Our Favorite Fall Bridesmaid Dresses

Our Favorite Fall Bridesmaid Dresses

Are you looking for the perfect bridesmaid dress this season? You will fall in love with the beautiful fall bridesmaid dresses that are absolutely breathtaking and perfect for your all of your maids. Here are some choices from Dessy that I thought were just stunning. Fall Gowns

I fell in love with this After Six Bridesmaid dress from the moment I saw it. It is a full length one shoulder matte satin gown with modified bow detail at the shoulder and matching inset waistband at natural waist. Slit at side front of skirt. I thought this is the perfect dress that would suit any bridesmaid. It can be found at Dessy.com.

This Lela Rose Style bridesmaid dress, which comes in a variety of colors for fall, is a full length one shoulder crinkle chiffon dress with matching sash and slight shirring at front skirt. It can be found at Dessy.com.

I loved the punch of color this Alfred Sung short dress offers. It is a cocktail length strapless peau de soie dress with shaped inset midriff and pleated skirt. And how convenient this dress is with pockets at side seams of skirt.


I loved this After Six Bridesmaid Style in any color. It lends itself to elegance for that early fall wedding. This is a full length strapless lux chiffon dress with inset matte satin trim at empire waist. It has a pleated bodice and front skirt.

Looking for the perfect shoes too? Dessy has some great options to think about when you pick out the bridesmaid dresses for your girls.

Say No to That Hideous Bridesmaid Dress

Say No to That Hideous Bridesmaid Dress

Anyone who has seen the movie “27 Dresses” with actress Katherine Heigl will remember how she tried to convince the wedding writer played by actor James Marsden what it means to be a good bridesmaid and that some of the bridesmaid dresses in her closet “would look good on everybody.”

Brides while this is your day, you can’t forget your bridesmaids. Your closest friends and family members have accepted to be part of your day as a bridesmaid so it is important to think of them when choosing the right bridesmaid dress.

Here are some tips to make the decision a little easier:

    • Pick at least five options with different styles for bridesmaid dresses at different price points.

    • Brides, if you have a specific color/style in mind investigate various lines that will satisfy both your color and style ideas before you present them to your bridesmaids.  It will eliminate any aggravation down the line.

    • Before you pick a dress, be conscious of the time of year you are getting married. Not all colors work for all seasons.  You wouldn’t want to do a dark color in the middle of summer or a light color for a winter wedding.

    • When you are narrowing your dress choices, take a bridesmaid with you that is top heavy and one that is bottom heavy to help you narrow down your choices in a bridesmaid dress.   You want your girls to feel good about being part of your wedding and in the dress they are wearing.

    • The bridesmaid dress should in some way compliment the wedding dress, make sure when you and your bridesmaids are looking for dresses that you are keeping this point in mind.

    • Just because you love a certain color or have a certain color in mind, be aware of skin tones. Pick a color that works for all of your girls.  Have a couple of colors in mind, don’t pigeon hole yourself with one color.

    • Make sure that all girls are present to try on the dresses on before you settle on a decision.

  • Any bridesmaid dress that does not fit a person’s body right will take attention away from you as a bride.

  • If you are going to have dresses hemmed, the length should be no more than half an inch or three quarters of an inch from the floor. No one wants to see the shoes, no matter how pretty they are.

  • If you are going to do short dresses, make sure the girls have the same shoes.  And find a shoe that is comfortable and at a good price point.

  •  Consider chiffon since it can be the most forgiving of fabrics for bridesmaids.  It will hide a girl’s imperfections and makes everyone look the same.

  • Make sure your girls pick a size that is right for them; sometimes measurements can make them get a size bigger than they actually need.

  • If you are going with t-length dresses, make sure everyone has the same length.

  • No stockings.  Especially if the shoes are open toe. It is not flattering.

  • Straps are important to consider especially when it comes to the season, time of day and what the wedding dress looks like. In warmer months,  spaghetti straps are a good option.  In the winter, consider thicker straps that will keep your bridesmaids warm.

  • As a bride,  educate yourself on trends to get some preliminary ideas of what you may want for your bridesmaids.  But remember not all the latest trends will look good on everybody.

Gatsby Style Looks GREAT at Dessy

Gatsby Style Looks GREAT at Dessy

Doesn't this picture and bridesmaid gown by Dessy capture everything fabulous about the vintage glam of the Roaring 20's ? This season's collection of dresses is upscale and modern with a bit of Gatsby Style.

Full Length bridesmaid gown and Gatspy Style Headband

Baz Lurmahnn's 2013 film The Great Gatsby brought the roaring 20's back- Gatsby Style

Because 1920's glam is also this season's chic, new wedding trend and we know you ladies appreciate creativity with class, we thought you'd be excited about a few things going on at Dessy.

Dessy Collection Vintage Inspired Dress Style 2878

Dessy Collection designer, Vivian Diamond, had a feeling that 1920's style would be in vogue this season and you can see how her bridesmaid dress designs were influenced as a result. Lace embellishments, gorgeous necklines, and pleated panels are just a few details you might notice...

Sweetheart Neckline- High Slit- Full Length Dress- Vintage Inspired- Regalia
Gatsby Style: full length yellow dress with one shoulder

Beautiful Caped Back Palamino Dress from Dessy

Full Length purple Bridesmaids Dress- Lavender- Sweetheart neckline- Gatsby Style

And don't think the fellas are getting left out - AfterSix's Classic Tuxedos will keep the groom classy. Plus, if he needs a less formal way to Suit Up, Dessy's Seersucker Suits will get your guy on Leo's level (or at least a little closer) without sacrificing classic style. Whether he's a Tux, Seersucker, or Khaki man, these suits are Gatsby approved.

Menswear- Suits- Vests- Ties- Handkerchief- Gatsby Style This is but a sampling of the speakeasy-friendly looks at Dessy. Excited to see all the vintage glamour coming our way this wedding season!? Check out 100 Layer Cake, Green Wedding Shoes, and OneWed for more modern weddings inspired by the Gatsby era. And as they might say in Gatsby's day - see you in the funny papers, dolls!

Vintage Style Hair Accessories- Pearl Detail- Gatsby Style

The After Six Bridesmaid Dress Collection: Elegant, Contemporary & Affordable

The After Six Bridesmaid Dress Collection: Elegant, Contemporary & Affordable

After Six bridesmaid dress collection

Here at Dessy we know that every bride-to-be has different tastes. We try to offer something for everyone to make your wedding day that of your dreams! One of our most loved bridesmaid dress lines is the After Six Bridesmaid Dress Collection. After Six offers elegant and contemporary bridesmaid styles. Each dress is designed to provide affordable options for you without sacrificing style.

colorful bridesmaid dresses red orange and blue bridesmaid dresses blue, orange and gray bridesmaid dresses blue, purple and green bridesmaid dresses

From tea length to full length and from chiffon to satin, this luxurious line of dresses is sure to bring elegance and modern femininity to your wedding day. The perfect dress to compliment your perfect bridesmaids! We hope you like it. For more After Six Collection dresses and to view our other varied lines for any style of wedding, visit Dessy.com.

Vintage Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

Vintage Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

A vintage wedding theme is growing ever more popular. It is a fun and unique way to celebrate your Big Day. When it comes to choosing bridesmaid dresses for a vintage theme there are a few ideas to consider.

vintage wedding bridesmaid dress

It's important to remember that most people think of  the term 'vintage' as describing the '40's '50's or '60's. These decades all have their own unique characteristics of course but generally speaking there some top tips for choosing bridesmaid dresses within the vintage wedding theme.

Consider going Tea Length: The long glamorous look is great for today's bridesmaids and even for old Hollywood, but a vintage theme usually conjures up memories of tea-length dresses in great fabrics and colors. If you are going with a 70's theme however, think longer lengths with courageous prints and/or empire waists.

Look for square cuts: Square cut neck lines and hem lines are loves of the past and never miss a beat when incorporated into a vintage wedding theme. Think bright, fun colors: Especially if thinking a 50's or 60's style of dress it's a great idea to not be shy with your color choices. These eras were known for their experimental forward fashion.

Accessories: pearls and costume type jewelry are a must to accent any vintage wedding theme. Choose pieces that are striking and bold. Don't be afraid to be bold: Add can cans, polka dots and prints to your dress choices. Bottom line, have fun with this great wedding theme!   Styles pictured: D568, D580, LR182, LR175

The Alfred Sung Bridesmaid Collection

The Alfred Sung Bridesmaid Collection

The Alfred Sung bridesmaid collection offers bridesmaid dresses and maternity bridesmaid dresses. Enjoy fresh, contemporary style options while keeping your budget in mind. From tea-length to full length, halter to strapless and coming in all the colors under the rainbow you won't be limited in your choices.

alfred sung bridesmaid collection

The bright colors and on trend styles makes the Alfred Sung collection one of our most popular lines here at Dessy. Explore the collections to find your favorite color and style that your bridesmaids will love and enjoy long past your wedding day.

Dessy Twist Wrap Bridesmaid Dress

Dessy Twist Wrap Bridesmaid Dress


As so many of you are looking around for the perfect bridesmaid dress I wanted to remind you of one of our favorites the Twist Wrap Bridesmaid Dress. It's the convertible dress! Change the wrap to change the look. This versatile gown is a chance to design your own dress! Available in cocktail length or full length, your bridesmaid dresses can match or each can create her own style.

Check out the video above to see the twist dress in action.

unique bridesmaid dress

Your bridesmaids could even change their style part way through the day. Constructed in luxurious, hand washable matte jersey (dress is un-lined), the Twist dress packs well and is ideal for destination weddings or even your honeymoon. You could have a different look every night of your trip. The Twist dress can be wrapped in countless ways from demure to daring. From a classic Grecian column to a sexy strapless style, get many looks from the same dress. View the wrap dresses to see all the colors available.

10 Bridesmaid Dresses in Autumn Wedding Colours

short brown bridesmaid dress

I was inspired to write today's post on autumn wedding colours after my morning dog walk today. The leaves on the trees are just starting to turn golden and the air definitely has a crispness to it that wasn't there a couple of weeks ago.

If you're planning on getting married in September or October you'll find an autumn wedding theme gives you masses of options for colours.

Think burnt oranges, russets, deep yellows, berry purples, conker browns...

Autumn Wedding Colours For Your Bridesmaids

You can dress your maids in contrasting colours - they don't have to all match. Choose dresses in autumn colours that suit them - one of your girls might suit a golden shade, another might look a dream in green ... Let them come with you to decide. Remember the shoes absolutely don't have to match the dress either - stick to your autumn colour theme and find shoes in colours that complement the dress colours.

Dessy has a stunning array of bridesmaid dresses in autumn wedding colours and in all sorts of styles - from full length to cocktail, strapless or with sleeves.

Here's 10 to get you thinking. You also should maybe sort out an autumn moodboard - you'll find a free moodboard tool on the Dessy site too so you can get planning!

long orange bridesmaid dress with sleeves

long green chiffon bridesmaid dressyellow short bridesmaid dress

dark red long bridesmaid dress purple strapless short bridesmaid dress

long brown satin bridesmaid dress short orange bridesmaid dress
green flowergirl dress long red bridesmaid dress

Inspired? Time to sort that autumn wedding colours moodboard

All dresses featured are by Dessy.

Dessy Group Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

Dessy Group Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

The decision on who your bridesmaids would be was an easy one. Choosing their dresses should be easy too. Whether they are your very best friends, sisters, cousins or daughters you want them to look at feel their best on your wedding day. If any of your maids are on the younger side don't miss Dessy's stylish collection of junior bridesmaid dresses. They come in so many colors and styles that even your little sister won't feel so little on your Big Day. Rather, she'll feel beautiful and important - because she is!

Long, short, with flower accessories, strapless or filled with ruffles - whichever style you help choose for the youngest of your bridal party, they are sure to look and feel their best. View all our junior bridesmaid styles.

Junior Bridesmaid Styles Shown: Alfred Sung Junior Bridesmaid Style JR506, Dessy Collection Junior Bridesmaid Style JR835, Dessy Collection Junior Bridesmaid Style JR611, Lela Rose Junior Bridesmaid Style JR512, Lela Rose Junior Bridesmaid Style JR511, Dessy Collection Junior Bridesmaid JR508

From Dessy: Summer Bridesmaid Dresses

From Dessy: Summer Bridesmaid Dresses

During a recent *ahem* official poll on The Dessy Group Facebook page our fans let us have a sneak peek at their summer wedding colors. When asked what colors their summer bridesmaid dresses were going to be I noticed a popular trend: yellow, green and orange.

All these eye popping colors are perfect happy, bright hues to add that kick to your day. So, I thought, why not share with you some of our dresses in these favorite colors to help inspire your own planning? With no further delay, a collage of yellow, green and orange bridesmaid dresses to brighten your day. And by that I mean your day and your (big) Day! Clever, I know.
orange summer bridesmaid dressesyellow summer bridesmaid dresses

Dresses pictured: Alfred Sung D496, After Six 6615, After Six 6605, Lela Rose LR 149, Alfred Sung D486, Lela Rose LX137, Alfred Sung D434, Lela Rose LR147, After Six 6607, Lela Rose LR134, 8013, Lela Rose LR125, After Six 6579