A forest green fall wedding in Arizona

LaBelle Bride, one of my very favorite wedding blogs full of truly unique and beautiful inspiration brings you this guest post. I was so excited when she agreed to do it as I am constantly in awe of the blog's amazing posts. Full of inspiration, DIY ideas and real weddings, LaBelle Bride is a must stop for your wedding planning inspiration.

A forest green fall wedding in Arizona

Whether I like it or not, by mid-August I start compulsively thinking: "The end of summer is coming. it's almost over."

Depressing? Yes and no. I love summer, however I have an equal love for all things fall. The colors, the crisp autumn air and let's not even start with fall fashion (my obsession with boots is a little unhealthy). And let's face it, many of your brides are prepping for an epic autumn wedding and need a little fall wedding inspiration. So I present to thee Casey and Bethany's Arizona fall wedding. In all it's orange, yellow and green glory. Enjoy the fresh pop of autumn color - I know I did!

Things to look out for at this wedding

  • The olive green silk of the bridesmaids dresses. This is a perfect day-to-night color. It works for day because it's enlivened with the sunflower bouquets and casual hair. But come the evening, these girls can hit the dance floor in style.
  • Love the bride's lace shrug. If you want to wear a strapless dress but want to be a little more covered up at the ceremony, then a delicate lace shrug would work perfectly. It also gives you two wedding looks for the day. Wear the shrug when you want to be formal - and then take it off when the festivities start and the party begins!


Photography: Jennifer Weems - Floral Designs: Bliss Occasions - Reception Venue Los Abrigados Resort & Spa - Invitations: Two Yellow Shoes - Wedding Dress: Alfred Angelo

Tip your glass to this stylish winery wedding

This is a gorgeous idea. A wedding not outside in a vineyard but inside the winery itself! The barrels of wine offset with beautiful lighting and a candle lit floor make a great looking backdrop. A reception amongst the vines with feminine details of lace and flowers with, of course, great tasting wine, make this one favorite day to remember.

Why hold your wedding in a winery?

Well first off, you're almost certainly going to have a fabulous choice of wines for your guests. If that's the case, then don't forget to plan the food around the wine you have chosen - this is something your caterer can help you with.

Secondly, the scenery is almost certainly going to be rural, rustic and gorgeous. There will be rows of vines in the background and some picturesque barns too. Also, as you can see, a winery gives you a ready-made theme for your big day.

You can use wine labels as a theme for your save the dates, your invitations and your table plans. Call each table after a different wine or grape: Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc ... you get the idea.

A wedding in a winery also lends itself beautifully to a rustic theme. There are probably going to be some barrels around which you can use for props and of course you can set the reception tables up out of doors, as this couple has done.

There are a few touches at this wedding that jump out at us. Let's see. The groom's boutonniere or buttonhole, which is simply a big fat rose bud. The bride's cowboy boots (you don't want to be tip-toeing around a winery in high heels, that's for sure).

We also love the simplicity of the cake. It's pretty and elegant but it's not over the top. This isn't a glitzy city centre wedding, it's a rural event and the cake reflects this.

Full marks to the bride and groom here for their choices.

Images by Kurt Boomer Photography

An old-fashioned red barn wedding


Are you a rustic romantic? Then maybe you've been considering a barn wedding.

If you haven't quite decided yet, then browse through these inspirational photographs and we think you're going to make a decision pretty quickly.

Because if you like rustic and the countryside, there's nothing better than a barn wedding done right. This gorgeous one captured by Austin Warnock Photography hits it right on.

Here's what we particularly like about it ...

  • Bridesmaid dresses with chunky belts and cowboy boots - genius styling there!
  • Red cowboy boots for the bride - very sassy and great for the photographs!
  • Check out the cake table. Mm hm.. This couple OWNED the day by not having a cake tier - but having different cakes laid out on a cake table, doubtless in different flavors. (Because one flavor doesn't suit all, does it?)

And yet - with the addition of some well-chosen lace, this wedding is dreamily romantic too. The bride's classic gown is traditional and classy, and we love the detailing on the bodice. Wear a gown like this and you'll probably want to wear your hair in an updo - at least to start - all the better to show off the decorative neckline.

Spot the touches of blue too, which weave their way throughout these images. On the groomsmen, on their sky-blue ties and buttonholes and in the flowers on the bridesmaid's bouquet and the bride's showstopper.

Some evocative old vintage touches here to go with the historic red barn. Check the calendar from 1937, the old wagon decorated with bunting ...

The more we look at this wedding the more we realise how beautifully simple it actually is - this is not a grand location but it's historic and memorable and with some cleverly chosen props the bride has made it all her own for her big day.


Images by Austin Warnock Photography

A cultural Cambodian wedding day

We love featuring weddings from different cultures - and this Cambodian wedding day is no exception.

If you're invited to the marriage of Cambodian friends, then you will notice that the day is made up of different ceremonies. A gong signals the arrival of the couple to each stage of the wedding - making a clear announcement that something new lies ahead!

There'll be lots of music, a lavish dinner banquet, gifts and plenty of people.

Traditional instruments play songs and there is usually a master of ceremonies who guides everybody through what is happening. The ceremony might in fact take a couple of days.

You'll see silver or gold trays, candles, flowers, decorations, fruits. You'll notice that it's all very colorful, as shown in this wedding day. A lot of time is taken to present food in time-honored ways, which haven't really changed much over the years.

The couple getting married will wear co-ordinating colors, with the wedding outfits made of bright silks. Cambodian brides will change their dress frequently at different parts of the ceremony, and sometimes the outfits get more elaborate as the day progresses. In some cases this culminates in all-gold silk outfits as the couple is royalty for the day!

Guests mingle, watch the ceremony, interact, enjoy food whilst kids run around and play. It's relaxed but there's still a structure.

If the couple are from different cultures, they may well decide to mingle different aspects of the wedding ceremony from each of their backgrounds.

In this wedding you'll notice the Cambodian knot-tying ceremony - Sompeas Ptem - where guests personally bestow blessings and well wishes on the couple and tie red strings around the bride and groom's wrists.

Enjoy these photographs - our favorite is the one of the elderly relatives laughing and having a wonderful time!


Images by Jason & Anna Photography

Newport Beach and a sunny California wedding

It's sun and fun all the way at this Newport Beach wedding day.

Newport Beach and a sunny California wedding

Check the bridesmaid dresses

These bridesmaids look sooo happy in their frocks. And you know what? Maybe, just maybe, it's because they're wearing mis-matched bridesmaid dresses.

Well - not exactly mis-matched - the color follows a theme. It's just that this bride has obviously allowed each of her maids the opportunity to choose a style that suits their own individual figure.

So it's a halter-neck bridesmaid dress style for one. Strapless for another. And different dress lengths all the way. (You can find similar pink Bridesmaid dresses here at Dessy.)

The result? Happy, smiling images with girls that feel confident they're looking their very best.

Anyway, where were we? Oh yes, Newport Beach. This is a largely DIY wedding with some great touches for you to think about using on your own big day. Nothing over fussy or that took too much time. So see what would work for you ...

Check out these details on the photographs

  • Bridesmaid bouquets tied with lace and used as decoration at the ceremony in simple Mason jars
  • Simple dahlias, rosebuds and grasses in said bridesmaid bouquets. It doesn't have to be fussy you know
  • A DIY French fries bar, complete with mayo, ketchup, mustard. What's not to like?
  • Mason jars hung in the tree branches, complete with candles for lighting up the evening later
  • Light grey suit for the groom that worked perfectly with the pink theming
  • A old-fashioned burger van for hungry guests
  • Luggage tag guest book
  • The sunlight flowing through the images
  • Mis-matched shoes for the bridesmaids. They all got the look right but didn't have to wear anything a) uncomfortable b) that didn't suit them c) could choose their own heel heights
  • This is one bride that's really thought about her maids


Images by Jill Thomas Photography

A real Lake Tahoe wedding. Is this the most beautiful setting ever?

If you're looking for a breathtaking wedding location and love nature, take a leaf out of this bride and groom's wedding book.

They had the perfect dramatic backdrop in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, getting married by the waters of Lake Tahoe.

And these wedding photographs are going to take your breath away.

Imagine being a invited guest. Long before you arrive at the venue, you'll have been gasping at the grandeur of the scenery. Rugged, romantic, unspoiled - and the photographer just loved it, creating an amazing album for the new couple.

Key wedding inspirations

Grab a coffee and take your time to browse through the images below. Here's a few things to look out for that we thought the bride and groom got completely right.

  • A delicate pink and white palette. Gentle colors that blended in with the background and added a softness to the day
  • Peonies and white hydrangeas. With the leaves of green succulents to add contrast
  • A single scented white gardenia at every place setting
  • Soft pink bridesmaid dresses in flattering designs for the bride's friends
  • Love the way the bride has chosen a day-to-night style for the bridesmaids frocks
  • Warm wraps to stay comfortable against evening chills
  • Vintage crockery with rose details
  • Decorative crown on the top of the wedding cake
  • Garlands of leaves adorning the outdoor swings
  • Choosing a historic barn as the venue

It's all very natural, very understated and very classy. These Lake Tahoe wedding photographs aren't going to look dated any time soon.


A dream for guests

Every bride and groom wants their guests to have the best time at their wedding. Somewhere like Lake Tahoe is a real destination - where your guests can enjoy some real downtime. Biking, sailing, hiking are just some of the activities on offer in the Lake Tahoe region so entertaining your friends is not going to be an issue.

Get the look

You'll find similar long bridesmaid styles at Dessy, including blush bridesmaid dresses and summer wraps.

Images by Jose Villa Photography

A Little Something Blue with Dessy Collection Style 2905

A Little Something Blue with Dessy Collection Style 2905

Left to Right: Dessy Collection Style 2905 in cornflower and the girls are wearing the dress in windsor blue. Top Right and Bottom: Heaven Dyeable Crystal Bridal Sandal and Crown Metallic Platino Leather Pumps

In 2014, when actress Eva Longoria was a bridesmaid at her best friend's wedding she wore our Dessy Collection Style 2905 and we were over the moon about it! She wore the dress in lilac and looked absolutely stunning.

It seems lately however, blue is very popular this season for bridesmaids, and why wouldn't it be? It's vibrant, it's will definitely catch your eye, no matter what shade of blue it is. It is just a beautiful color for a summer and even an early fall wedding.

You can pair this color with silver or gold accessories and either one will look perfect with the dress. Or give your blue more pops of color with vibrant fuchsias and other shades of pinks!

Dessy Bridesmaid Dresses on Instagram This Week!

Dessy Bridesmaid Dresses on Instagram This Week!

On Instagram we are constantly coming across several beautiful images, some of which are of our own bridesmaid dresses!  So we thought we would share some of these with you. As you scroll down the few from the last week, tell us why you like these dresses for Spring!

DessyRealWeddingsInstagram2How would you do the back of The Twist Wrap Bridesmaid Dress?  What color would you choose? 


Pink is everywhere this season!  And we can't get enough of it! Here are some beautiful bouquets with our Dessy Bridesmaid Dresses, what are you dreaming about for your spring wedding?

What other shades of pink would you choose for your spring wedding? Check out these two bridesmaid dresses at Dessy.com!


Pretty pastels!  If you had to choose one pastel color for your spring wedding which one would it be?  Would you mix and match your bridesmaid dresses for your spring wedding? See all of these pretty bridesmaid dress styles at Dessy.com!

A Wedding in Connecticut? Absolutely!

A Wedding in Connecticut? Absolutely!

Whether you are getting married this fall, or you are planning for a wedding next year,  you may want to consider getting married in the small but very charming state of Connecticut.  One couple in particular embraced the beautiful state is filled with beautiful agriculture, major cities, wineries galore and picture perfect landscapes!

Sarah and Doug got married at Connecticut College's Harkness Chapel in New London, Conn., just this past summer and followed it up with a lavish "sun drenched" tented reception among green vines at Jonathan Edwards Winery in North Stonington, Conn.

The couple chose yellow, navy and gold as their wedding color scheme which fit just nicely with the overall look and feel of the wedding's location! It was just what a New England wedding is all about.

Here are some photos we couldn't help but share from their wedding!


Photos of the wedding by Anna Sawin Photography

We love the color scheme this bride and groom went for! Check out some similar colors for your own wedding, at Dessy.com!