15 reasons why the convertible twist dress is a bridesmaids' favorite

convertible bridesmaid dress

  1. Every girl gets to wear a style that flatters her figure. Love your shoulders? Show them off. Self-conscious about your waistline? Adjust the draping. 
  2. The Twist Dress comes in a variety of gorgeous fabrics and lengths.You can choose jersey, a chiffon overlay, long, cocktail length, add a bandeau ...that's why they're convertible.metallic convertible bridesmaid dress
  3. Trousers at a wedding. Why not? The Twist Wrap Shimmer Jumpsuit drapes so elegantly ... 
  4. Want to look demure at the afternoon wedding but smokin' hot at the evening party? Adjust your dress accordingly.metallic convertible bridesmaid dress
  5. With 32 different Pantone colors from which to choose, you can mix and match to your heart's desire. Every girl gets to choose a color that suits their complexion.
  6. It's easy to create an ombre effect all the shades on offer - platinum, heather and tahiti shades would look just fine. 
  7. Metallics? Yep, you got them. There's a Soho Metallic Twist dress, a shimmering jersey dress and of course the Metallic Jumpsuit. convertible bridesmaid dress
  8. So the wedding is on a tropical island and you forgot to pack an iron? The Twist Dress is a perfect travelling companion and just shakes out, fresh and ready to go, with no wrinkles from long haul flying. 
  9. This really is a bridesmaid dress that will be worn over and over again. Rather than a curiosity that hangs at the back of the closet, taking up space for no particular reason.  
  10. Create color combinations by working a bandeau in one shade with a twist dress in another. Maybe monochrome. Maybe shades of pink? 
  11. The Twist Wrap Dress is a modern day classic so it's not going to look hilariously dated in photographs. The look is all in the cut and the drape, not in fussy details that are going to scream "that was 2018" or whenever. 
  12. If you've added a few pounds or lost a few in the run up to the wedding, then a Twist Dress won't mind too much. It's forgiving that way. 
  13. A Twist Dress is a great option to wear during pregnancy. Wrap your bump in whatever way makes you feel comfortable. 
  14. Nobody feels like an identikit bridesmaid. Unless of course you girls all decide to wrap your dresses in the same way. Your call.
  15. We've yet to see a photograph of a bridesmaid looking unhappy in a Dessy Twist convertible dress. 



Which pastel wedding color matches YOUR personality?

pastel wedding colors

Are you more of a soft baby blue or a rose quartz? Or is a pale green more your shade? 

Look at the images here and see which colors just jump out at you.  (If none of them strike a note, then you're maybe better off with bold shades or maybe monochrome? 

pastel bridesmaid dresses

Alluring pastel wedding colors

Combining pastel shades with chic vintage designs creates a picture perfect wedding day. A pastel theme is actually extremely versatile - you can use just one shade - or combine it with one or more pastels. Above we've mixed After Six Bridesmaid Style 1505 with Jenny Packham Bridesmaid Style JP1007 (which comes in plenty of other different colors too. 

Mixing pastels and prints

We're all about mixing up different looks for your maids - which is why we have created a whole selection of print bridesmaid frocks in different pastel shades. 

 pastel bridesmaid dresses

From left:  Jenny Packham Bridesmaid Style JP1005Jenny Packham Bridesmaid Style JP1003.

If you're having a romantic, dreamy rustic wedding, then you're going to nail that wedding look completely. Offer your girl a print gown with a pink, green or blue base. Intermix with block pastel colors. 

Dessy has recently introduced a range of bridesmaid dresses by Jenny Packham and they are just so, so elegant ... your maids are going to love them. 


pastel bridesmaid dresses

From left:  Dessy Collection Style 3012, Jenny Packham Bridesmaid Style JP1006.

Complement your pale blue bridesmaid gowns with this delicate Country Rose wedding cake by Sweetness, detailed with vintage pink roses and a subtle polka dot pattern. Investigate having pretty rose, bone china tea cups for serving afternoon tea, like those shown here. 

  • When looking at a combination of colors, why not have your bridesmaids in the same dress, but each in a different pastel shade? Each bridesmaid could carry the same bouquet of flowers, with a flower in each bouquet corresponding to the shade of the bridesmaid's dress. 
  • The ladies could also wear stunning corsage bracelets in pastels. Your bridesmaids could wear them in place of a bouquet, the mother of the bride could replace a fascinator or hat with one, or you could give them out as wedding favors to all your female guests.
  • When it comes to decorating your venue for the reception, the possibilities are endless. Think about having a pastel-themed dessert table, a sweet delight ... 


Image credits clockwise from top: Jenny Packham bridesmaid dress by Dessy, Rock My Wedding, Pinterest, Bridesmaid dress by Dessy, Whimsical Wonderland Weddings, Pinterest, Shropshire Petals, Bridesmaid dress by Dessy, Rock My Wedding, One Thousand Words

This is the new Jenny Packham Bridesmaids Collection - exclusive to Dessy

Have you chosen your bridesmaids yet? Because when your girlfriends hear this news, you're going to be innundated with requests from would-be bridesmaids. 

You see, the big news is that red-carpet designer, Jenny Packham, who has dressed stylish women, from royalty through to A-lister movie stars, has created a bridesmaid collection and it's exclusive to Dessy. It's something all girls are going to want to be wearing. 

Lucky bridesmaids-to-be. 

So what brought about this exciting development?  We had a one-to-one chat with the designer about the development of this collaboration with Dessy. 

Why has Jenny Packham produced an exclusive bridesmaid collection?

Says the designer: " I have always aspired to create beautiful pieces for a special occasion but with bridal, the challenge is to create something really special – it’s got to have that extra magic that makes the bride fall in love with it. Designing bridalwear is one of my greatest pleasures: to extend the signature Jenny Packham style and aesthetic to create a beautiful, elegant bridesmaids’ collection, is extremely exciting."

What is the Jenny Packham signature style?

"It's very feminine and contemporary, with vintage inspired beading and understated embellishments." 

Where do you look for design inspiration?

Replies Jenny Packham: "I find inspiration everywhere I go, from a painting to a piece of jewellery to a luxury boutique. The Jenny Packham Bridesmaids collection was inspired by the English Country Garden – from the fluidity of the fabric to the soft colour palette. I’ve taken silhouettes that are popular from our ready to wear collection and flattering for all body shapes."

What is the most important thing to consider when shopping for bridesmaids’ gowns?

"I think it’s important to ensure the style of dress you choose for your bridesmaids, compliments your bridal look.

"It can be a daunting task to find one gown for many different shapes and sizes. When I’m designing, I’m always considerate of the way the cut, draping and beading will best enhance the woman who will wear the dress, making her feel confident and beautiful. I think having a tonal colour palette in a variety of styles is a contemporary approach for adult bridesmaids."

Who is your favourite celebrity bride?

"Elizabeth Taylor when she married Richard Burton - she wore canary yellow and her hair was styled in a long braid woven with white flowers."

Take a look at the Jenny Packham Bridesmaids range for Dessy here, available to buy now. 






Dress your bridesmaids in white. Really? Oh yes ...

Some rules are made to be broken. 

And in our view, the one that only the bride should wear white at the wedding is one of them. 

To be honest, it didn't seem to bother Kate Middleton much when she married Prince William. Her sister Pippa wore an off-white bridesmaid frock and looked completely fabulous, without detracting from the bride in any way. So if Royalty can do it, why can't you? 

Dressing your maids in white or cream has a number of things going for it


  • Whites or creams look fabulous at any time of year. Spring, summer, fall or winter
  • Brightly colored wedding flowers are beautifully offset by white frocks
  • You can add pops of color with colorful shoes and accessories
  • White and cream suit all sorts of skin tones
  • White is just made for a destination beach wedding too
  • White is a classic - it never goes out of style as a color

Styling up white bridesmaid dresses


If you want to mix it up with your maids in terms of necklines and sleeves, then all white dresses will hang your whole look together. Ask your girls which necklines and waistlines they feel flatter them best and then go bridesmaid dress shopping. 

In winter or in chillier weather, give your girls shrugs or wraps to cover bare shoulders. Any colour goes with white so you can follow your color theme.

Think about adding sparkling touches. Maybe metallic shoes for your girls? Chandelier earrings? White is a neutral which means it works as a blank palette, so you can layer on colors, textures and different shades. 

It's likely that the bride will have quite a bit of detail on her dress - maybe an embroidered bodice or sleeves. In which case it's best to keep the bridesmaid frocks fairly simple if they're going to be in white. Think in terms of shapes and fabrics instead. Maybe opt for a slinky satin or ballerina length skirts.

One tip is to use the same shade of white for all your frocks (which is easy with Dessy's fabric swatches). Although you might think white is just one shade, it's actually not and if your bridesmaids are wearing different hues of white then you won't get the effect you're after. 

You can shop for white bridesmaid frocks here at Dessy. 

All images featured via Dessy Facebook page


Is this the perfect bridesmaid dress for a destination wedding?

Twist Dress

So you're getting married somewhere far away.

Maybe on the beach. Under palm trees. 

You've got your own dress sorted and it's beautiful. But your bridesmaids?

The thing is your girls are all different. One's curvy and voluptuous. Another is tall and willowy. And another is pregnant. 

Plus which, you want more than one look for your girls. Something for the beach ceremony and then something for the evening dancing. 

You want your ladies all to wear something they feel fabulous in, that shows off their best features. But what? 

Sounds like you should investigate the Dessy Twist Dress.

  • It can be halter-style, strapless, sleeved or one-shouldered
  • It's made from soft jersey that travels beautifully and just shakes out on arrival
  • It's a dress your girls will want to wear again and again
  • It has a forgiving fit - so it's perfect for ladies who are pregnant
  • You can change the look from day to night
  • It comes in a dazzling rainbow of different colors, so there's one to suit your theme and your girls. Go for an ombre effect, jewel shades or two or three contrasting shades


Twist Dress

The bridesmaid frock that works through day and night

It'll take your girls from an afternoon ceremony on a sandy, palm-fringed shore and then off to a sophisticated evening party. Effortlessly.

Check out this real Dessy wedding featuring Twist Dresses here. 

Go strapless, in flats and it's a completely perfect bridesmaid dress for a destination beach wedding.

Change it to halter-style maybe, add heels, an updo, some statement earrings and they're all set in a glamorous cocktail frock.

Twist Dress

Why your bridesmaids will LOVE this dress

You'll be their friend forever. For a number of reasons.

Your bridesmaids can create a style that shows their best features (sleeveless, strapless etc. etc.). You just pick a dress from one of the colours available and leave the rest to them.

They'll love it that you chose a Dessy Twist Dress for that reason, because there's nothing worse than having to wear something that doesn't suit you. Especially when you're going to be photographed A LOT.

Twist Dress

Also you've given your girls a fashion treasure that'll last because this is a dress they really will wear after your wedding day. Again and again. And it looks classy.

What else? Oh yes, this multi-tasking gown comes in either long or cocktail length.

You might even like to buy one yourself to take on your honeymoon - for a different look every night.

See all the Dessy Twist Dresses here. 

All featured images of Dessy Twist Dresses worn by real girls via Dessy Facebook page


10 tips for choosing bridesmaid dresses

choosing bridesmaid dresses

It's not all about you when you're choosing your bridesmaid frocks. Not really. 

You see, these girls are going to be supporting you on one of the biggest days of your life. So you want them to feel happy. And if you choose frocks that make them look and feel fabulous then they're going to be smiling all the way. Here's how to do it. 
  1. Think of the location of your wedding. If you're getting married on a beach, then your maids will need to be wearing something soft, light and filmy so that they look and feel cool. Don't go for any heavy fabrics or brocade.
  2. Ask your girls to tell you honestly what they feel their best points are and what they'd rather remain hidden. So a girl who has long elegant legs might want to show them off - but hide a somewhat flat chest. Alternatively, a girl who feels her arms are her best feature may be happy to show them, but be a bit self-conscious about her legs. Chat to them and look through bridesmaid styles together. 
  3. Think about the colors you're choosing. Some girls suit some shades and others don't. If you've got a particular color theme you can get round this by choosing contrasting and complementing colors or by opting for an ombre effect. (The Dessy Pantone tools are very useful for choosing wedding colors and working out what goes with what.)
  4. If you want your maids to wear their frocks again, then think about separates. This is very on trend. Check out this Dessy style here. 
  5. Don't be frightened of opting for different necklines. They can look fabulous and choosing the same color will hang your look together.
  6. In winter, be thoughtful and give your girls some cover ups against the cold. Maybe a cosy pashmina or shrug. Don't leave them shivering - it won't make for good photographs. 
  7. If you have a bridesmaid who's a young teen and at that in-between age, you'll find Dessy Junior Bridesmaid styles a real find. They're similar in design to adult bridesmaids, but cut for a less mature figure. 
  8. Don't forget about shoes for your bridesmaids - experiment with different colors and remember that metallics always look good.
  9. Get some fabric swatches for dresses you like - and talk through the fabrics with your maids. 
  10. Finally, the Dessy Twist Dress is popular for good reason. It comes in all sorts of colors, can be wrapped in a number of styles, you can choose long or short and it will also work for pregnant bridesmaids.

Why you should dress your bridesmaids in black

Dress your bridesmaids in black? "Whoa, I don't think so" you may think to yourself. 

But we'd say, think again. 

Because the results can be absolutely spectacular, as you can see from these photographs of real weddings. 

And there are a lot of advantages too

  • The little black dress is an absolute classic
  • Every girl should have the perfect black dress in their wardrobe
  • Black looks spectacular at a chic evening wedding
  • You can liven up the color with bright wedding flowers - which will look fabulous against a dark gown
  • Black suits just about every complexion
  • You can ring the changes with different necklines for different girls
  • Think about cocktail length or full-length frocks 

Let's think about fabrics

Depending on the style of wedding you're having, consider the different fabrics that are available.

  • You could choose a black bridesmaid gown with lace inlays for a really sophisticated but covered-up look. Maybe a black frock with a paler color inlaid underneath.
  • If you want something dramatic and film-starry, think about fishtail skirts or dresses that use black netting. 
  • Chiffon is also romantic and dreamy on sweeping long black skirts. 
  • Or for something powerful, maybe black satin or black sequins. 
  • Of course, black and white also work beautifully together - so you could opt for a monochrome approach. (This Dessy frock makes it easy to do that). Have a black bodice with a white skirt, or vice versa. 

When black won't work well

We'd say that there are some locations and themes for which black bridesmaid frocks wouldn't work so well. 

If you're having a rustic style wedding day, then a black frock won't really give you the look you're after. You'd be better off choosing colors or pastels. 

Also, if you're having a wedding day in the height of summer out of doors or if you're getting married on a tropical beach - you'd be better off choosing different bright colors.

If you want to check out masses of bridemaid frocks in black, in different styles, start your search here.  

Image credits: Clockwise from top:  Wedding Play Book, Wedding Play BookJose VillaRachel Meagan Photography, June Bug Weddings 

Middle image via Pinterest 

Shimmering bridesmaid dresses that you're going to fall in love with

sparkly bridesmaid frocks

(Image credit: Gold and glam wedding via Wedding Chicks)

Do you love a bit of glamor? A bit of bling? A bit of sparkle? Then check out our ideas for dressing your bridesmaids so that they shimmer and shine! 

A chic city wedding? 

If you're getting married in the city and you're having an evening do, then this is a good chance to let your bridesmaids wear some gorgeous sequinned frocks. (In fact, so gorgeous that they are sure to want to keep them handy in their closet again for another special event). 

At Dessy we've created fabulous frocks just like this, with some different neckline options and in different lengths. You can also mix and match the skirts - have a sequin top with a chiffon skirt or a plain top with a sweep of floor sweeping skirt. It's up to you. It's your day. Your style. 

How about this beautiful sequinned dress by Dessy for your maids? (It also comes in midnight blue and silver.)

sparkly bridesmaid frocks


You don't have to do long and sweeping either. Maybe you're having a smart afternoon do in a garden. In which case look at some of our frocks like 57 Grand Style 5712 shown above. This comes in a cocktail length and the fabric has just a whisper of shimmer. It would look wonderful on a sunny afternoon as well as at an evening event. 

These are gowns that your bridesmaids (and you) are just going to fall in love with. 

gold sequin bridesmaid frock

Think about accessories too. Who said you have to wear white or cream shoes with your wedding dress? Continue through the glitzy theme by adding some sparkle to your wedding shoes - just let them peep out from underneath your dress. (We're thinking about Dorothy's ruby slippers - but in gold, silver or platinum.)

What about your flower girls?

We know that your young attendants want to look really pretty too and wear something special - that will be a younger version of what the older bridesmaids are wearing. 

Which is why Dessy designed frocks for your flowergirls and junior bridesmaids, fitted to suit younger figures. Below you can see Flowergirl Style 4055 (which comes in midnight blue and silver too)   and Dessy Collection Junior Bridesmaid Style JR534 which comes in a number of colors. 

sequin flowergirl frocks in gold

This is why neutral shades are a great choice for weddings

Wedding day neutrals

When you're styling your wedding, take a trick from an interior decorator. Interior designers often choose a color palette of neutrals because it gives the perfect backdrop. They then add pops of colour with accessories like cushions, curtains and rugs.

You can take a leaf out of their book when you're creating your wedding colors and choose nudes and neutrals.

Neutrals form a perfect color palette


"Hmm" you may think. "But neutrals - aren't they a little dull and unadventurous?" 

Well hardly. What you have to do is think of neutrals as a base from which you can be as subtle or as attention-grabbing as you want. 

Just hear and see how real bride Johanna B styled her day in neutrals with Dessy frocks ...


"I wanted my bridesmaids in a neutral color with some sparkle so I customized these dresses, choosing the topaz color with oyster lace overlay. This made the flowers POP! My MOH is wearing the strapless Dessy 2865. And that's my bridesman standing with us!" - Johanna B.Wedding day neutrals
Briggs Photography

That's a real wedding that's beautiful and memorable. 

The trick is to use pops of color with neutrals. 

Here bride Johanna has chosen colorful bouquets for her maids to add a feature. You could follow her lead, or choose colorful shoes for your bridesmaids (or they could be in metallics of bronze, silver or gold). 

Neutral shades

There are many different shades of neutrals to choose from - and they all blend in well together. Here are some colors to be thinking about.

Wedding day neutrals

It's the perfect example of when you don't have to choose just one color but can opt for several. And that gives you the opportunity to select hues which will suit your individual bridesmaids' complexions and hair coloring.

Add color accents with shoes, clutch bags, maybe a pashmina and hair accessories. Diamante and rhinestones often work well with neutrals, so look out for shoes and bags with sparkly detail.

This color theme works year round - spring, summer and winter - possibly not autumn so much. But that's another story ...

Get the Emmys red carpet style with Dessy

Did you watch the Emmy's last week? 

It's definitely one of my guilty pleasures - watching the outfits the A-listers turn up in. Some looking amazing ... others not so much. Yes, in some cases there was most certainly a bit of 'sack the stylist' going on, but we're not going to say who! 

If you loved some of the looks, you'll be pleased to hear that you can find something very similar for your maids with Dessy. So if you're a bridesmaid and your bride is letting you decide on your own style of frock, then you might like to browse through some of the options below. And of course, Dessy being Dessy, there are hundreds of color choices. 


Red dress goals! Rate @selenagomez dress on a scale of 1-10. #Emmys

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 Mind you, we think Selena Gomez has pretty much nailed it here. Love this dark red satin gown, beautifully cut and a fabulous fit. The color suits her complexion perfectly.


(Styles above left to right: Alfred Sung D542Alfred Sung D538) 

You can get a similar look with Dessy. The color here is Firecracker  - lots of different styles to consider. It's a great choice for a girl with dark hair - so if you've got a bridesmaid who has that kind of a look, why not see if she wants to channel Miss Gomez?   

Completely different vibe going on right now. It's floaty, long and oh so romantic. We think this would look fabulous at an evening wedding - either in summer or in winter. Dessy has some similar styles so you can get the look.  Check out Dessy Collection Skirt S2977 and Dessy After Six Prom Dress


Here's how to get the Nicole Kidman look with Dessy. 

(Styles above left to right: After Six 1502, Alfred Sung D732)


#ViolaDavis, #TheWades, and #LaverneCox are #Emmy ready 👏🏾 (swipe) 📸: @gettyimages

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Fabulous frock by Viola Davis. We are all over this look. You can channel Viola's elegance with style with these two gorgeously elegant designs in flame ...

(Styles above left to right: Junior Bridesmaid JR531, Jenny Yoo JY515)