Lela Rose: A Must Have For Your Fall Wedding

Lela Rose: A Must Have For Your Fall Wedding

What we love about our Lela Rose collection is how beautiful and whimsical the dresses are. The dresses have such a romantic look and feel that you can't help but fall in love with them. Here we picked just a sampling of Lela Rose bridesmaid dresses in deep reds and purples that would look great for a late fall or early winter wedding.

Here we've chosen Lela Rose Bridesmaid Styles: LR220, LR188 and LR181. We chose colors aubergine, claret and wild berry. Complete the look with our Quilted Envelope Clutch with Tassel Detail.

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Cap Sleeve Bridesmaid Dresses

Ten years ago Roland Mouret unveiled his Galaxy Dress - a beautiful, elegant, square-neck dress that gave a stunning hourglass figure to all who wore it. A large part of its charm was the sleeve shape: cap sleeves, to be exact. And of course that was one of the clever design aspects as, let's be totally honest here, not many of us females have upper arms to die for. And according to a new survey out October 2015, the part of the female body that men equate more than any other with attractiveness, is their upper arms. Strange but true!

Anyway, back to Mouret and his iconic dress. To celebrate the ten year anniversary of this masterpiece, he has just launched the Galaxy Ten Capsule, a collection of tops, skirts, dresses and even a jumpsuit in coral, navy and cream. And they are just divine.

So if you are looking for a gown that flatters the upper arm for your wedding, take a look at the selection of cap sleeve bridesmaid dresses that Dessy has; I've used a similar colour palette to the talented Mouret so it will be interesting to see what you think.
Cap sleeve bridesmaid dresses

From the top left clockwise we have Alfred Sung D568 in Champagne, Alfred Sung D571 in Apricot and Alfred Sung D503 in Electric Blue.

Cap sleeve bridesmaid dresses

Clockwise from top left we have Alfred Sung D575 in Pearl Pink (my favourite!), Lovely Plus Size 9008 in Spice and Dessy Collection 6697 in Amethyst.

And finally we have Jenny Yoo JY509 in Cameo, Dessy Collection 6687 in Firecracker and Jenny Yoo JY504 in Midnight.
Cap sleeve bridesmaid dresses

And of course, for the autumn and winter months, a little more sleeve goes a long way! Good luck choosing your dresses.

Rainbow Colored Bridesmaid Dresses

rainbow colored bridesmaid dresses

Have yourself the prettiest wedding with rainbow colored bridesmaids dresses

Isn't the photo above adorable? At a real Dessy wedding, these lovely bridesmaid plus the matron of honor in the pink, looked an absolute picture in their multicolored bridesmaid dresses. In fact, the pink Alfred Sung D437 isn't actually a maternity dress, but an extra metre of the Strawberry colored peau de soie was ordered so that the dress could be adapted. The other girls wore the pretty D437 in Daffodil, Appleton and Electric Blue. The mismatching posies are a triumph, too, don't you think? I'm glad to say that the ushers entered into the whole spirit of the colors with ties and buttonholes to match each bridesmaid. With thanks to shopjoielle.com for these two fab images.

But if I were going for rainbow colored bridesmaid dresses, I think I'd have to go all out and have ELEVEN bridesmaids, so that I could line them up in their Alfred Sung D668 and have just the BEST rainbow wedding photos EVER.

multicolored bridesmaid dresses multicolored bridesmaid dresses

Well, apart from this picture, taken by Gia Canali which probably does win the rainbow wedding competition hands down!

Rainbow colored bridesmaid dresses

Pinterest Inspired Wedding Colors for Fall

With the fall coming we can't get enough of all the beautiful colors we're seeing on Pinterest! The deep reds, the vibrant purples, the lush greens - it is a magical time to get married. So we thought we would show you some of our newest dresses in some of the color combinations we have fallen in love with.

Social Bridesmaid 8156 - Fall

This fall try these colors in our Social Bridesmaids Style 8156 bridesmaid dress!

If you love purple, the rich reds and you love the beautiful shades of orange during the fall, you will love this color combination! It is just a beautiful array of colors that will definitely make you feel the magic of your wedding.


We love these colors in our After Six Bridesmaid Style 6729 bridesmaid dress!

While the midnight blue is a dark hue, it is a very versatile color that works well for a preppy yet rustic wedding for the fall! The midnight blue is great for all seasons, so if you aren't getting married this fall, it is still a color you should consider for your wedding!


Something blue in our Dessy Collection Style 2943 bridesmaid dress

Believe it or not, this is a great fall color combination! The Pantone oasis sets the tone for the rest of the colors for your fall wedding. You can infuse creams and light browns with this combination for the perfect fall wedding look.


You'll be glad you picked this color combination in our JY Jenny Yoo JY508 bridesmaid dress

Make a bold statement with the bright Pantone clementine and calming it down with the Pantone blush, stormy and charcoal gray. This is a great color combination for a September wedding, when summer is just making its way out the door.

Don't forget to visit The Dessy Group Pinterest page for more color inspiration! And you can find all our newest fall bridesmaid dresses here on Dessy.com!

Mismatched Pink and purple bridesmaids dresses

Pink and purple bridesmaids dresses

Mismatched Pink and purple bridesmaids dresses

I love pink, I love purple, but when you combine shades of the two for your mismatched bridesmaids dresses, then you are on to a real winner.

How lovely are these girls above with the beautiful bride in their mismatched selection of pink and purple bridesmaids dresses? The bouquets are a wonderful combo of the colors of the gowns with darker purple hues added for depth and touches of yellow and white for contrast. And I love how each posy bouquet is slightly different, just like the dresses, adding an element of spontaneity and spirit to it all.

Pink and purple bridesmaids dresses by Tucker Images

For a similar look for your mismatched pink and purple bridesmaids dresses shop at Dessy. With so many styles and colors to choose from, your options are almost unlimited, but to kick the ball rolling I have picked out the following five for you. From left they are Dessy Collection 6684, Dessy Collection 2932, Dessy Collection 2942, Alfred Sung D704 and Dessy Collection 2905.

Mismatched Pink and Purple Bridesmaids dresses from Dessy.com

HUGE thanks to the talented Ben and Britney Tarno from Tucker Images for capturing such joyous shots of the beautiful bride Christina and her gorgeous bridesmaids at her wonderful wedding to Peter.

A Fall Wedding with Red and Pink

A Fall Wedding with Red and Pink

Looking for two colors to mix and match for your fall wedding? We think various reds and pink hues are just the two colors you should consider for your fall wedding.

Mix and match your bridesmaid dress styles too! For example, our After Six Bridesmaid Style 6725 adds a little shimmer to your bridal party look.

Break up the blush pinks with bright and vibrant reds, like the colors on our Dessy Collection Style 2940 and Lela Rose Bridesmaid Style LR221.

Looking for more inspiration when it comes to what types of florals you should have with this color combination? Here are is a Nashville wedding that had these colors infused into their wedding that we thought was just beautiful!


Wedding images by NYK & Cali Wedding Photographers

4 Tips to Consider Before Mixing and Matching Your Bridesmaid Dresses

4 Tips to Consider Before Mixing and Matching Your Bridesmaid Dresses

Mixing and matching the bridesmaid dresses is a hot trend right now with no signs of ending anytime soon.  So if you  have just begun your wedding planing, and are thinking of the look and style for your bridesmaids,  here are some tips you will want to consider.

All Short or All Long?:  Do you want everyone to have short dresses and have the color be different for each girl? Or do you want all the dresses to be long? The length of the dress is important, you will see that some brides will do one girl (normally the maid-of-honor) be in one length, while the others are different.

[gallery size="full" ids="19620,19570,18953,18948,18947,18944"]

Choosing the Right Color for Your Bridesmaid:  Having each of your girls in a different color is fun, but you will want to make sure you have the right color for each of your bridesmaid.  You wouldn't want to put a very light color on a fair skinned girl.   Also, when it comes to mixing and matching, think about the shades of the color you want, and make sure that the shades you are choosing work well together.  Find the right colors with our Pantone Wedding Color Guides!

Mixing and Matching Accessories:  Maybe mixing and matching has nothing to do with the dress itself, but everything to do with the accessories.  Have each girl wear a different necklace or bracelet.  When it comes to shoes, have each girl wear a shoe that fits her style and comfort.  If you are looking for fun and unique accessories, check out all of our accessories at Dessy.com!

Different Patterns: It doesn't need to be about color at all, but rather about various patterns and materials.  Incorporate sparkle or lace into your bridesmaid dresses.  Have each girl wear a different material of the same dress or a different dress with a different material in the same color.  The options are endless.

Looking for the perfect bridesmaid dresses to mix and match? Check out all of our newest styles at Dessy.com!

Shocking Pink and Orange wedding

Hot Summer colors for a Vivacious Bride

There's the shrinking-violet-type of bride, and then there's the 'whoo hoo this is MY day' type of bride. If you're the latter, then you might just want to consider going hell for leather on your wedding color scheme, particularly if you're getting hitched in the middle of the summer when life is hot and vibrant.

Bright Pink and Orange Bridesmaids dresses from Dessy.com

I put together this style board on the Dessy.com 'Design an Inspiration Board' after I'd seen the stunning bridal party image (above) on an Inspiration Events board, courtesy of Pinterest. I just LOVE the shocking pink and orange wedding combo - you'd have to serve outrageous pink and orange cocktails at the reception, such as Cosmopolitans or Tequila Sunrises, and really set the house rocking!

To shop the look, I've suggested (from left) Social Bridesmaid 8316 in Honeysuckle, Alfred Sung D614 in Mandarin, Alfred Sung D654 in Blossom, Social Bridesmaid 8135 in Punch, Social Bridesmaid 8126 in Rose, Alfred Sung D650 in Tangerine Tango, and After Six 6650 in Shocking.

The fabulous cake with geometric sugar shapes is also from Inspiration Events and the joyous flowers from the Four Seasons Magazine, both via Pinterest.

For an even hotter vibe, include a primary red into the mix alongside the pinks and oranges, as put together amazingly in the style board below by MarilynsKeepsakes.com in her 'best wedding blog ever'.

Pink and orange wedding ideas

If you decide to get married at the historic Syon House in London, you can even get the up-lighting at night to match your theme, as organized for this event by the wonderful Food Show Ltd company!

Pink and Orange Wedding lighting

Or, for a less formal setting, hit the beach like this bevy of bridesmaids with the beautiful bride - the sun might not be shining, but just look at the energy and vivacity of those bright pink and orange dresses, set off perfectly with the pale green flowers in the bouquets! This is such another fabulous example of the inspiration you can get from the Pantone Wedding Styleboards on the Dessy website - take a look or even create your own!

Bright pink and orange wedding theme

What does your color scheme say about you? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

It's all about that lace

Lace wedding dress

Right from the moment when Kate Middelton stepped out of the Goring Hotel into the awaiting Rolls Royce on April 29th 2011, lace was back as a serious part of the wedding outfit. And it hasn't looked back since.

The beauty of lace is that no matter how simple or complex the pattern, it always looks romantic, luxurious and demure. And so easy to tie that look in with your bouquet using ethereal flowers of gypsophila. It is no surprise that Gypsophila means 'pure of heart' and 'innocence' when you see its fragile mist of blooms and its delicate scent is said to be as sweet as a baby's breath. Below right is just one of the exquisite bouquets created by award-winning Helen Jane Floristry based in Cambridge.

Bouquet for lace bridesmaid dresses

And of course, lace needn't be confined to the bride.

Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

Dressing your bridesmaids in gowns that echo one or two of the features on your own dress can add a subtle coherence to the whole ensemble. In particular, white lace over a soft colour can create a beautiful effect that adds depth and harmony to the bridal party.

For Spring or Summer weddings, lace bridesmaid dresses with white lace overlaying on pastel can theme perfectly with the seasonal flowers in your bouquet.

Take a look at this buttercup crinkle chiffon dress with its daisy lace bodice below left, or the rose-coloured dress below right, where the soft pink tulle sets off the delicacy of the white lace, creating the sweetest of looks.

Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

Or for a more sophisticated lace bridesmaid dress, think about a long gown with a shimmering rococo lace skirt that carries a rose motif, synonymous with traditional lace bridal wear. Below left, the rococo lace will be of the same colour as the soft tulle, creating an exquisite effect ideal for a wedding moving into the evening.

Dessy Collection Style 2946Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

There is something eternally elegant about the shape of a trumpet skirt and above right, shown in the serene colour Spa, this full length nu-georgette dress with its delicate marquis lace bodice and stunning back feature says it all.

Dessy lace bridesmaids dresses are available in a wide selection of colours and styles; to find your nearest stockist, take a look at the Dessy website. Happy hunting!

Why You Need JY Jenny Yoo for Your Bridesmaid Dresses This Fall!

Why You Need JY Jenny Yoo for Your Bridesmaid Dresses This Fall!

We recently launched our newest line of bridesmaid dresses, JY Jenny Yoo Bridesmaid Collection. Jenny Yoo is an internationally recognized designer and has partnered with The Dessy Group and has designed a collection of bridesmaid dresses that are inspired by fashion trends and the modern bride. This collection is perfect for both the bride and bridesmaid who wants to wear her dress again for other special occasions.

Aside from all of that, here are several other reasons we think you will just absolutely fall in love with this collection!

We're Loving the Lace: Whether it's in the smallest details of a dress or it is the entire dress, lace definitely should make its debut at your wedding tis fall! When it comes to this material for our bridesmaid dresses, it's so hard to choose just one dress! (Who says you have to? Mix and match!)

Left to Right: JY509, JY502,JY507,JY510

Simple Looks for Other Occasions: You may be reading this and you are neither a bride or bridesmaid, but simply someone attending a wedding this fall, several of these dresses make for a great dress to a wedding or special occasion. The dresses aren't flashy, but simple for the person who doesn't like a lot of detail on her dress.

So many Colors to Choose From: Looking for more neutral colors for your wedding? Or do you want your bridesmaids to make a statement at your wedding? Well this collection has the best of both worlds with variety of colors to choose from!

Looking for your bridesmaid dresses for your fall wedding? Check out the entire collection at Dessy.com!