfred Sung D723 White Bouquet gown below from Dessy. And I love the red shoes!

blue summer wedding

Continue the abundance of colour from the garden into the Wedding Reception and let the blue flowers stand out by mixing them with reds, oranges and pinks:

Blue Summer Wedding

Alternatively you could steal the differing blue from the season's flowers for your mix and match bridesmaid dresses. Very clever how this beautiful bride chose to accessorise the bridesmaids with the palest of cream roses, each tied with a satin ribbon to match their individual dresses, whilst she visually tied it all together by including each shade of blue into her own bouquet. As ever, it's the smallest of details that create a perfect whole; in this case, the bridesmaids' necklaces echoed the bride's handheld flowers and vice versa. The maids' dresses, Dessy Collection Style 2943, are shown below (from left) in Sapphire, Lapis, Cerulean, Cornflower, Cloudy and Spa.

Blue summer wedding

Whichever way you choose to play it, a blue summer wedding is a really joyous option, and with over 20 shades of blue bridesmaid dresses to select from, Dessy has got to be your first port of call!



How to Dress Your Groomsmen with Style

How to Dress Your Groomsmen with Style

There seems to be so much emphasis on the bride and her bridesmaids in all of the planning details that its important not to forget about the handsome men standing next to these lovely ladies at the ceremony. Today the traditional black suit or tuxedo is seen less and less on the aisle. It's more about creating looks that seamlessly fit the overall aesthetic of the wedding. Take a peek at a few of our best tips for mixing it up, making subtle statements, but ultimately still coming across as a unified gang of handsome men.
Pasha Belman Photography | Myrtle Beach Wedding Photographers

Pick a Style

Like most of the details of the wedding, everything should feel as if it fits. When you find a theme or a style of wedding that best suits your wishes, you'll also want to consider the grooms' party. Remember to pick colors that will only compliment and not clash with the bridesmaids dresses. Think about if you are going for more of a traditional vibe, then your suits should probably stay towards black or navy. However, if you are setting your wedding to feel much more preppy then something like seersucker might be much more appropriate. 

Everyone Loves Choices

Many menswear magazines claim that the latest trend in groomsmen fashion is in fact a mismatching clan. Don't feel so chained to the idea that all of your lads have to be in the exact same ensemble. Men have their own opinions about style too so its important to let them know that there are certain options. Give them a set of guidelines to follow and try allowing them to give a part of the look their own flair.

Shoes are a Staple (and accessories)

When it comes to menswear in general we feel that accessories speak very loudly. Encourage your guys to wear unique ties, watches, and shoes to further enhance the look your going for. You would be surprised how much a good pair of brogues can translate in photos and in person. Don't be afraid to let your guys have a little something funny to add to their outfit too. Colorful socks are a great way to add a quirky factor that can easily be disguised.
Pasha Belman Photography | Myrtle Beach Wedding Photographers

Shop our menswear collection!

Photos by and Luma Weddings and Pasha Belman.

Rainy Wedding Day

Rainy Wedding Day

The British weather is enough to weary the strongest heart, particularly at the moment. But as we all know, every cloud has a silver lining and the good thing is, when you're planning a wedding in the UK, you just know that you've got to factor in that it will probably rain! But that's fine, it doesn't mean that you can't wear your gorgeous dress and scrappy sandals. Why not confront the issue head-on and fight the gloom on your own terms?

So here's what you do:

  • Make sure that you choose the most colourful, uplifting wedding flowers that will chase the clouds away no matter what, like this exuberantly fabulous bouquet by the wonderful Amanda Taffinder:

Rainy Wedding Day

  • Be prepared for a rainy wedding day and buy some fabulous large, colourful umbrellas, like this vibrantly striped one from Dessy:

Rainy Day Wedding


  • Make sure that your bridesmaids (and you!) are kept warm with a pretty pashmina (Dessy has a choice of 33 colours of its silk and wool pashminas so whatever your colours scheme, there will be one to suit). I love this photo by Spindle Photography; you can see that the wraps just take the edge off any worry about the weather:

Rainy Wedding Day

Rainy Wedding Day

or if it's cold as well as wet, take a leaf out of this beautiful wedding (shot by onelove photography) and get some real or faux fur stoles:

Rainy Wedding Day

  • Fill your reception area with glorious blooms and decorations so that you create a feeling of summer and warmth inside, even if it is tipping it outside, like in the fab photo below by Gia Canali of Sharla Flock Designs' bright, rich table decs and suitably flippant strings of pink pompoms!

Rainy Wedding Day

So don't get down about the British rain - create your own storm of colour and win the battle!






Kingfisher Blue and Orange Bridesmaid Dresses

I was walking by a stream early the other morning and I saw a flash of brilliant blue and a streak of golden orange out of the corner of my eye as I disturbed a kingfisher from its feeding perch. There are few things more uplifting in life than spotting a kingfisher and it's not just because they are relatively rare; it's more that there is something incredibly awesome about Nature's audacity at pitching such intense colours against each other on one small bird! And of course the result is radiantly superb!

So of course, I thought about how you could use this glorious combo for a wedding, having bright blue bridesmaid dresses and then include flowers of tropical orange in the bouquets to give that flash of brilliance. Or you could even go one step further, like this clever bride from New Jersey, who had both kingfisher blue AND orange bridesmaid dresses, with the ushers wearing ties to match.

kingfisher blue bridesmaid dresses

The pièce de resistance however is the bridal bouquet. Created by the super-talented Holly at Holly's Wedding Flowers, the silk bouquet was made up of not just tropical orange and vibrant blue blooms, but also included vivid magenta which added an extra zing to the whole vision:

Kingfisher Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

If you like the look of the mismatched kingfisher blue and orange bridesmaid dresses from the bridal party above, I've found similar ones from Dessy:

Kingfisher Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Similarly, provide the ushers with Spa and Clementine matt satin ties and you're away!

Kingfisher Blue and Orange ties

Additional accessories for the girls all add to the fun of the colour scheme, so let your maids experiment with chiffon roses in the hair or as add-ons to their dresses:

Kingfisher Blue and orange bridesmaid dresses

And don't forget, next time you're walking along a stretch of water, keep a look out for that most beautiful of British birds - I'm sure Kingfishers are a sign of good luck!


With huge thanks to Holly's Wedding Flowers and Making the Moment for the wonderful wedding photos and to the very talented Wildlife Photographer Sam Gore for his divine Kingfisher image.



















Blush and purple wedding

There's no doubt that blush makes for a romantic and beautiful wedding, but by throwing in a healthy dash of a darker colour you instantly add a level of drama and energy that is almost tangible. Take a look at this stunning shot below and you'll see just how effective the juxtaposition of delicate hues against the deeper tones is in creating a sensual vibe straight out of Poldark:

Blush and purple wedding colours

The colour scheme and design for this stunning bouquet was created by the superbly talented Susanne Hatwood, the phenomenal florist of Cornwall's The Blue Carrot. If you want flowers for your wedding that are in turn bold, wild, passionate, delicate and vibrant with an ethereal fairy-tale beauty, then Susanne is your girl!

By including a wide variety of plants including foxglove with its darkly-speckled centre, deepest magenta sweet peas and copper beech foliage, Susanne has developed a bouquet of abundance and depth of colour that is bigger than the sum of its parts:

blush and purple wedding

And if these photos have inspired you to have a blush and purple wedding, then you are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing your bridesmaid dresses. I think if I were lucky enough to have Susanne to do the flowers for my wedding, I'd choose gloriously romantic, floaty chiffon gowns for my bridesmaids like this Social Bridesmaid style 2890 in Blush from Dessy:

blush and purple wedding

or any of these Lela Rose styles in crinkle chiffon are, to my mind, equally as ethereal and beautiful and look fabulous together, also from Dessy:

blush and purple wedding

And I'd definitely have the accessories in a mixture of blush and purple, like this gorgeous matt satin tote bag in Aubergine, shoe clips in Blush and groom's waistcoat in Aubergine, all inspired by the brilliant wedding flowers:

Blush and purple wedding

With HUGE thanks to the fabulous Susanne Hatwood from The Blue Carrot for her heavenly floral creations. For more glorious ideas, do check out her website or keep an eye out on this blog for more of her divine works of art.



tulle bridesmaid dresses

There is nothing as romantic as a tulle dress, hence the profusion of joyous tulle bridal gowns available in 2016. And it's no surprise therefore that tulle bridesmaid dresses are also proving to be a popular choice for this year. You can see from the featured image above of the pretty gowns from (the appropriately named!) Tulle and Chantilly and from Dessy below what a delicate and romantic fabric tulle is, lending itself superbly to shirring and pleating. I particularly love the Dessy Collection 2950 (shown in Celadon) as the narrow pleating over the hips gives an incredibly flattering hour-glass shape.

Tulle bridesmaid dresses

tulle Wedding dresses

A similarly enhancing design is this Dessy Collection 2948. The starlight-coloured, appliqué fleur lace on the bodice (the dress shown on the left is in Rose Quartz) continues gracefully over the hips of the shirred skirt, which is most becoming on a fuller figure. This gown is available with starlight or black lace applique over any color soft tulle and has quite a different vibe to it with the black lace, as you can see below with this same dress in tutti frutti:

tulle bridesmaid dresses




Another way to play the tulle theme is by having maybe your Maid of Honour in long and the other bridesmaids in short; you can see from the images below how well that plays together with style 2949 on the left and style 8171 on the right, both in Wildberry and Starlight:

Tulle bridesmaid dresses

All pretty beautiful, don't you agree? Which one is your favourite?


What to wear at your Engagement Party

He popped the question, you said yes and now you're celebrating the fab news at an evening soirée with your nearest and dearest. So the burning question is...what to wear at your engagement party?

what to wear at your engagement party

If it's an evening do, I'd definitely go for something dark, figure-hugging and elegant; after all, you've taken a pretty grown-up step getting engaged, so why not go the whole hog and wear a grown-up outfit? And steer clear of anything remotely bridal - the time will come for that!

I love this Perseus dress (left) from Monsoon (Perseus was the brother of Helen of Troy, who was so beautiful that her face famously launched a thousand ships after she eloped/was kidnapped by Paris, thus beginning the Trojan War).

And I think that if you wore this dress, you really would feel and look incredibly beautiful and quite the radiant bride-to-be.

A less structured but equally as beguiling dress from Phase Eight is this Prima Rosa Maxi Dress (below), perfect to wear as you sip your champagne and circulate round the room, excitedly talking to everyone about your plans for the forthcoming nuptials.

Engagement Dress Prima Rosa Maxi Dress from Phase Eight


what to wear at your engagement party







Alternatively you could opt for the understated beauty of this stunning full-length Dessy gown Style 6741 (left) with cut-away sides revealing a silver metallic bodice. The close-up is featured at the top of the page which enables you to see quite how alluring it is.




You don't have to wear long, of course. This high-lo dress (below) from Dessy is superbly glamorous, with its black fleur embroidery overlay, 3/4 length sleeves and deep V back. The modified circle skirt gives a glorious sweep as you turn and you'll feel the absolute Belle of the Ball.

What to wear at your engagement party

The floral jacquard Verdure Tapestry Dress from Hobbs (below) is the height of sophistication and is a perfect example of what to wear at your engagement party; simply cut, colourful without being garish, and classy - what more could you - or your fiancé - ask for?

what to wear at your engagement party