Pale blue bridesmaid gowns

There was a stunning baby blue Caroline Herrera silk gazar gown in the 'how to spend it' Financial Times celebration issue this weekend for £5,140. And it really was gorgeous. A perfect colour for a winter, spring or even summer wedding, in fact.

The thing about light blue as a colour is that it really does whisper elegance and glamour whilst eschewing overt prettiness. And it tends to suit all complexions, which is always a consideration when choosing bridesmaid dresses. So, inspired by the Caroline Herrera dress, I have selected a few pale blue bridesmaid gowns that you might like.

ice blue bridesmaid gowns

First is the beautiful Lela Rose LX137 in Cloudy Duchess Satin - the gentle, simple frill from one shoulder along the neckline is charmingly sophisticated without being too fussy and the satin material adds a certain gracefulness.

Staying with the one shoulder effect is another delightful bridesmaid gown from Lela Rose, the LX141XX in the softest of pale blue Renaissance Satin, with its gentle ruffle cascading down from shoulder to waist, creating a visual paradox of beguiling innocence.

pale blue bridesmaid gowns

Both of these dresses would like fab with a pair of leopard skin heels to add an unexpected, contemporary punch to the outfit, like these Nikita Metallic Tip shoes from Very:

Leopard Skin Nikita Metallic Tip heels from Very

For a shorter, but equally as pretty pale blue bridesmaid gown, this Topaz dress from Monsoon is lovely with is embellished top and jewelled neckline. I'd definitely pair it with funky shoes like these Nine heels from Savannah Miller:

pale blue bridesmaid gowns

pale blue bridesmaid gowns

This high neck, sleeveless dress from Phase Eight is another example of how pale blue is such a stunning, glamorous colour which is seriously worth thinking about for your bridesmaids.

pale blue bridesmaid gowns

But you don't have to stop there; these ideas are just the tip of the iceberg and I know for a fact that com has a host more pale blue bridesmaid gowns for you to peruse.

So take a look, I think you'll be gloriously inspired!

[caption id="attachment_20653" align="aligncenter" ignore-width="294"]pale blue bridesmaid gowns Dessy Collection 2863 in Cloudy lux chiffon - yet another example of a beautiful, pale blue bridesmaid gown for you to consider[/caption]




Giant Wedding Balloons

Three of my favourite things in the world have got to be

I stayed at this esteemed hotel only the other weekend and it never fails to lift the spirits and invigorate the soul. So WHAT FUN to stumble across the fabulous Bubblegum Balloons company the other day who have miraculously managed to combine all three items on my list when they decorated part of the hotel for a Wedding Fair earlier on in the Autumn with their glorious giant wedding balloons.

Wedding Balloons

Can you imagine your guests walking into this display at your reception? They would just be bowled over! And the amazing Bubblegum Balloons have so many options and colours to choose from - you are limited purely by your imagination (and I guess by your budget too!).

Wedding balloons

You can have joyous, colourful silk tassel tails on the balloons, satin ribbon chair backs, bright balloon table decorations, tassel garlands, giant balloons filled with confetti and silk ribbon backdrops - the list is almost endless - and all in the most beautiful of shades.

Sigh - let the images speak for themselves - I defy you to not to fall in love with them!

Yellow and blue wedding venue by Bubblegum BalloonsWedding marquee by Bubblegum BalloonsThe perfect Wedding Breakfast layout by Bubblegum Balloons

With enormous thanks to the three clever ladies at Bubblegum Balloons who have created these wonderful props for all of you brides out there to have just the most beautiful wedding ever. Happy planning.
Wedding Balloons

Why You Should Consider Keeping Your Ceremony Unplugged

Why You Should Consider Keeping Your Ceremony Unplugged

As most brides, grooms, and guests can agree, the ceremony of any wedding is meant to be sacred. Notably the most formal part of the day, the ceremony is a time for everyone to come together to honor the love that two people share. In today's modern day and age, we sometimes step away from the formality of events or happenings. With the popularity of smartphones and current craze of social media, we have let technology infiltrate into endless aspects of our lives. Instead of what once was a beautiful ambient setting for a wedding, can easily turn into a chaotic sea of cell phones, ipads, and digital cameras fighting to get the best snap. To keep your wedding special and memorable, there's one decision for the bride and groom to consider that's often overlooked in the planning process..."should we keep the ceremony unplugged?"


Because of the near guarantee that many ceremony guests will try to record on their mobile devices, it's not uncommon for the bride and groom to asks their guests to remain completely unplugged from technology. Other than the wish to keep your wedding sacred, there are other points to consider about going unplugged:

  • You've most likely spent a good deal of money to hire a photographer to capture your special day in full detail. With guests outstretching their devices into the aisle, it makes it very difficult for the photographer to capture his or her ideal imagery. The most common example noted by wedding photographers is that just as the bride and groom seal the ceremony with a kiss, guests' reach for their devices and ultimately crowd the forefront of their professional shot.

  • Guests can also get in the way of the whole wedding party's views while the ceremony is taking place. You certainly don't want be distracted by lit screens when you're walking down the aisle to one of the most important moments of your life.

  •  You have invited everyone to the ceremony that has a special place in your heart. That means that they want to be there for you at a very emotional and joyous time. It's natural to want to share these feelings with family and friends. If you turn to a loved one and their face is blocked by a phone, it can definitely diminish your cheerful moment.

  • While guests usually use smartphones and tablets to take photos, it's unnecessary to be worrying if they are also using it's other functions like texting or calling. Even if they are uploading a photo to social media, it takes their attention away and can destroy the courtesy of being your special guest.


If you feel you want to keep the intentions of your wedding pure with an unplugged ceremony, it's quite simple to notify your guests of this decision. Include a short disclaimer in your invitations to kindly tell your guests not to use technology. As a reminder you can also place a small decorative sign or chalkboard near the entrance of the ceremony. At that point the guests will remember to turn their cell phones off and store them away. If you feel it important, you can even ask your wedding officiant to repeat the rule right before the ceremony begins. At the point that the ceremony closes, you can also consider if you want to allow guests to use their technology again for the celebratory reception.

As with all the steps in planning a wedding, the happy couple always determines what will make suit their wishes on their special day. Whether you would rather have your wedding displayed live on social media, or keep it intimate with and unplugged event, it's good to know the option is yours to decide.

Photos by Daria Nepriakhina, Third Eye Photography, and Brand Angel Photography

Red Carpet Gowns

Half the fun of watching any awards ceremony is the eyeing up of the glamour and style of the red carpet gowns beforehand; some years there is a definite trend whilst in others, there is wide interpretation of what is 'in'.

And the British Fashion Awards 2015 last week fell more into the latter camp, with the possible exception of women wearing either men's tuxedos or all-black, full-length gowns, which always looks fabulously sexy and smart although neither are solely a 2015 phenomenon.

But I guess there will always be the temptation to wear a red gown to a Red Carpet Event and sure enough, Lady Gaga, Salma Hayek and Charlotte Olympia Dellal, the Winner of the Accessory Designer of the Year Award, all wore post-box red, full-length gowns and quite a dash they cut.

Both Lady Gaga and Charlotte wore sheath gowns with straight-across-the-top bodices, the former with an illusion neckline and the latter with spaghetti strap bows. I rather like the move away from the sweetheart neckline for a change, but to be honest, I'm not a great fan of primary red.

So I've selected a few strapless Dessy gowns in a variety of reds that I would choose from, taking inspiration from the celebs. First up is this Lela Rose LR192 in Flame-coloured Duchess Satin for the ultimate Vamp-look with its trumpet skirt to help you sashay up that carpet!

Red Carpet Gowns

For a slightly more relaxed style, I'd go this fuller skirted Dessy Collection 6732 (below) in Flame with Spanish Red lace in lux chiffon. The deeper colour of the classic lace overlay adds a beautiful depth to the bodice.

Red Carpet Gowns

I always think that a Peau de Soie is a glamorous fabric so I would also be tempted by this full length Alfred Sung D617 with is elegant pleated skirt and sassy flat bow detail at the back - always important to have a feature when you turn around!

Red Carpet gowns

Of course aside from the back detail, flashing a bit of leg is almost de rigeur when you're wearing a red carpet gown so this Dessy Collection 2910 in Flame is perfect for bringing out the siren in you!

Red Carpet Gowns


But if you are lucky enough to be invited along whilst still in your teens or early twenties, I'd really recommend either the beautiful Social Bridesmaid Style 8122 at the very top shown in a luscious dark Valentine red, or this pretty yet elegant Alfred Sung gown D583 in Poppy with its fun hi-lo hemline and fuller skirt - perfect for any Red Carpet event. And it looks particularly fab with those pale blue shoes!

Red Carpet gowns



Sweet Tree Table Decorations

What fun would this be for your wedding? Edible table (and floor!) decorations like these fabulous 6', 5' and 4' green and white sweet trees from Sweet Creations below or the joyous red and pink one above.

Sweet Tree Table decorations

A sort of cross between topiary and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, sweet tree table decorations will provide a talking point, a pudding and a visual delight all in one. You could either have a cluster of the different types of confectionary on each table, or have one variety per table, or just have a veritable forest of sweet trees as a buffet display. And of course you can choose the sweets to match your colour scheme. So you could go all pastels with your very own Mini Egg Tree from

Sweet tree table decoration


Or just head for the chocolate with these fabulous Minstrel Rose Sweet Trees (below) from Cuckooland and tie in the colours with the bows and central candy roses. The pots can be personalised too which could be even more fun!

Sweet Tree Table Decorations

The two smaller sizes have edible bases of Belgian chocolate and chocolate krisp (this just sounds like heaven on earth!) whilst the two larger sizes stand in elegant glass vases.

Equally as sweet (pardon the pun) are the pastel-coloured Love Heart Sweet Trees, for the true romantics! Again from, these feature childhood favourite Love Hearts and pink marshmallows - ah, wouldn't that make for the prettiest of table decorations?

Sweet Tree Table Decorations


And of course another timeless classic would be the Liquorice Allsorts Sweet Tree Table Decoration from Very, which would be perfect for a technicolour-themed wedding - how did the old ad go? "All sorts love Allsorts" - rather fitting for a wedding, I feel!

Sweet Tree Table DecorationsWhich sweet would you choose?

Dreamy Wedding Dresses

I am thrilled that one of my favourite Dessy wedding dresses is being featured in the December 2015/January 2016 issue of one of the UK's top Wedding Magazines, 'You and Your Wedding'.

Dreamy Wedding Dresses

With a circulation of over 200,000, You and Your Wedding has a major impact on brides-to-be and I'm not surprised that they chose Dessy Collection Style 1053 as one of their Dreamy Wedding Dresses as it really is such a pretty gown. The fabric is a beautiful Tea Rose Brocade in the palest of ivories; the brocade adds a subtle extra dimension to the dress and gives a nostalgic nod to that most elegant of decades, the 1950s. The off-the-shoulder neckline is one of the most enchanting and romantic, evoking an aura of naiveté and charm.

Dreamy Wedding Dresses

The silver beading detail on the 1.5" belt has just the right amount of embellishment to draw one's eye to the natural waistline without appearing 'bling' and the effect of the off-the-shoulder top and the wide pleats from the waist creates a gentle hour-glass shape which compliments most figures.

Dreamy Wedding Dresses

The back shot shows a sweep train and a mid-scoop top which together give a demure and sweet look, whilst the above-ankle hem at the front is the the most flattering and feminine of lengths.

In the You and Your Wedding shoot, the model wears fabulous, soft-blue suede and silver shoes, holding a rustic, almost boho bouquet of gorgers and cornflowers - perfect!

Dreamy Wedding Dresses

Nothing strident or structured for the girl who wears this dress on her wedding day; instead her day will flow like a summer breeze and all her dreams will come true.



Cocktail flats

Cocktail flats - the must-have shoe for Winter 15/16

And I'm not talking ballet pumps here. I'm conjuring up images of glamour, embellishments, crystals, velvet, lace, brocades and, most of all, pointy toes!

cocktail flats

Cocktail flats are the new must-haves for any wedding, party or generally glam 'do' where you

(a) don't want to be towering over your partner

(b) might have to walk a fair way in a beautiful outfit and so want to be sure of your footing, especially if you have cobbled streets or uneven surfaces to contend with

(c) might possibly have more than the one glass of champagne and you don't want to have to worry about wobbling around on high heels

(d) you are going to be on your feet for a LONG time!

So here is a round-up of some of the best cocktail flats on the market this season:

Cocktail flats

In the top left corner above we have Park Avenue Gold Brocade flats from; top right are the snazzy Navy Blue patent pumps from La Redoute; in the centre are the animal print 'Ritzie' from Office; and lastly the fab Red Sparkle Bow flats from Deichmann UK.

cocktail flats

From the top is one of my favourites, the Jewel Slingback by Next; I love all three in the next row but it is the middle, black and white stunner Georgette from Dune which floats my candle; the Pompom flat, also from Next, is just ADORABLE; and last but no means least are the gold lace cocktail flats from Dessy.

Who needs heels to feel on top of the world?


Halter top bridesmaid dresses

We all know that halter top dresses are one of the most flattering styles you can wear, so why is it that we so often run shy of them?

Take this exquisite dress by Dessy Collection 2937; the draped halter neckline is the utmost in modest elegance yet the cut-away design exposes the shoulders in a most beguiling way.

halterneck dresses

Lack of support in the bust area to this day remains the number one reason why we are tentative about wearing a halter neck, particularly if we're well-endowed. But nowadays there are plenty of ways to assuage your worries about such matters. For example, this beautiful Exquis Lace Underwired Halterneck Bra from the renonwned La Redoute is cleverly designed to be low at the back, narrow at the front, pretty and yet fully supportive.

halter top dresses

New Look also have a good selection of halter neck bras which are very reasonable whilst Marks and Spencer have a large collection of strapless and multiway bras, including strapless bandeaus.

My other favourite halter top bridesmaid dresses from Dessy are shown below, including the Alfred Sung D678 which is actually a modified halter neck.

halter top dresses

I think you'll agree that they all look so effortlessly beautiful, so go on, be brave and give it a go.

The Do's and Don'ts for Announcing Your Engagement

The Do's and Don'ts for Announcing Your Engagement

Engagement season will soon be here if it isn’t already for most couples, so we thought we would provide some “Dos” and “Don’ts” when it comes to announcing your engagement. 

Do tell your parents or immediate family members first before telling the rest of the world. This should be done in person or on the phone if possible.

Don’t put it on social media before telling immediate family members – like your parents.  The last thing you want is your mother or father finding out through a Facebook status.

Do be prepared for people sending messages wanting to see the ring.  Just because they’re asking doesn’t mean you need to immediately show them.

Don’t forget to tell close friends before telling the rest of the world.  Let’s be serious, will you really forget?  We didn’t think you would either.

Do expect to have a wedding date and time of year in mind upon announcing the engagement. You will want to start looking for a venue pretty quickly after you make your announcement.

Don’t feel you have to though! It is all up to you!

Do go out and get a manicure before taking that engagement ring selfie.  Psst! Send us your selfies! Click here to see what you need to do! 

Don’t be afraid to refrain from answering the tough questions about your ring.  Like how much the ring was, the number of carats it is, etc.

Do expect you will have friends and even family members who won’t be entirely happy for your happiness. It happens.

Don't allow anyone to try on your ring, it can be admired on your hand, but not on someone else's.

Already thinking about bridesmaid dresses? Check out all of our newest fall styles at!


emerald green party dress

We are beginning to reach that time of year when life becomes so busy that often work and parties collide, and what to wear becomes a little more complicated than usual.

Firstly, what colour to go for? Well, if the front cover of December's UK Vogue is anything to go by, you're going to be wearing a joyous emerald green party dress. And quite right too, in my book! Few colours conjure up the spirit of Christmas more than deep, luscious emerald green. So here are a few frocks to get you in the party mood:

Going straight from work?

If it's just drinks, then team this lovely 57 Grand Style 5714 with a short cropped black jacket and flat pumps during the day then, come party time, discard the jacket and swap the pumps for some full-height heels and you are ready to hit the cocktail bar!

emerald green party dressOr if you're going to a black tie do straight from the office then I'd head straight for this gorgeous Social Bridesmaid 8145 dress in practical stretch charmeuse material. Its high, shirred neckline is the ultimate in decorum, whilst its draped inset midriff and shirred skirt murmur elegance to perfection. The scoop back is low enough to be beautifully feminine, but high enough to retain one's modesty. The deep emerald is rich and lush, working well with all complexions. A must-have for any client or work party.

emerald green party dress


Hobnobbing with the Big-wigs?

Then I know EXACTLY what I'd be wearing, especially if I were going somewhere really upmarket, like the Royal Opera House. This Alfred Sung D655 positively oozes sophistication and class, and its split-seam detail at the neckline is suitably different from your run-of-the-mill evening gowns. Accessorise it with a beautiful clutch bag like this jewelled Eva Minaudière (£29) and a pair of cubic zirconia drop earrings (I love these Princess cut ones from Dessy for only £15) and you'll be ushered in to the Royal Box before you know it!

emerald green party dress

Happy partying!