Light blue and purple wedding colours

Just when you think you're settled on a blush pink theme for your nuptials, something like the wedding bouquet below comes along and wham, suddenly light blue and purple wedding colours are the order of the day. And who could blame you? I stumbled across this bouquet yesterday and was blown away by the fragile beauty of those hues; I literally don't think that I have ever seen anything quite as beautiful. And what is even more fabulous is that the bouquet is made with SILK flowers. So not only will you have the most exquisite flowers on your wedding day, you will also have them for the rest of your life as a heavenly keepsake - what's not to like?Light blue and purple wedding colours

The creation of lavender roses, lavender hydrangea, pale blue hydrangea and dusty miller silk flowers, wrapped with ivory satin ribbon on the stems, is from the amazing Holly's Flower Shoppe on Etsy which is more than happy to ship its wonderful silk flowers to the UK. Holly also produces the most incredible wedding floral works of art using real flowers so if you're getting married in Northern New Jersey, do look her up at Holly's Wedding Flowers.

And for your bridesmaid dresses? Well, Dessy has a veritable wealth of gowns in light blue and purple so I have picked out just a few of my favourites which would work perfectly for with your choice of light blue and purple wedding colours. Because of the delicacy and romance of the colour scheme I have selected slightly floatier, prettier dresses rather than anything too structured.

Light blue and purple wedding colours

From the left I have chosen Alfrted Sung D691 in Newport Blue, Dessy Collection 2907 in Serenity (one of the two Pantone 2016 Wedding Colours), After Six 6736 in Cloudy and lastly the sweet Dessy Collection Junior Bridesmaid dress JR530 in Suede Rose.

With many thanks to the incredibly talented Holly for the inspiration for this piece. For more ideas, take a look at her Etsy page HollysFlowerShoppe and prepare to have your heart melted at the sheer beauty of her work!

Blush pink gowns

Blush - the very name of this pink has all the connotations of old-fashioned modesty, purity and romance when just the look from the man of your dreams was enough to send a delicate flush to your maidenly cheeks!

So it is no wonder that it is such an appropriately wonderful colour for a bride to choose for her bridesmaids - or even herself, as shown in the fabulous image above of a bride with her heavenly Bloomsbury Flowers bouquet. For a slightly sassier impact, these talented London florists have married the blush flowers with darker pinks and greens. But for a more chaste, delicate look add plenty of cream and ivory, as the beautiful bride did below. I love the addition of the pearl jewellery which goes so well with her maids in their pretty blush pink gowns.

blush pink gowns

One of the best things about blush bridesmaid dresses is that they complement girls of every hair colour, which is another reason why it's a great choice. The blonde and brunette bridesmaids in the fab Adam Barnes Fine Art Photography above look every bit as divine as the gorgeous redhead in Jenny Haas' photograph below. And what an added coup, to get married when the cherry trees are in blossom - wow, now that is truly neat planning!

blush pink gowns

Roses are such a brilliant flower at the best of times, but when you choose a blush pink wedding theme, they come into their own. As you can see from the cascade of roses on the wedding cake below and in the pastel table decoration further down (with thanks to Jenny Haas),  you can achieve an effect of sublime beauty using an abundance of pale pink roses of all shades. The subtlety of the blush in the table napkins, cloths and candles prevents the room from looking too stark whilst still retaining an aura of delicacy and innocence.

blush pink gowns


blush pink gowns

By their very nature, blush pink gowns are dainty, exquisite and feminine, so why not go the whole hog and add that extra level of diaphanous beauty by choosing bridesmaid dresses enhanced with lace like the five below from
blush pink gownsAnd don't forget to keep the make-up light and natural with just a touch of lip gloss for a truly romantic look.

With huge thanks to the talented Jenny Haas and Adam Barnes Fine Art Photography for their photos of real weddings, and to Bloomsbury Flowers for their glorious featured image of the blushing bride and her divine bouquet.

Jewel Tone Bridesmaid Dresses

As soon as you get engaged, you'll find yourself getting inspiration from all manner of sources, whether you are on the look out or not. But definitely one area to actively seek advice from will be your florist.

And why is that, I hear you ask?

Well, firstly, a good florist will have a brilliant eye for colour and structure, not just for the bridal bouquet but for the venue too.

And secondly, he or she will be able to tell you what flowers are in season when you are getting married. Of course nowadays you can pretty much get whatever blooms you want all year round, but if you choose blossoms that are out of season (a) you will pay for a lot more for it and (b) there will be fewer actual stems for the florist to pick from.

So if you are undecided about where to start with your wedding colours, make an appointment with the florist and go from there. Most wedding planners or venue organisers will have a preferred list of florists for you to choose from but if you are starting totally from scratch, do an internet search or ask around for florists near the venue and then book in a few meetings to view each company's portfolios and see which one resonates.

Take this outrageously vibrant Spring bouquet from Bloomsbury Flowers; just seeing this image wants me to immediately pick jewel tone bridesmaid dresses using all of those clashing, fabulous colours.

[caption id="attachment_21031" align="aligncenter" ignore-width="470"]jewel tone bridesmaid dresses Divine inspiration from Bloomsbury Flowers[/caption]

Spring is a particularly brilliant time to choose such rich jewel colours due to the many varieties of anemones, sweet Williams and ranuncula available, as well of course as the perennial rose! Just look how lush this image below is of the maids in their jewel tone bridesmaid dresses with the rich purples, pinks and reds of their posies:

jewel tone bridesmaid dresses

With thanks to  Tulle and Chantilly for that gorgeous shot.

Alternatively, don't go for flowing, romantic gowns but rather opt for maids in sassy, cocktail length dresses, high heels and bright lipsticks to give you a riot of colour, like the ones below from

Jewel tone bridesmaid dresses

The dresses above are: (top row from left) Alfred Sung D668 in Strawberry, Alfred Sung D644 in Firecracker and Alfred Sung D683 in Watermelon; (bottom row from left) Alfred Sung D687 in Sangria and lastly Alfred Sung D700 in Majestic.

Feeling energised? Then hotfoot it off to your florist and start the ball rolling today!

Mix and match bridesmaid dresses with Celadon

When I was researching how to make your Maid of Honour stand out at your wedding, I came across this gorgeous photo (below) from Lucy Davenport Photography where the Maid of Honour's celadon dress complements beautifully the pale pink of the other bridesmaids' gowns, enhancing the overall effect to perfection.

mix and match bridesmaid gowns with Celadon

Celadon is a term that was coined for ceramics, originally in China, which were created using a type of glaze and jade green which resulted in a soft, green-blue tone. Beautiful in its own right, you can see from the gorgeous Dessy bridesmaids below how fabulous celadon is when used as a single colour for your bridesmaids.

mix and match bridesmaid dresses with Celadon

But I believe that its beauty is almost enhanced beyond measure when set amongst other colours and I would seriously consider mix and match bridesmaid dresses with celadon for an exquisite bridal party.

Take these images below, again from the talented Lucy Davenport Photography, where the bride has chosen to mix blush and passion (how very Jane Austen!) with celadon resulting in a beautiful colour combination which works brilliantly with the flowers too.

mix and match bridesmaid dresses with celadon

mix and match bridesmaid dresses with Celadon

 For quite a different look, choose duskier tones to mix with celadon such as (from left) oyster, blush, taupe, palomino and suede rose as shown below.

Mix and match bridesmaid dresses with Celadon

Possibly my favourite combination of all is the one below. This more energetic and oh-so-pretty colour palette combines celadon with blush, rose, punch and suede rose. The introduction of the green prevents the overall look from being too saccharine and again, ties in so fabulously with the flowers - absolutely wonderful.

Pastels from Brides without Borders

And last but not least, mix the celadon in with other greens and blues for a nautical, refreshing look like the one below from Brideside via Pinterest.

mix and match bridesmaid dresses with celadon



The Wedding Dress Shopping Guide

The Wedding Dress Shopping Guide

Shopping for a wedding dress can be time-consuming, overwhelming, but extremely rewarding. Like most other aspects of planning a wedding, finding your fairytale dress takes time and the right set of helping hands. The pressure to look perfect can truly take a toll on your mind and leave you feeling lost in the process.  Keeping this helpful shopping timeline in mind to help  you stay focused when scouring high and low for the dress of your dreams.

Laura-Gordon-Photography-90 2 A Year to Six Months in Advance

  • Choose a budget for yourself. It's important to set limitations for yourself so that you have a starting point of what places or designers you can shop at. Remember to include extra costs like alterations, accessories, and taxes when creating your budget.

  • Get an idea of your silhouette. Take the time to research which silhouettes, materials, and lengths of dresses would best suit your style and body type. Looking at bridal magazines, blogs, and runway shows are the best outlets for fashion forward ideas and inspiration.

  • Bring your girls and start shopping. Choose those closest to you that are going to be supportive but also very honest. Your maid of honor will most likely be your go-to gal when it comes to dress details. Once you have your crew assembled, you are free to hit the ground running.



Six to Three Months in Advance

  • Purchase your dress. You will want to give yourself plenty of time for alterations and such, so making your purchase well in advance will save you from potential stress and agony.

  • Choose your matching accessories. Once you have found the perfect dress you will want to start looking for a veil, shoes, jewelry, and flowers that compliment the look.

kate wenzel

Three to Two Months in Advance

  • Have your first fitting for any alterations. A wedding dress is meant to fit your body flawlessly. It's most likely that it will take a few fittings for alternations for you to get to your desired fit. Find a tailor who has lots of experience in gowns that you can trust.


Eight to Two Weeks in Advance

  • Have your second or third fitting. Depending on what you are having altered, you will need to return to your tailor a second or third time to make sure your dress is exactly how you envisioned.

  • Practice walking in your ensemble. Some gowns and shoes can pose some difficulty when walking. Take the time to practice walking down the aisle so that there is less possibility for an accident on your special day.

Tatyana Merenyuk

Shop our collection of wedding dresses here!

Photos by Pasha Belman Photography, Laura Gordon Photography, Erich McVey, Kate Wenzel Photography, Bartlett Pair Photography, and Tatyana Merenyuk Designs. 

Pink Floral Print Bridesmaid Dresses

Once the Wedding Season gets into its stride around April, and then right through until about mid September, one of the best trends to consider for 2016 is pink floral print bridesmaid dresses. The other day I recommended the idea of just having your maid of honour wear a floral gown as a way of standing out from the other bridesmaids, but here I'll show you how joyous the entire bridal party can look if more of the maids are dressed in these uplifting and energising gowns and for me, pink is the leading hue.

For example, isn't the image above by Sawyer Baird Photography for Style Me Pretty via Pinterest just fabulous? Those pretty roses are matched to perfection by the florist for the bride's stunning bouquet.

And then below we have another brilliant interpretation (from Green Wedding Shoes via Pinterest) where the bride chose to use the hand-tied flowers to lead the visual impact with bold, striking colours and dramatic ribbons. This allowed the girls to mix and match their dresses with two pale pink floral on black (one high neck, one a deep V) and one solid black deep V; two pale pink floral on blush (again one high neck, one a deep V) and one solid pale pink high neck. Very cleverly structured so that the seemingly random selection of dresses is actually extremely well planned and perfectly balanced with the bride's stunning cross-over gown.

pink floral print bridesmaid dresses

 Another beautiful example of pink floral print bridesmaid dresses is this image from via Pinterest. This time the background of the bridesmaids' gowns is a delicate duck egg blue which is a brilliant foil for the coral pink floral pattern, adding a lovely depth to the overall effect:

pink floral print bridesmaid dresses

As you can see, there are many ways to make floral bridesmaids dresses a unique statement at your wedding. Just look at the pink options available from Dessy and you'll be immediately inspired by the variety of colour within the fabric which will allow you to pick out whichever element you want as a highlight (pink, coral, red, yellow, green), as well as the different necklines (jewel, strapless and deep V).

pink floral print bridesmaid dresses

 From the left we have D707FP, centre is D724CP and right is D723FP, all from the fabulous Alfred Sung collection at Dessy for the perfect summer wedding. Happy picking!

White Evening Gowns

Don't you just love spotting what the celebrities are wearing at the various Red Carpet ceremonies throughout the year? Not only is it so exciting to see what everyone is wearing, it's interesting to see which way the top designers are swaying in terms of colours and styles. At the Golden Globe January 2016 there was a definite bias towards white evening gowns which looked absolutely stunning, so I've compiled a selection from that will have you looking as elegant and on trend as all of those celebs!

American actor and singer Taraji P Henson wore a white, strapless Stella McCartney dress whereas I prefer this one (Social Bridesmaid 8158) below with its more interesting draped detail at the bodice:

white evening gowns

Best Actress nominee Saoirse Ronan wore a deep V neck white evening gown from Saint Laurent which was beautifully Grecian in its folds and elegance. If that's the kind of look you'd go for, try this full length, sleeveless chiffon knit dress Alfred Sung D719 with its pretty shirred v-neckline and shirred inset midriff. It has a low squared off back with inset floor length streamers for extra glamour:

white evening gowns

The wonderful Lily James wowed the stargazers in her floaty, halter neck Marchesa gown. For a similarly dramatic look, try Alfred Sung's D720 in chiffon knit, with its twist halter detail, shirred midriff, and daringly low v-back -  so Hollywood!

white evening gowns

Also up as a nominee in the Best Actress category was the fabulous Swedish actress and dancer Alicia Vikander for her role in The Danish Girl. Her bib collar Louis Vuitton dress was delicate and demure from the front but suitably fun at the back! So if you'd like a white evening gown that will make you look like butter wouldn't melt in your mouth when you walk into the room, but wonderfully sexy as you leave, this After Six 6740 could be the frock for you! The full length, sleeveless crepe dress oozes elegance with its seamed bodice and inset waistband. However its open back and trumpet skirt show that you are no pushover!

off white evening gowns

So if you are invited to a Red Carpet event this year, get your white evening gown from Dessy and go for the Haute Couture look at a fraction of the price. And if you're actually up for one of the awards, do let me know which dress you're choosing!




How to make your Maid of Honour Stand Out

how to make your maid of honour stand outIt is most likely that when you choose your bridesmaids, there will be one friend is extra special to you and you might want to subtly announce it to the world by asking her to be your Maid of Honour. Some brides have their MOH carry a slightly different posy or wear more elaborate jewellery. But to my mind, how best to make your Maid of Honour stand out is by selecting a dress for her that is either a different style, a different colour or both! The bride above chose such a beautiful colour combo for her bridesmaids bouquets so it was easy to pick out two gorgeously contrasting colours of the same dress - one for the MOH and another for the bridesmaids.

[caption id="attachment_20997" align="aligncenter" ignore-width="582"]how to make your maid of honour stand out Shop the look with Dessy Collection 6695 in Buttercup and Posie[/caption]

The next beautiful bride let her bridesmaids choose whatever short style they wanted in her chosen colour whilst selecting a wonderful floral print for her Maid of Honour. The wedding flowers were cleverly worked into the colour scheme so that all the colours from the floral print were in the bride's bouquet, highlighted by a few white calla lilies, with the maids posies being predominantly white with a sprinkling of the other colours. The girls all wore neutral shoes to help unify the whole ensemble to perfection:

how to make your maid of honour stand out

You could go one step further and have the MOH in floral AND a different length, as shown below, but the cohesiveness is still achieved by picking out the firecracker colour from the floral for the bridesmaids' dresses. The gowns, from left, are Social Bridesmaid 8126 in Firecracker, Alfred Sung D722FP in Blush Bouquet and Alfred Sung D602 also in Firecracker:

How to make your Maid of Honour stand out

This bride below chose analogous hues to enable her Maid of Honour to stand out from the bridesmaids  which of course produces such a romantic and soothing aesthetic.

How to make your Maid of Honour stand out

To shop the look above, try Alfred Sung D721 in Coastal (below left) and Mediterranean (below right):

how to make your maid of honour stand out

So take a leaf out of these brides' books and really make your maid of honour feel special - and it will make your wedding photographs look even more spectacular!


With huge thanks to Wedding Me You for the splendid images.


Top 10 things to consider when planning your wedding

So, the proposal's been made, the celebratory champagne has been drunk and now you've got to decide how to start planning your wedding. Where to begin?

Whenever you're discussing anything, it's always better to be well-nourished before you start off, otherwise two things happen:

  • your blood sugar level will be low and you are more likely to be grumpy

  • you are less likely to make good decisions.

Don't get overwhelmed by the enormity of whole thing: do the brainstorming over a couple of weeks, and then add the layers of details over the following months.

So for the first session, plan a quiet evening together: have a good meal, turn off your phones and computers and settle down with a warm cup of cocoa or tea.

how to start planning  your wedding

Sounds mad, doesn't it? But you are more likely to feel favourably towards someone if you have a hot drink in your hand than a cool one, so don't take any chances!

Way before you get into any sort of nitty gritty about the wedding there will be a few fundamental questions that need answering and so just spend a while compiling a list of questions that you will need to answer before you can really move on. Here are my top 10 things to consider when planning your wedding:

      1. Who is paying for the wedding? The two of you, your parents, your friends or a mix of all three? Would your parents be upset if you didn't expect them to contribute, or mightily relieved? Are your friends in a position to help fund your wedding or is that a bit cheeky?And don't forget, there will always be little extra expenditure items along the way that you won't have bargained for!

      2. Is there a ballpark budget? Will you consider a Wedding Planner or DIY? Brides Magazine carried out a survey in 2015 and found out that their readers spent an average of over £30,000 on their weddings...

      3. What time of year do you want to get married? Is there a special month for you or would you rather be dictated by the venue availability?

      4. Where do you think you'd like to have the ceremony in a perfect world? Church, registry office or special venue; town or country - home or away? Maybe brainstorm a long list and then narrow it to start planning your wedding
        Town or country?

      5. Who will be the Best Man, Maid of Honour, Ushers and Bridesmaids? Many or few? Future-in-laws or just old friends? Do brothers and sisters make the grade?duck egg blue wedding theme

      6. Is it more important for you to have a more lavish wedding and a less expensive honeymoon or the other way round? Or would you consider a buddy moon?

      7. How important are the flowers and the cake to you? Will you allocate a large proportion of your budget to either, both or none?

      8. Dress to die for or something a little more modest? Morning suit, black tie, boho or themed? tulle wedding dresses

      9. How will you travel to the wedding? Horse and carriage, tractor, vintage Rolls?top 10 things to consider when planning your wedding

      10. Will your reception be just drinks and nibbles, full-blown Wedding Breakfast followed by all-night party or an elite meal for the chosen few? Champagne or Prosecco, beer or cocktails? Church music, live music, iPod music, disco or nothing?

[caption id="attachment_19445" align="aligncenter" ignore-width="595"]Raspberry and lime green wedding table Magical wedding table by Anne Edgar Photography[/caption]

Whatever your first thoughts, sleep on them before you commit yourselves to anything. And try not to be too self-centred, or assume that you know what others are thinking - above all, keep those lines of communication open!

All that really matters is that you and your fiancé are about to embark on a wonderful journey together, of which the Wedding Day, whilst important, is only a very small part of the whole journey. Don't make your marriage about only one day; your future life as a married couple is what really matters.

For more guidance, check out's Wedding Planning Tools to help you on your way. Enjoy!

6 Resolutions To Get Every Bride Feeling Great For Her Big Day

6 Resolutions To Get Every Bride Feeling Great For Her Big Day

I'm sure you made an intention or two as the famous ball dropped at midnight on the first of the month. Now that 2016 is in full swing, everyone feels the urge to become more conscience about what they should focus on for the future. Take the new year as the opportunity to set goals for yourself as a bride as well. As you enter the many stages of wedding planning, be sure keep a few promises to yourself to ensure your happiness and health on your special day. johnnymiller

1. I Will Eat Clean

Not only will eating healthy help you to look your best on your wedding day but it will also help you to feel your best.


2. I Will Take Time For Myself

In the chaos of planning a wedding it is so easy to get stressed and overwhelmed. Taking the time to go to a yoga class or meet up with a friend for lunch will slow down your pace and keep your mind at ease.

Bishop_Goldin_RiverlandStudios_JB7_0_low3. I Will Spend My Money Wisely

It's easier said than done to set a wedding budget and actually stick to it. However, making smart financial choices on things like the dress, venue, and caterer will have you thanking yourself for years to come after the wedding. Plus with so many DIY ideas out there, it's so easy to have a wedding thats stylish and affordable!

GaganDhiman4. I Will Have More Patience

Patience is one key characteristic that people often lose when stress is in the air. Have patience with your groom, bridesmaids, and family members to keep your relationships strong.

ArnauDuboisPhotography25. I Will Communicate Effectively

It's important to remember that while you are the primary decision maker, this wedding is ultimately about you and your beloved. Communicating about emotions and ideas will help the two of you sail through the planning process.

ArnauDuboisPhotography 6. I Won't Expect  Everything to Be Perfect

There will inevitably be bumps in the road to your wedding as well as in your marriage in general. Don't get caught up in the making all the tiny details absolutely perfect, because everything always comes together beautifully in the end.

Photos by Gagan Dhiman, Johnny Miller, Dan Campbell, Riverland Studios, and Arnaus Dubois Photography.