Velvets, chiffon, organza, silk - what's the right fabric for your wedding?

It's often the small touches that really set the mood of your wedding day. Like the fabrics and materials you choose for your wedding dress, your bridesmaids dresses and your decor.

Unlike colour, the material you choose to 'dress' your day might not seem particularly significant - but it certainly is.

Interior designers have known this for years and can create a completely different mood in the same room by using light muslins or deep dark tapestries.

So how does this translate to your wedding day?

Well, I'd say that you need to consider the time of year in which you're getting married and of course the venue.

Spring weddings

You might get a bright sunny day but there could still be an element of chill in the air. The answer for clothes is layering. If you're wearing a lightweight dress then have a cosy cashmere pashmina or shrug handy - and maybe give the bridesmaids one as a gift. Chiffon, jersey and silk are all good fabric choices - you want to keep things light.

daisy lace fabric

Dessy's daisy lace fabric is just made for spring and summer weddings.

For your decor, think about using chiffon or organza sashes around your chairs. Maybe bring a burst of spring inside with table runners in spring greens or floral fabrics.

lace flowergirl dress Choose a coloured lining to add depth. Flower girl style 4039 with over 80 different colours to choose from.

Summer weddings

On a summer day you don't want anything too heavy. Choose fabrics that blow lightly in the breeze - chiffon, organza and lace. And if you're having a destination wedding on a tropical beach your choice of fabric is really important - forget heavy satins, corsetry and long trains. Go with the flow of a lightweight destination wedding dress.

Autumn weddings

At this time of year you can go for richer deeper materials. Think taffeta, duchesse satin, sateens. And of course colours should be richer - golds, greens, oranges, russet browns ...

bridesmaids dressed in autumn colours

Photograph by Michelle Turner

Dessy Junior Bridesmaid Style JR528 in burnt orange taffeta
Burnt orange taffetta - perfect for an autumn wedding. Dessy Junior Bridesmaid Style JR528

Winter weddings

Richness is the key here. Think of velvet capes, brocades, duchesse satin - maybe a hint of tapestry? Again it's all about layering - on your wedding dress, for your maids and in your venue. Maybe start the layering off with your invitations - with decorative bows and swatches?

wedding venue decorated with red bows Beautifully set for a winter ceremony. Deep red bows add a warm atmosphere. Image via Ambience Venue Styling.

satin claret bridesmaid dress Winter glamour. Claret dress in satin by Dessy Style 2901.

What fabrics are you choosing for your wedding day? Did the venue and the time of year influence you?

Photo credit: Featured image by Claire Morgan

Finding the Right Bridesmaid Dress She Will Wear Again

Finding the Right Bridesmaid Dress She Will Wear Again

When looking for potential bridesmaid dresses for her girls, a bride usually wants her maids to be able to wear the dress again. Is it always true? No. Most bridesmaid dresses aren't worn again, but that doesn't have to be the case if the bride is truly conscious of what she picks out for her maids.

Dessy bridesmaids look beautiful in Reynolds and Lukas's Newport Beach Wedding! #DessyRealWeddings

Brides: Start by bringing some of your girls with you, if not all, to pick out their dresses. Have each of them pick a dress they like and then decide which dress looks best on everyone.

Dessy has the new spring line and there are plenty of bridesmaid dresses that can be worn again. For example, the After Six Bridesmaid Dress Style 6687 can definitely be a dress worn again. It is a cocktail length dress that is perfect for any occasion.

After Six Bridesmaid Dress Style 6687

Pick a dress that is flattering to every girl's body type, so that each of your maids will want to wear their dress to another function and feel comfortable in it. If there isn't one dress that looks good on everyone, pick a few dresses for the bridal party that works for each body type -- if you don't mind that they aren't completely uniform in style.

Color plays a big factor, not every color suits everyone. It is far more likely that your maids will want to wear their dress again if they like the color on the day of your wedding. Be conscious of everyone's skin tone and understand that just because you like a color doesn't mean it's the one you should go for.

Speaking of color, a new dress from the Dessy Collection is the Dessy Collection Style 2910 bridesmaid dress which comes in a myriad of colors, is the perfect “wear again” dress. It is a full length strapless lux chiffon dress with an asymmetrical draped bodice and slit that is just the dress that can be worn again in colors like claret, wild berry, stormy, and posie among others.

Dessy Collection Style 2910

If you can't decide on one color, pick a family of that one color and let your maids choose which one they would prefer to wear. Make this an alternative to the uniform bridesmaid dresses.

Don't rush to pick the bridesmaid dresses, take the time to look at various brands. Always keep your preference in mind, and always think about what the girls may love to wear for your wedding day and afterwards.

If you are in a rush to pick the right bridesmaid dress, take a look at Dessy's In-Stock Bridesmaid and Twist Dresses, there is a whole collection of dresses that can be worn again to all sorts of functions. One dress in particular that makes for a great “wear again” option is the Alfred Sung Style D542, which is a strapless cocktail bridesmaid peau de soie dress with a draped bodice and pockets! Who doesn't love pockets?


Left to right: Alfred Sung style D542, Twist Dress, In-stock Lela Rose style LR200

It's important that your girls are comfortable in their dresses, this way they will love them enough to wear it again. Upon choosing a dress how it can be worn again, explain to your bridesmaid where alterations can be made, (possible straps for a strapless dress, cutting the hemline to make a long dress short.)

There isn't anything better than a happy bridesmaid on a wedding day! You want to be practical yet classy for the wedding and, more importantly you want the bridesmaids to want to wear their dresses at other occasions.

Here are some other dresses you might want to think about as possible wear again bridesmaid dresses which can be found on

The Twist Wrap bridesmaid dress is a versatile and comfortable dress ideal for travel, so if you have an occasion that requires you to travel far, this is the dress to pack.

The Lela Rose Style LR193X is a cocktail length dress, comes in so many beautiful colors and has such a renaissance look about it, definitely worth considering a second time.

The Social Bridesmaids Style 8133 bridesmaid dress is an excellent option to wear again for another occasion, it has cocktail length strapless stretch charmeuse dress with a sweetheart neckline and draped bodice and skirt.

For your junior bridesmaid, brides may want to consider a dress like the Junior Bridesmaid Dress JR522 for the young girl in your bridal party that is sure to have many other functions where she can wear her bridesmaid dress again.

Dessy Collage

Clockwise from top left: Junior Bridesmaid Dress JR522, The Twist Wrap Dress, Social Bridesmaids style 8133, Lela Rose style LR193X

Bridesmaid Guide: Everything is Coming Up Emerald!

Bridesmaid Guide: Everything is Coming Up Emerald!

We know the old saying goes that "everything is coming up roses" but from where we are standing rose has nothing on lush, lively emerald. The hue has lit up high-fashion editorials, runways and red carpets recently and we think it might just be a perfect addition to your wedding day color palette.

Celebrity Emerald Green

Sandra Bullock in Lanvin at the SAG Awards, Drew Barrymore in the pages of Vogue Magazine, Olivia Wilde in Gucci at the Golden Globes

The thing that makes green, and emerald in particular, so great is that it looks good with nearly every skin tone. From ebony to porcelain dark, earthy green makes skin shine. It is also a great compliment to brunette, blonde AND red hair. Not to mention it's just a beautiful shade that can be mixed and matched with other greens and can really help accent colors pop!

Some of our favorite combos for decor are emerald and gold, emerald and lavender and emerald and navy (for serious drama). Emerald also allows for really fun, festive and out of the box floral combos. If you want your botanicals to be in the spotlight, this shade is the absolutely the prefect backdrop.

But let's get back to the basics of what got us hooked on this rich green... dresses and gowns! Some of our favorite finds are below.

Dessy Group - Emerald Bridesmaid

Lela Rose - LR197 in Jade, Alfred Sung - style D635 in Emerald, Dessy Collection - style 2905 in Hunter all available on

Beautiful, classic, flattering and fashionable. So go green and get going.... Happy planning!

You're Engaged! Should You Start Looking for Bridesmaid Dresses Now?

You're Engaged! Should You Start Looking for Bridesmaid Dresses Now?

You've just gotten engaged and you are enjoying the euphoria of planning a wedding and your timetable is set. So how long before you start looking for bridesmaid dresses?

While each bride may have her own way of doing things, some may take their time before looking for bridesmaid dresses, some may get the rush on it and begin just a couple of months after he puts the ring on it. It varies.

Looking for different styles and colors for your bridesmaids? Check out Dessy bridesmaid dresses just like these for spring!

Some brides will tell you to start looking for bridesmaid dresses about eight months before the wedding or that the search for the right bridesmaid gown doesn't need as much time as you think it might.

Different designers may have different delivery times. For example, Dessy has quick delivery options for bridesmaid gowns, which makes it easier for the bride to have this aspect of her wedding taken care of well before her wedding day or on short notice.


Dessy's Twist Wrap bridesmaid dress is the perfect dress for all body types and satisfies so many of the bride's love of different styles. And it's great to travel with too! The photo was featured on High Society Bridal.

Beginning the bridesmaid dress search may also begin once you have set the date of your wedding, which in most cases happens pretty quickly, since booking a venue is one of the first things you do as an engaged couple.

You can also begin looking dresses after you have found your own dress, (and no, your dress does not necessarily need to match your bridesmaids' dresses.)

Some brides will tell you two to three months after you get engaged is an ideal time or even four.

Pantone - Radiant Orchid - 600

This spring join us in celebrating the new Pantone color of 2014 - Radiant Orchid.

Before you take your girls out to look at dresses, make sure you have a style and a few colors in mind as well. The color you choose for your bridesmaid dresses will dictate the color scheme of your entire wedding.

If you are a bride that needs and wants to get this done early, begin by looking in various bridal magazines and research online at various looks and styles, preferably by Dessy!

Some brides may have an idea in mind about the style of dresses they want for their bridesmaids before they begin the search, while others find that allowing the bridesmaids to choose their own dress may make the search process a lot easier and quicker for everyone.

It truly varies for each bride and how much time they are willing to take to find the right bridesmaid dress for their girls. So have fun and let this be a memorable time for everyone!

I loved my Dessy Twist Wrap dress ... Teenage bridesmaid Lily tells us why ...

Last Saturday I went to a wedding and both the bridesmaids were wearing ... Dessy Twist Wrap Dresses.

And as you can see, they looked wonderful ...

Both had chosen colours that suited their complexions perfectly - a light canal blue and a dramatic aubergine.

As it was a chilly December day, they accessorised with snuggly Dessy pashminas in co-ordinating colours.

real Dessy bridesmaids in Twist Wrap dresses

Brother Tristan looked very dapper in his matching Dessy cravat.

Afterwards I asked Lily if she'd wear her dress again.

"Oh definitely," she said. "I'm going to South African on holiday after Christmas and this is going to be in my luggage for sure. It'll look so smart in the evening - I'm going to wear it over and over."

And over the course of the evening reception Lily wore her Dessy Twist Wrap dress in a number of different ways - enjoying all the different looks.

I'll be writing up this wedding in full in the next week or so, with the full complement of images for you to enjoy.

In the meantime, here's another real Dessy wedding, with photographs by Kevin Smith Wedding Photography. The bride chose flowergirl style FL4032 for her young attendant whilst the maid of honour wore a co-ordinating Dessy style, also in Tangerine orange.

real Dessy bridesmaids in tangerine

real Dessy flowergirl in tangerine

flowergirl in long orange Dessy dress

Photo credits: Tangerine real wedding by Kevin Smith Wedding Photography

The Best Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Photos We've Seen

We had to share some of the best bridesmaid and groomsmen photos we've seen from real weddings that were anything but traditional. These photos brought life to the each wedding party and created what looked like some really fun memorable moments for the couple.

Here are some the best photos:


Who says you can't take a little run on your wedding day? Looks like this bridal party are trying to keep up with the lucky couple. Some of the girls in this bridal party are wearing After Six bridesmaid dresses. Photo featured on Shop Joielle Blog and taken by Beth Armsheimer Photography.


Planning a destination wedding and looking for fun ways to capture how much fun you had at your island destination? Well this one is definitely it. Photo by Barbara Jacqueline Photography

There is something so fun about having your bridal party all jump up in the air that truly shows how much fun the bridal party had with the bride and groom. If fun is what you want for your photos, make sure to look for a location that really captures that and gives you enough space to really be creative.

Who says you can't play football on your wedding your gowns and tuxedos? This couple paid homage to their love for the Dallas Cowboys on their wedding day. Photo by


These real Dessy bridesmaids are striking a pose on the wedding day. The photo is featured on


There are so many aspects of this picture we just loved! For starters each of the bridesmaids are wearing Dessy's Twist Wrap bridesmaid dresses, that can definitely be worn again too. They bring out the black perfectly by having each maid wear a different colored heel. If this doesn't scream fun with your bridal party, I don't know what does. Photo was featured on

Speaking of fun shoes...have you browsed through the shoes and footwear by Dessy yet? Check it out!

The Best Bridesmaid Dress for Your (Around) the Holidays Wedding

The Best Bridesmaid Dress for Your (Around) the Holidays Wedding

The holidays are a magical time of the year. It is a time of giving, a time spent with family and friends. So why not get married around this time of the year? And even more, the dresses are just gorgeous! We picked some of our favorite bridesmaid dresses we just love for the holidays.


This Alfred Sung bridesmaid dress is simple but elegant for your holiday wedding day. It is a full length v-neck dupioni dress with an inset waistband with inverted pleat in the front and back of the skirt. Your girls will feel comfortable and beautiful all day.


This Dessy Collection bridesmaid dress will simmer during the holidays. It is a full length matte satin dress with draped detail at the bodice. This dress immediately reminded us of New Years Eve and it is just stunning.

For this Dessy bridesmaid dress, a soft Pashmina Shawl is just the perfect accessory to give to your keep your bridesmaids to keep warm during your holiday wedding.


Just like the photo, imagine deep red roses to accent this black and white After Six Bridesmaid Dress. It is a full length strapless lux chiffon with rouched bodice with a modified circle skirt. There is something so pretty about a black and white gown during the holidays.


This After Six lux chiffon bridesmaid dress has a draped bodice with a full skirt. I loved this dress for the holidays because it too mixes elegance with simplicity.

A little sparkle and pearl for your ears is a great accent piece to this dress. We love the Pearl Pave Drop Earrings by Dessy.


The Twist Wrap bridesmaid dress is the perfect travel bridesmaid dress and looks beautiful in a variety of ways! You choose the look you want with this bridesmaid dress, all your bridesmaids can look exactly like or different for your holiday wedding.

No dress is complete without a clutch! Especially the Dupioni Clutch with Interchangable Bow by Dessy. We just love the clutch in the Barcelona color with the dove bow.

Find the best gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen on Dessy. Happy Holidays!

Our Five Favorite Fall Bridesmaid Dresses

Our Five Favorite Fall Bridesmaid Dresses

The fall season has arrived and we couldn't be more excited about it. This fall we have some of the best of fall bridesmaid dresses that are the perfect compliment to the season. There are myriad of colors to choose from that The Dessy Group has to offer when it comes to your fall bridesmaid dresses and of course, we couldn't choose just one, take a look at what we are loving this season.

For those cool evening weddings, this Alfred Sung bridesmaid dress in Italian plum is a full length v-neck sleeveless peau de soie has set in ties at the waist. Keep your hands warm with pockets on the side of the a-line skirt.

This strapless Alfred Sung cocktail length peau de soie bridesmaid dress in pine green is an excellent fall choice and it has a draped bodice and pleated midriff with a full shirred skirt with pockets.


Oh how we love our Twist Wrap bridesmaid dresses! This dress is just perfect for any season, especially the fall. It is versatile, it has a classic yet sexy look about it that makes it stand out in any wedding.


This is one of six of the new 57 Grand bridesmaid dresses and what a more perfect time than the fall! It is a cocktail length strapless lace over matte satin dress with a satin bow belt at matching belt and sweetheart neckline. We love this color and the other colors this dress comes in, it is elegant for those fall evening weddings.


I also love this style neckline, particularly in the fall, has always been a personal favorite of mine, I think it has such an elegance about it. This After Six bridesmaid dress is a full length halter neckline in a stretch charmeuse has a rouched inset midriff at the natural waist.

Fall In Love with Your Wedding Day

Fall In Love with Your Wedding Day

The brisk cool air, the leaves turning various shades of orange, yellow and browns, fall is a wonderful time to get married, the oranges and browns are bright and beautiful. Our styleboard shows a brightness of color that is guaranteed to make you want embrace the fall for all the beauty that it possesses.

Take a look at all the wonderful fall bridesmaid dresses The Dessy Group has to offer this season.

The Perfect Twist for Your Bridesmaid Dresses

The Perfect Twist for Your Bridesmaid DressesThe Dessy Group was recently featured in the The Westchester Wedding Planner magazine, where they graciously included Dessy's Twist Wrap bridesmaid dresses in their fall/winter issue.

I had the opportunity to speak briefly with Aida Krgin, founder and editor of the magazine about the photo shoot and what she loved most about the Twist Wrap bridesmaid dresses.

She told me they all loved the Dessy Twist Wrap bridesmaid dresses for their versatility, excellent fit and classic style, which was the look they were going for when they were planning the magazine spread.


Ms. Krgin said the dresses are absolutely perfect for just about any body type, and the colors selected were based on the inspiration of the shoot.

“We also wanted to show the bridesmaids don't need to all wear the same color or style of dress,” she said.

The Twist Wrap bridesmaid dress has endless style, whichever look you are going for, the dresses can go from classic to sexy. What I personally loved about these dresses, was that it is perfect for travel, if you are planning a destination wedding, or just need a really great dress like this one. Dessy has over 25 colors available for these dresses.

TwistDress6The photo shoot took place in mid-August at the Haymount House in Briarcliff Manor, NY. The shoot was one of two shoots for the fall/winter issue of the magazine.

The goal, she said, was to feature the venue and all the vendors who collaborated. The colors chosen for the shoot were light blue, silver and white. The magazine was going for a winter, sophisticated and intimate affair.

According to Ms. Krgin, the magazine focuses on planning tools and the local vendors that brides will need to plan and execute their dream wedding. All the venues and vendors, she said, are selected for their uniqueness, exceptional customer service and quality product.


The next photo shoot is taking place at the Hammond Museum in North Salem, NY in early October for their spring/summer issue. The colors for this shoot are lavender and sage.

The magazine will be focusing on the beautiful outdoor spaces the museum is known for, she said. The inspiration is a magical outdoor space that includes a beautiful wooden table chandeliers and lush flowers. It will give an enchanted and romantic outdoor spring wedding look.

TwistDress1In case you have already chosen your Twist Wrap bridesmaid dress and you are is just waiting to wear it, why not find some great accessories like a pair pretty earrings? You can check out all accessories and more at

All images were provided by The Westchester Wedding Planner magazine.