10 things you should know about children at weddings

children at weddings

Should you invite children to your wedding day? Or should you make it a child-free event?

It can be a tricky one- particularly if a lot of your friends have had children already. Some people will say you're selfish not to invite kids. Others will breathe a sigh of relief.

A lot depends on your style of wedding day

Not all weddings are suitable for children. For example, if you're having a service in a chic city venue with a dance afterwards then young children aren't really going to add much to the occasion. They will also get very bored and probably make all the adults realise that in the loudest and most disruptive ways possible!  

It's your big day and it should be done your way. So here are some thoughts about children and weddings to consider before you make any decisions. 

    1. If you request some friends not to bring children but have other kids there (young nephews and nieces for example) it could look awkward. So explain beforehand what you're doing so there are no misunderstandings.
    2. Banning kids from the wedding will preclude some of your friends being able to come at all - they might have issues with childcare or young babies.
    3. Children can add a wonderful atmosphere to a wedding day and make for some fabulous photographs!
    4. If a friend is bringing a young child or baby to the ceremony, be prepared for a bit of noise. A polite parent will always take the child outside if the noise is intrusive.
    5. Have a children's table and think up some fabulous child-centred wedding favors.  And make sure they are named - kids love arriving at a table to see a parcel with their name on it! Also don't plan on serving the same food that you're serving to adults (unless you're having a barbecue or similar). Kids find it hard to sit through a formal three piece meal - maybe serve party food in boxes for each child? This is also the time to seriously think about having a sweetie table or a dessert table.
    6. If you're marrying in winter a chill-out room for young kids - equipped with party games and a DVD is essential. In summer, think of outdoor games which you can hire - croquet, Jenga, badminton ... And a chill-out room is still a good idea - it might be rainy and kids do get tired.
    7. Teenagers over the age of 16 should really receive their own wedding invitation and certainly if they are over 18. Also, put teens on a table together - don't jumble them up with the young kids. They probably won't appreciate it. Don't serve them party food either - they should be served the same food as the adults.
    8. If you're having a disco, make sure they play a medley of tunes the children will enjoy. You could also have a dance competition to keep the youngsters entertained!
    9. Make sure you have a photograph taken of yourselves with your flowergirls and pageboys - early on whilst they are still clean and tidy!
    10. Children at weddings is an emotive subject and people have strong feelings. It really is up to you at the end of the day - be considerate and thoughtful and whatever you decide will run more smoothly!

Image credits clockwise from top: Bridal Musings, 100 Layer Cake, Maui Aloha WeddingsEtsy.

7 ideas for purple themed wedding styling

One thing we've noticed is that a lot of brides like the color purple. Or purple in all its different shades - lilac, violet, mauve, magenta ...

Of course, you might not want to wear a purple wedding dress. (Which might be a step too far from tradition! )

But there's nothing to stop you wearing delicate lilac wedding shoes, carrying a bouquet of mauve flowers, choosing a violet themed wedding cake, having purple wedding favors of some description, lilac stationery .. 

So we've tracked down a few ideas for purple wedding accessories to inspire you on your way ... 

Wild Roses Floral Wedding Invitation via Not On The High Street 

1. We picked out this wedding invitation because it's kind of purple lite. It definitely gets the purple wedding idea across but it's subtle rather than in your face. In addition, it brings all sorts of other ideas to the party - like purple hydrangeas, anenomes, lilac colored roses ... 

Purple striped straws via Not On The High Street

2. If you're having a milkshake bar, candy table or in fact any kind of a buffet, then it's a must-do in shades of mauve and violet. Love these purple striped straws - remember to line them up in same direction when you're laying out the drinks so that they look uniformly fabulous. 

Marie Antoinette Cake by Elizabeth's Cake Emporium

3. A purple wedding cake in different shades of lilac and mauve could be truly spectacular.  This one is a work of art. On the other hand, you could be a bit more low key with your wedding cake by decorating it with fresh flowers in shades of violet and purple. 


(Image via Helen Helas Florist)

4. Flowers come in an abundance of purple shades - depending on the time of year you can choose from tulips, anenomes, ranunculus, gerberas, irises, hyacinths, hydrangeas - just talk to your florist. A mixture of purple flowers - with an ombre effect - would look wonderful on your wedding tables and in your bridal bouquet. The image above shows hydrangeas - which would work well as ombre as they are naturally shaded - they are also relatively inexpensive and look very showy. 


(Bridesmaid frocks featured above by Dessy)

5. Have a look at Dessy's bridesmaids dresses in shades of purple. Another good way to create a graduated ombre effect. Dress one maid in a light mauve and put another in a deep purple. Why not leave them to pick their styles to suit them - just specify whether you want long or cocktail length.

(Purple shoes by Manolo Blahnik)

6. Shoes. In our view one of the accessories you're going to have most pleasure choosing. If you can't find the exact shade of purple you're looking for then try Rainbow Club who'll dye your shoes in almost any shade you can imagine. Remember you can use Dessy's Pantone color tools to match up the shade. 


(Confetti by Confetti Petals)

7. Confetti

Beautiful clouds of lilac confetti. Give out paper cones at your ceremony to make your guests feel involved. Choose lilac biodegradable confetti made from real flowers. 

Eight inspiring ways to decorate bride and groom chairs


bride and groom chair ideas

Want your wedding to look just perfect in every detail? Of course you do.

So take a tip from creative wedding stylists here and think about how you can style up your bride and groom wedding chairs.

Because at a wedding, a chair isn’t just a chair. Oh no. It’s most definitely a styling opportunity that you cannot miss.


  • Whether you’ve chosen to have a rustic style wedding day, a bohemian event, whether your wedding has a real vintage thing going on or maybe some upscale glamor - your chairs can play a major part in this. Your chairs are going to take center stage at the wedding ceremony itself when you say your vows.
  • After you’re married, you’ll be seated at your wedding reception on your own chairs - either at a top table or - as becoming increasingly popular - at a table for two, set aside just for the newly married couple.

Here we’re going to talk about special ways of decorating the bride and groom’s chairs. Think of them as thrones if you like! After all, you two are royalty on your big day!  

Practice different looks at home on your own kitchen chairs to see what you like. Consider how different fabrics will create different moods. Burlap for country style, lace for vintage, satin and velvet for a chic evening event ...

What sort of mood will you want to create? Here are some ideas …


bride and groom chair ideas

1. Keeping it simple 

 One of the easiest, swiftest - but most effective - ways of decorating your chairs is by tying beautiful fabric or ribbon around the back in a novel way. If you want to be super co-ordinated, remember that you can buy fabric from Dessy that matches your bridesmaid frocks, in a myriad of different colors and finishes.

And if you need some advice on tying bows and arranging fabric, here's a useful tutorial to watch. 

 Takeaway tip: This is one you could easily do yourself without the help of a stylist.


bride and groom chair ideas

2. Flower corsage

 This would look equally beautiful at either a country garden wedding or a chic city wedding. Have your florist wire a spray of flowers along the side of the bride and groom chairs for a Midsummer Night’s Dream effect. If you’re having a city wedding, you might want to choose deep red or white roses. For a rural look, mix up wild flowers, ranunculus, daisies … your florist will have some ideas …

Takeaway tip: Make sure the flowers are well-misted with water to keep them looking fresh


bride and groom chair ideas

3. Streaming colors 

 Another easy one. Buy spools of ribbon and cut in lengths. Drape over the back of your chairs and secure with a discreet staple. Choose different styles of ribbon for different effects - for example gingham would work well for a barn wedding or lace for vintage theming. Choose one color of ribbon or go for a multi-colored effect. Or choose different single colors for each chair for a contrast. Match them up to the bridegroom’s accessories!

Takeaway tip: Make sure all the ribbons are cut to the same length for even draping.


bride and groom chair ideas

4. Personalised signage 

 Think up a quirky message that means something to you both and have it written on a pair of signs. Slates work well for this or you could ask your stationer to create signs when you’re putting in your order (match up the calligraphy too).  Make sure they are of a size that will fit the chair and easy to read.

Takeaway tip: Soften the sign by having a spray of greenery attached to the side of the chair, as shown above.


bride and groom chair ideas

5. Bride and groom signs 

Keep it easy by buying bride and groom signs online (there are some beauties here) that are ready-made. Then decorate the rest of the chair as you wish - you could use the ribbon idea described above if you wanted. 

Takeaway tip: Really shop around these signs, there are plenty of options out there.


bride and groom chair ideas

6. Keep it seasonal 

 If you’re having a Christmas wedding, then make it suitably festive. Tie a Christmas decoration or a pine cone onto the chair back and maybe add a small spray from a fir tree.

 Takeaway tip: You could also use a readymade Christmas wreath here.


bride and groom chair ideas

7. DIY vintage

This is one of the simplest but most effective ideas we’ve seen. Scour charity shops for some old lace tablecloths and then experiment by draping around the back of your chairs. Pin the fabric together then hide the pin with a well-placed flower.


Takeaway tip: Ask your florist which flower would look best


bride and groom chair ideas

8. Keepsake chair

 If you’d like your chairs to remain as a reminder of your big day, then have director’s chairs personalised with ‘Bride’ and ‘Groom’ or ‘Mr and Mrs’ as you wish. You could  stencil them yourself if you wished - here’s an easy guide on how to stencil on canvas.

Takeaway tip: These might make good wedding gifts from somebody

Credits: All images from Pinterest, in order from top: DIY Projects for You; MODWedding, Rock N Roll Bride, Want That Wedding, Laura Ashley, Mod Wedding, Jay C Winter for Wedding Chicks


9 stunning photos of real Dessy weddings

Today we thought we'd show you nine completely different Dessy weddings, with bridesmaids dressed in nine completely different styles of dress.  

We know girls have different figures, different complexions and different personalities - which is why we offer such a variety of different designs, different necklines, different lengths, different fabrics, different colours. 

But the best way of showing you this is by showing happy bridesmaids who know they are looking gorgeous. 

Let's see how these brides got the look. 

1. Rocking the Dessy twist wrap dress in greys

Look at the top left picture and you'll see the bride with her entourage of maids all dressed in our ever-popular Twist Wrap dress. She's let them each choose slightly different shades of silver and grey and most importantly, let them wrap the necklines themselves so they are showing off their best features. No wonder they are smiling. All these frocks are floor length, which provides visual continuity and best of all, these frocks are going to be taken out from the closet again and again. Twist wrap dresses are just so versatile! 

2. Halter necklines 

Moving to the right we see our bride has dressed her maids in Dessy halterneck bridesmaids frocks in aubergine - with a pearl choker detail. What a stylist!

3. A masterclass in ombre

Look below and you'll see how to get ombre in shades of mauve and purple absolutely right. Again, this gives you the opportunity to let your maids choose a color that suits them best - and again they've all got different necklines on their frocks (so they are doubly happy). Check out Dessy frocks in Passion, Tahiti, Dahlia and Plum shades to get a similar look. 

4. Delicate pinks

To the right is the quintessential wedding in soft pinks. A light pink or blush demands a soft flowing fabric to set it off beautifully and we love this chiffon bridesmaid style chosen here. So perfect for a romantic summer wedding day.

5. Making pastels work harder

This bride really thought it through. She styled up her big day to perfection by getting the bridegroom and groomsmen to wear pale grey suits that worked perfectly with her bridesmaids pale pink gowns. We love this. (Get the bridesmaid look here).

6. Adding drama

This is one chic and sophisticated wedding day. Groomsmen in classic black. Bridesmaids in long column gowns in Persian Plum. A color combo that makes for awesome wedding photographs. 

7. Sparkling sequins

To our left we have a bridesmaid frocks in sequins. Because we think sequins are just too pretty and perfect to be kept for evening affairs. Why not sparkle your way through the afternoon and carry on as the sun goes down? Get the look with a Dessy sequinned bridesmaid gown here.

8. Periwinkle blues

Look up. Having a rustic style wedding day? This bride chose simple periwinkle blue bridesmaid gowns for her maids, offset with classic white and pink flowers. Timeless, pretty perfection ... Get the Dessy look here.

9. It doesn't have to be a bridesmaid dress

If you're not sure - mix it up with different tops and skirts, in different styles and fabrics. We have sequinned bridesmaid tops, chiffon tops, or you could have a sequinned top with a chiffon skirt. And just about any color you can think of. Or maybe some maids wear a dress, the others mix it up. As choices go, this is a happy one. 

All these real wedding images from Dessy Facebook page - follow us here (if you don't already!)

Shimmering bridesmaid dresses that you're going to fall in love with

sparkly bridesmaid frocks

(Image credit: Gold and glam wedding via Wedding Chicks)

Do you love a bit of glamor? A bit of bling? A bit of sparkle? Then check out our ideas for dressing your bridesmaids so that they shimmer and shine! 

A chic city wedding? 

If you're getting married in the city and you're having an evening do, then this is a good chance to let your bridesmaids wear some gorgeous sequinned frocks. (In fact, so gorgeous that they are sure to want to keep them handy in their closet again for another special event). 

At Dessy we've created fabulous frocks just like this, with some different neckline options and in different lengths. You can also mix and match the skirts - have a sequin top with a chiffon skirt or a plain top with a sweep of floor sweeping skirt. It's up to you. It's your day. Your style. 

How about this beautiful sequinned dress by Dessy for your maids? (It also comes in midnight blue and silver.)

sparkly bridesmaid frocks


You don't have to do long and sweeping either. Maybe you're having a smart afternoon do in a garden. In which case look at some of our frocks like 57 Grand Style 5712 shown above. This comes in a cocktail length and the fabric has just a whisper of shimmer. It would look wonderful on a sunny afternoon as well as at an evening event. 

These are gowns that your bridesmaids (and you) are just going to fall in love with. 

gold sequin bridesmaid frock

Think about accessories too. Who said you have to wear white or cream shoes with your wedding dress? Continue through the glitzy theme by adding some sparkle to your wedding shoes - just let them peep out from underneath your dress. (We're thinking about Dorothy's ruby slippers - but in gold, silver or platinum.)

What about your flower girls?

We know that your young attendants want to look really pretty too and wear something special - that will be a younger version of what the older bridesmaids are wearing. 

Which is why Dessy designed frocks for your flowergirls and junior bridesmaids, fitted to suit younger figures. Below you can see Flowergirl Style 4055 (which comes in midnight blue and silver too)   and Dessy Collection Junior Bridesmaid Style JR534 which comes in a number of colors. 

sequin flowergirl frocks in gold

Non religious wedding readings that will melt your heart

If you're having a non-religious wedding - that is, if you're tying the knot in a register office, at a country house hotel, in a barn, outside in a vineyard or even on board ship - it's important to remember that you will need to choose non-religious readings (as anything religious isn't permitted at a civil ceremony marriage).

wedding readings

(Photo by Megan Saul Photography via Green Wedding Shoes)

Plenty of choice for wedding readings

The good news is that there are absolutely masses of poems, excerpts from films and books to choose from and there's certainly to be one or two that have just the words you want to say to one another.

Who will be best at reading aloud?

Think carefully about who you ask to give your readings - you need somebody who is used to public speaking - who won't become tongue-tied and shy when they're confronted by a room full of expectant faces. So although your young niece or nephew is very cute - make sure that they're up to the job beforehand and have lots of practice!

Also remember to read out the title of the piece and where it's from.

A classical love poem

First off, we have a classical piece by the Elizabeth courtier Sir Philip Sidney who lived from 1554 to 1586. He was a favourite of Queen Elizabeth I and wrote the following love poem below which says everything.

My true-love hath my heart, and I have his,
By just exchange one for the other given:
I hold his dear, and mine he cannot miss;
There never was a bargain better driven.
His heart in me keeps me and him in one,
My heart in him his thoughts and senses guides;
He loves my heart for once it was his own;
I cherish his because in me it bides.
His heart his wound received from my sight;
My heart was wounded with his wounded heart;
For as from me on him his hurt did light,
So still methought in me his hurt did smart:
Both equal hurt, in this change sought our bliss,
My true love hath my heart and I have his.

And something a little more modern

You could also use the words Julia Roberts' character speaks in 'The Runaway Bride' when she talks about the life she and her loved one would have together.

I guarantee that we'll have tough times. And I guarantee that at some point, one or both of us will want to get out. But I also guarantee that if I don't ask you to be mine, I'll regret it for the rest of my life. Because I know in my heart you are the only one for me.

Or to raise a smile

John Cooper Clarke is a punk poet and this poem he wrote about 30 years ago has certainly stood the test of time - and it's certain to raise a laugh (in the right way).

I wanna be your vacuum cleaner
breathing in your dust
I wanna be your Ford Cortina
I will never rust
If you like your coffee hot
let me be your coffee pot
You call the shots
I wanna be yours

I wanna be your raincoat
for those frequent rainy days
I wanna be your dreamboat
when you want to sail away
Let me be your teddy bear
take me with you anywhere
I don't care
I wanna be yours

I wanna be your electric meter
I will not run out
I wanna be the electric heater
you'll get cold without
I wanna be your setting lotion
hold your hair in deep devotion
Deep as the deep Atlantic ocean
that's how deep is my devotion

A passage from “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho

When he looked into her eyes, he learned the most important part of the language that all the world spoke — the language that everyone on earth was capable of understanding in their heart. It was love.

Something older than humanity, more ancient than the desert. What the boy felt at that moment was that he was in the presence of the only woman in his life, and that, with no need for words, she recognized the same thing. Because when you know the language, it’s easy to understand that someone in the world awaits you, whether it’s in the middle of the desert or in some great city.

And when two such people encounter each other, the past and the future become unimportant. There is only that moment, and the incredible certainty that everything under the sun has been written by one hand only. It is the hand that evokes love, and creates a twin soul for every person in the world. Without such love, one’s dreams would have no meaning.

Or what about a bit of Hemingway?

“Maybe...you'll fall in love with me all over again."
"Hell," I said, "I love you enough now. What do you want to do? Ruin me?"
"Yes. I want to ruin you."
"Good," I said. "That's what I want too.”
― Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms

Finally, here's a reading that says what marriage is - beautifully

A Wedding Message (Amanda Bradley)

To love is to share life together.
To build special plans just for two.
To work side by side,
And then smile with pride
As, one by one, dreams all come true.

To love is to help and encourage
With smiles and sincere words of praise.
To take time to share.
To listen and care
In tender, affectionate ways.

To love is to have someone special
On whom you can always depend
To be there through the years,
Sharing laughter and tears
As a partner, a lover, a friend.

To love is to make special memories
Of moments you love to recall.
Of all the good things
That married life brings,
Love is the greatest of all.

What readings are you planning for your wedding day? Have you any that you could share with us?

A guide to blush weddings

Don't fancy ivory or white for your wedding dress? Well blush is feminine, chic, sophisticated and timeless. 

pink wedding gowns

Celebs who have opted for blush on their big day include:

  • Anne Hathaway
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Jessica Biel
  • Emily Deschanel

Blush for your bridesmaids

Both dark and fair skin tones suit blush. You may think pink and redheads is a no-no, but in fact, the combo can work beautifully. 

You never really know what's going to suit until you put a color sample up against your face - and Dessy makes it easy for you to do this with its color swatches.

(From top left: After Six Prom Dress Hayley, After Six Bridesmaids Style 1505, Social Bridesmaid Style 8178)

Second-time around?

If you're getting married again and don't want to wear white or ivory, then a wedding gown in soft blush could be just perfect. It will look and feel suitably bridal but that little bit different as well. 

Blush works beautifully with vintage style wedding dresses - maybe go for something cut in a 1920s style, a 1930's bias cut or a 1950's full tulle knee-length number.

Blush also goes superbly with metallics - so you could opt for gold or silver wedding shoes, or add a metallic detail to your gown. 


Adding a hint of this delicate hue to your bridal ensemble is easy to do. Make a strong style statement in pale pink satin pumps. Go for a rosy glow with delicate rose quartz earrings or a semi-precious stone ring. Finally, add a dramatic touch of blush to your bridal ensemble with a luscious bouquet done in pale pink peonies or voluminous ranunculus flowers.

Blush with DessyIf you've decided that blush is the way ahead for your wedding day, then you'll be delighted with the choice of bridesmaid gowns that Dessy offers in this shade. Cocktail and full length designs, strapless, with sleeves, halter neck - there are styles to suit every girl. You might also like to check out our rose gold bridesmaid dresses.

What is a Venetian Hour Anyway? Should You Do It?

What is a Venetian Hour Anyway?  Should You Do It?

If you're an Italian then you'll know what we're talking about when we say 'Venetian Hour'.

But if you're not, then we think it's a fabulous tradition that you really should know about.

A customary part of an Italian wedding day 

The first thing you should know, is that a Venetian hour is a delicious - and filling - Italian wedding tradition 

  • It is held towards the end of an Italian wedding
  • A large buffet of pastries, cakes, fruits, liqueurs and coffee are served along with the wedding cake
  • An Italian hour usually has a room to itself in its honor
  • It makes a great chill-out room away from the wedding music 

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Would it fit into your wedding budget?

A Venetian hour is designed to be lavish and it's not something you can skimp on. Although it's a lovely idea, many brides dismiss it as it's a) an extra expense b) guests will probably not be feeling particularly hungry by this point.

How much does it cost? While the price varies for each reception hall, it could cost the bride and groom an extra $1,000 from the overall cost of the wedding. If you are a couple that wants to have this as part of your wedding, check to see if it is included in the overall cost of the wedding.

An alternative to Venetian hour

If you aren't holding your wedding in a traditional reception hall, you could create a simple dessert table that may not cost nearly as much as it would if you were to do a lavish Venetian hour.

Traditionally at a Venetian table (or tables for that matter), you can find such desserts like Napoleans, cannoli, cheesecake, Tiramisu, chocolate fountains, ice cream sundaes, after dinner liquors and maybe even a cigar table for the men. Some go so far to create stations of different desserts and treats.


Cakes, cupcakes and cookies galore! This is a Venetian hour you would definitely want to attend! Images featured on GreenWeddingShoes.com.

Some brides will opt out of a Venetian hour and just have a platter of cookies at each table alongside the wedding cake. At some Italian weddings, family members will bake cookies in order to cut this cost. At many Italian weddings today, you can find that couples are stepping away from the traditional "Venetian hour" fare, and making it fun with candy tables, popcorn or even after dinner snacks.

This is why neutral shades are a great choice for weddings

Wedding day neutrals

When you're styling your wedding, take a trick from an interior decorator. Interior designers often choose a color palette of neutrals because it gives the perfect backdrop. They then add pops of colour with accessories like cushions, curtains and rugs.

You can take a leaf out of their book when you're creating your wedding colors and choose nudes and neutrals.

Neutrals form a perfect color palette


"Hmm" you may think. "But neutrals - aren't they a little dull and unadventurous?" 

Well hardly. What you have to do is think of neutrals as a base from which you can be as subtle or as attention-grabbing as you want. 

Just hear and see how real bride Johanna B styled her day in neutrals with Dessy frocks ...


"I wanted my bridesmaids in a neutral color with some sparkle so I customized these dresses, choosing the topaz color with oyster lace overlay. This made the flowers POP! My MOH is wearing the strapless Dessy 2865. And that's my bridesman standing with us!" - Johanna B.Wedding day neutrals
Briggs Photography

That's a real wedding that's beautiful and memorable. 

The trick is to use pops of color with neutrals. 

Here bride Johanna has chosen colorful bouquets for her maids to add a feature. You could follow her lead, or choose colorful shoes for your bridesmaids (or they could be in metallics of bronze, silver or gold). 

Neutral shades

There are many different shades of neutrals to choose from - and they all blend in well together. Here are some colors to be thinking about.

Wedding day neutrals

It's the perfect example of when you don't have to choose just one color but can opt for several. And that gives you the opportunity to select hues which will suit your individual bridesmaids' complexions and hair coloring.

Add color accents with shoes, clutch bags, maybe a pashmina and hair accessories. Diamante and rhinestones often work well with neutrals, so look out for shoes and bags with sparkly detail.

This color theme works year round - spring, summer and winter - possibly not autumn so much. But that's another story ...

What you need to know about engagement diamonds

engagement couple

Diamonds really are forever and last a lifetime.

pear cut diamond

Know Your Budget

Buy the finest diamond that your budget can afford. The price of a diamond will depend on the combination it has of the four Cs: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat.

 cushion cut diamond

Know Your Style

The style of your ring should express your personality. There are so many different styles of rings to choose from, you should be able to find something that you truly connect with. 

brilliant cut diamond

Note to grooms: You may not want to be quick to buy a ring. Consider proposing without a ring, all tradition aside. Shopping together for the ring could be as romantic as it gets, and she'll be certain to like the style. Make an occasion of it!

emerald cut diamond

Know who you are buying from

  • Buy from only reputable jewelers!
  • Get the ring appraised to verify all facts on your bill of sale.

 radiant cut diamond

Photo by Vasilis Lagios Photography. Rings by Betteridge.