Orange Halloween Wedding

A little quirky, there's no doubt about it, but a Hallowe'en Wedding theme could be quite a laugh, and with Halloween lurking just around the corner I thought I'd suggest a few outfits befitting a 31st October Wedding. So this post is for anyone considering an orange Halloween Wedding. And as you'll notice from the cake below, the underlying message is just straight out of the Church Service!

Halloween wedding theme

Easy to choose wedding outfits to go with this. You could go hell for leather (as it were) with the fabulous creation from as featured at the very top of this blog or something slightly less dramatic but still slightly vampish for the bride like this fabulous Dessy Collection DC 2876 in Spice. The groom would look equally formal in a black morning suit with waistcoat and cravat to match the bride's dress.

Orange Halloween Wedding

The bridesmaids would be clothed in short dresses to act as a contrast to the bride and I have picked out the 57 Grand Style 5714 which features an underdress in the same Spice but with a black lace overlay, creating quite a funky effect.

Orange Halloween Wedding

And the flowers? Well, I have to admit to being rather taken with this fun bouquet of orange and purple flowers in an upturned witch's hat - a little Harry Potter perhaps, but no one would ever forget your wedding bouquet, would they?

Orange Halloween wedding

With thanks to Emma' for the flower image, for the cake photo and Couture de Bride for their Wedding Dress Fantasy gown.

Winter Wedding Boots

So we looked at getting yourself a pashmina wrap for your wedding in time for when the Big Freeze hits the UK, but what about the footwear? Well, needless to say there is a fabulous selection of winter wedding boots out there so here are just a few worth pondering. Because there's no doubt about it, if you're feet are wet and cold, it's a lot more difficult to enjoy the best day of your life!

First up has got to be the Just Married Ugg Boots - they are sassy, fun and boy will they keep your feet warm no matter what the weather brings!

Just Married Ugg Boots

The next three are all from which has a great selection of shoes as well as these fab boots. From the top we have Clara wedding boots which are currently on sale at a bargain price of £40 (better hurry for these before they sell out!). These fabulously sexy, knee-high boots are made from a brilliant white satin, with a winkle-picker toe and nineteen pairs of eyelets laced with a narrow satin ribbon - divine!

Winter wedding boots

If your dress is in ivory, have a think about these stunning ankle boot shoes from Diane Hassall's Signature Collection. The shoe has a good height of 8 cm and a definite vintage feel to it. The pretty lace covers the entire silk satin upper and the ribbon is a delicate organza - a very romantic look all round.winter wedding boots

Finally from is another vintage-style shoe but this time in white leather with lace, so perfect for the winter weather. As romantic as the Diane Hassall one above, this 'Miranda' style from Lindsay May has lace decorated with leaves and flowers meeting the scalloped white leather - an exceptionally pretty and feminine winter shoe.

Winter wedding boots


Pashmina Wrap for Wintry Weather

Well, having enjoyed an Indian Summer that we just weren't expecting, the British Media have decided to rain on our parade by announcing that the UK is going to be in the grips of a four-month Snow-Fest any moment now!

So if you are tying the knot in the next few months, order your Pashmina wrap now from Dessy so you won't be scrabbling around at the last moment on your wedding day trying to find something warm and beautiful to wear over your dress! As you would expect from Dessy, we take colours very seriously and so each pashmina wrap is custom dyed for flawless matching with Dessy dresses and accessories. They are the perfect blend of softness and warmth, being 40% silk and 60% the finest merino wool. At approximately 27" wide and 72" long (plus fringe), these lovely shawls will keep the chill off, without spoiling the lines of your chosen gown.

As the bride, you can play it two ways. You can go the exquisitely pale and delicate route by choosing Ivory, Palomino, Venetian Gold, Blush or Dove to wear:

Pashmina Wraps

Pashmina Wraps

Or you can go all out colourful - maybe with matching shoes like these heavenly Teal Dragonfly Kitten-heeled Sling-backs from my favourite specialist shoe designer,

Pashmina with Teal Dragonfly slingbacks from

or go complementary and EXTREMELY funky with these divine pink boucle ankle boots with purple lining (also from £168) - perfect if the weather really does take a turn for the worse!

Pashmina Regalia with pink boucle boots by

Of course, don't forget your bridesmaids and flower girls. At only £21, these silk and wool pashmina wraps will not only keep your girls warm but will make them feel very loved too on your special day. With dozens of colours to choose from, it's easy to find the perfect shade.

Shop on before those snow storms hit us!

Subtle two toned bridesmaid dresses

Although autumn and winter can be dramatic seasons, they can also be very reflective months and once the brash late summer flowers have given way to fiery fall colours which in turn have also faded, there is a richness of understated beauty out there which should be reflected in a November to February wedding. And there can be no better way to do this than by employing the gentle elegance of subtle two toned bridesmaid dresses in soft hues. Today I have focussed on Lela Rose's LR223 from Dessy which, with its ten bodice colours and its 40 skirt options, can provide the perfect colour combo for each bridesmaid whilst still ensuring a beautifully cohesive vision.

subtle two toned bridesmaid dresses

The particularly clever point of this design is that the sleeveless rococo lace dress is itself quite a funky, after-party length, but it comes with a full length, crinkle chiffon shirred overskirt perfect for a wedding ceremony; two dresses for the price of one, no less! The lace catches the light delicately, much as the frost shimmers in the wintry moonlight, making it all the more appropriate for this time of year, whilst the sheer chiffon lends the gowns an almost ethereal charm of diaphanous femininity. I would definitely recommend this style to any girl who sometimes feels slightly awkward about her size; one cannot fail to feel dainty and floaty in this dress. And the colour options are divine!

Personally, I would choose the rococo lace dress colour to be the same for each girl, but each skirt would be unique. So in the image above, all three dresses are in Palomino, but the skirts are (clockwise from top left) blush, limeade and buttercup.

Below, the dresses are all in platinum with the skirts (again clockwise from top left) in regalia, larkspur and stormy; reminiscent of stormy winter sky - I feel you should have a snowy-white wedding if you chose these three colours for your bridesmaids!

subtle two toned bridesmaid dresses

You get quite a different look altogether when the dress is in Suede Rose - I love the richness of these pinks and purples with Radiant Orchid top left, Tutti Frutti top right and Wild Berry bottom centre.

Subtle two toned bridesmaid dresses

And lastly, two toned dresses in Midnight lace which would be perfect for a wedding late in the day, when the sun is going down and the venue is lit by candles. The reception would be in an old hotel with roaring log fires, the food would be a rich beef stew served with heavenly claret, the flowers would incorporate deep blue ivy and viburnum berries and the deepest of crimson roses - glorious!

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 13.07.53

What colour combo would you choose for a winter wedding?

Mint or Silver Bridesmaid Dresses

I came across a fashion advice column the other day where a Mother Of The Bride was asking for advice on Bridesmaid Dresses.

The Request: maxi length, preferably in mint green or silver, unfussy style

For Whom? Four twenty somethings, all slim, one being 5'11"

Budget: £200 for each dress

'Ah', I sighed to myself, 'if only she had come to me; I could have pointed her in the right direction at the drop of a hat.'

The Answer:

Mint and silver bridesmaid dresses

On the whole, Dessy bridesmaid gowns range from £150 to £230 and the best thing to do is to find your local stockist and make an appointment so that you can see the great quality for yourself. Or take a look at the Dessy website and have the incredible choice at your fingertips!

My first point to the MOTB is that maybe each of the four bridemaids chooses a different style dress, thus accommodating differing body shapes and sizes. But, for argument's sake, let's assume that the preference is for all of the girls to wear the same type; here is a selection of the options available from Dessy that come in extra length (recommended for anyone over 5'7"). Because people's ideas about colours vary immensely, I have included a variety of greens and greys that can be interpreted as mint bridesmaid dresses or silver bridesmaid dresses.

Mint and silver bridesmaid dresses

Mint and silver bridesmaid dresses

But like I said, these are just some of the options. If the bridesmaids can choose different styles, the world is their (silvery) oyster. Just take this exquisite soft tulle Celadon gown over platinum rococo lace giving a perfect mint AND silver effect all rolled into one. What more could one ask?

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 12.37.36

To view the many choices available, explore, of course! Happy shopping!

Wedding trends 2016

Of course it's not an easy task, organising your wedding - I mean, where do you start?

Well, in the words of Julie Andrew in the Sound of Music, start at the very beginning with the Dessy Wedding Inspiration Styleboard Gallery. Here you can be inspired by hundreds of visions that others have had to prompt and poke you into action. Some of the boards are still in their fledgling stage, others are all-out, fabulous riots of joyous creativity. So I've rounded up the three 'most loved' boards created in the last month - interestingly they all have a similar, gentle approach to the colour scheme and more than a nod to vintage glamour. Wedding trends 2016, perhaps?

First up is 'Golden Wedding', created by the wonderfully named Future Mrs Purshouse, with a smashing 183 views and 3 likes in just a fortnight.

Wedding trends 2016

Second most loved is this extremely pretty nude and blush combo by Cara Marie with 3 loves and 96 views in the last 18 days.

Wedding trends 2016

And the third most loved style board created in the last month is the sweetly named 'Rustic Blooms' by Michelle Mospens with 3 loves and 77 views in the last 18 days.

wedding trends 2016

And would you believe it? THE MOST LOVED style board of all time, created over five years ago, also features a similar colour-way and vintage feel - I guess some styles are just timeless, eh?

Wedding trends 2016

What will yours be? Click here and start designing your wedding board now.

Beautiful Faux 'Diamond' Wedding Earrings at Affordable Prices

There will be some brides who will be lucky enough to inherit, borrow or even be gifted a pair of real diamond or pearl earrings on her wedding day. But, let's be honest here, not everyone has Cinderella's Fairy Godmother lurking around the corner! However, there's no denying (in my book at any rate) how appropriate and beautiful pearl and/or diamond earrings look on a bride. Which is why Dessy have come up with a lovely collection of faux diamond and sea pearl wedding earrings which look a million dollars and yet are actually very reasonably priced. I've collated some of the 'diamond' ones here for your perusal!

All the wedding earrings shown here are actually made of Cubic Zirconia, a low cost, synthetic material with a joyous likeness to real diamond. The earrings are set in brass-plated, hypoallergenic rhodium although it is still recommended to wear them once or twice before the wedding just to ensure that you don't have any reaction.
Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 12.15.27

These faceted Princess cut earrings (above) give a classic and elegant appearance. The Princess cut is, nowadays, the second most popular cut shape for diamonds (after the 'round brilliant' cut). The face is square or rectangular with the profile similar to an inverted pyramid, lending plenty of sparkle to the earring - an absolute bargain at only £15!

Wedding earrings

The pretty drop earrings above feature brilliantly faceted solitaire cubic zirconias suspended in a bezel teardrop setting. The design captures perfectly the balance between a lot of sparkle whilst maintaining enough delicacy not to be bling - perfect for the modest bride and incredibly priced at only £22.

These stunning Empire Chandelier diamond wedding earrings below however would definitely suit a bolder or more statuesque bride who wanted to make more of a statement with her wedding jewellery. Amazingly, these hand-worked earrings are only £25.

Faux diamond wedding earrings

I also love these cushion-cut earrings seen below - they are gorgeous, swinging sweetly from a rounded, bezel-set post, and definitely add a certain je ne sais quoi without being over-powering. The cushion-cut (which used to be called the 'old mine' cut) is a square with rounded corners, and has been around for two centuries. In fact, until the early 20th century it was the diamond shape: cushion cut diamonds tend to have more 'fire' than modern cuts, which is why they are still popular. Especially when you can get faux diamond ones like these for only £19!Fake diamond wedding earrings

And finally, if you'd rather go for a stud than a drop earring, these darling patterned studs have the added attraction of looking like you've inherited them whilst only costing £13 - you can't say fairer than that!

Fake diamond wedding earrings

Happy choosing!

Dogs at Your Wedding

Whatever the pros and cons of having your dogs at your wedding, there's no doubt about it that the subsequent photographs are a hoot! Of course many venues won't actually allow you to bring your dog in for the ceremony itself, but that doesn't mean that your faithful hound can't be included in the photos before or after.

So forget all of the downsides of having your pet there on your big day and just enjoy some of these fab images - they might just persuade you that the risks are worth it, although I have to say that personally, I would NEVER trust my labrador not to eat a ring that has been placed on his nose!

Dogs at your wedding Dogs at your wedding Dogs 2 Anne Edgar Photography Dogs Anne Edgar Photography

With thanks to Anne Edgar Photography for the above great images.

Legend has it that Chihuahuas were bred to be used as hot water bottles by Mexican kings; they also make pretty sweet wedding accessories and have the advantage of wanting to be cuddled most of the time!

Dogs at your wedding

Thank you to Gia Canali for the adorable photo above.

Dogs at your wedding

From the sublime to the ridiculous, superbly captured by KT Merry photography above and below.

The chihuahuas are dinky in their pastel attire, but look how noble the fabulous hounds look below, resplendent in their garland collars!

Dogs at your wedding

And lastly, for all of you cat lovers out there, the non-plussed puss...

Dogs at your wedding

Thank you again to Anne Edgar Photography who has so aptly captured the ever-so-slightly-disdainful feline approach to human activities, even on her owner's wedding day!

Coral Wedding Ideas


I couldn't help but notice the other day that of the many, many joyous images I've found of glorious weddings, coral features in a fair few - more than I would probably have guessed. And each in a different way. So I thought I'd do a little round-up of some of the best coral wedding ideas that have come my way. (With thanks to Andie Freeman Photography for the above image showing how natural the mix of coral, cream and browns looks.)

The lovely thing about coral as a colour is that it radiates both warmth and serenity - which is probably why it's such a popular colour for a wedding! And with at least five technical designations of coral colour (from the top of the featured image above: Coral Pink, Light Coral, Coral, Coral Red, Dark Coral), there is a shade that will work for everyone in one guise or another. Take the image below taken by Adam Barnes Fine Art Photography; the coral pink peonies look absolutely fabulous against the mid green of the bridesmaids' dresses.

Dark green bridesmaid dresses

And then this wonderful image from of the coral roses, surrounded by sunflowers, looking brilliant against the bride's white dress as she is framed by those vibrant dark coral bridesmaids dresses.

Sunflowers with coral from

For other coral wedding ideas, you can take the gentler route as shown by this beautiful hand-tied bouquet by Helen Jane Floristry: the Coral Pink and Light Coral peonies are interspersed with the softest pink roses and fragrant freesias with dark rosemary providing a textural contrast.

Peaches and apricot bouquet

And then there's one of my personal favourites: duck egg blue with the softest, almost faded coral, pink and cream flowers - sigh.

Duck Egg Blue wedding theme

And this makes me smile every time I see it... the bride and groom snapped separately before their coral and teal wedding - a great combo of complementary colours as is so clearly demonstrated by the pretty little bridesmaid's outfit, from Boho Weddings.

Coral wedding ideas

Coral wedding ideas


And I think that the reaction of the bridal party above in this fab coral and grey ensemble sums up the feeling of everyone working on coral wedding ideas - they just make you feel SOOOO good!

Dark Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Following on from my earlier blog on white and green wedding flowers, I thought it only wise to follow up with a piece on dark green bridesmaid dresses - of which there are many to choose from on the Dessy website!

Green is the colour of balance and harmony, psychologically being the great balancer of the heart and the emotions. In fact some may even go as far as to say that the colour green creates equilibrium between the head and the heart. No surprise then that it is seen to be an emotional positive colour, enabling us to love and nurture ourselves and others unconditionally.' Hmm,' I hear you ponder, 'perhaps I should give it a go for my wedding!'

Well, take some inspiration from real Dessy weddings and I think it might well be on the cards!

First up, I thought I'd show you these gorgeous Ivy green Alfred Sung dresses D468. With a fuller skirt than the D461, these pretty dresses with their high, ruffled V neckline sing sophisticated fun to you - especially when you see the open back!

Dark Green bridesmaid dresses

Next up are these lovely girls in their mismatched Dessy dark green bridesmaid dresses (styles 2894, 2897 and 2908) in Hunter green - it is a colour that goes so beautifully with darker blond, brunette and red hair as you can tell from this fab photo.

Dark green bridesmaid dresses

And lastly, take a peek at this lovely image from - all in Alfred Sung, the girls are wearing (from left) D440, D441 and D462 in Pine Green - and don't their pretty burst of colour in the posies look fab?

Dark green bridesmaid dresses

I hope you feel encouraged to take a look at green as an option for your bridesmaids; it really is a colour for all seasons!