Inspiration From A Wedding Bouquet

wedding moodboard in grey and redInspiration for your wedding day can strike in all sorts of ways. You may read a book that gets you thinking. See a film. Go to a show.

I spend a lot of time looking at photographs of weddings and sometimes one just jumps out at me - like the one of the dress and bouquet on the moodboard above.

I think the bouquet is fantastic - that's an artichoke flower in the middle but what really gets me is the colour combo. It's definitely a shot to inspire and show to your florist. I love the way it dazzles against the blue/grey of the bridesmaid gown.

Dessy has bridesmaids dresses in similar colours - larkspur and flame - so you can achieve same colour palette (the dresses shown on the bridesmaids above are all by Dessy).

Work your accessories into the mix. Add detachable chiffon flowers to the neckline or waist of your bridesmaid dresses. Maybe a floral headband? Ballet flats in reds and greys - the bridesmaids don't all have to wear the same shade - mix it up a bit.
scarlet cravat for bridegroom Add a flame coloured cravat for the men (or larkspur if that's what you prefer). You could put the groom in one colour and the groomsmen in the contrasting shade.

Putting your bridesmaids all in the same shade looks rather dated - today's brides are mixing it up a bit and bridesmaids are loving it. Use two or three colours for your palette and let each maid choose the colour that suits her best.

I love this larkspur/poppy red colour combo. I think it would work beautifully at an autumn or winter wedding. Particularly if you want some more unusual shades.

Dessy has frocks and accessories in a rainbow of colours.

Happy colour planning!

Photograph of bouquet via

Wedding Themes Taken From TV and The Movies

Themed weddings are all the rage - and TV inspired weddings all the more so.

Take Game of Thrones. On inspection, it's an odd sort of series to theme a wedding on - and yet there have been a fair few weddings in the four series shown so far.

x marrying x . x marrying Joffrey (and we know what happened at THAT reception. x marrying x (another reception that didn't end quite as planned. Tyrian Lannister marrying Sansa Stark.

However, the 'cloaking' ceremony in Game of Thrones where the bridegroom covers the bride with his cloak is rather romantic - so we can see why some couples want to include this on their wedding day.

Personally if I was going for a TV or movie themed wedding day and I was a fantasy fan, I'd probably go for the wedding in The Lord of The Rings when Aragorn marries Arwen. Fabulous costumes, a happy ending and plenty of ideas there.

If you're a fan of dancing and the pair of you don't mind showing off, then you could replicate Burt and Carole's Glee wedding when they danced down the aisle after the ceremony. That would certainly be different!

The Little Mermaid - if you're a Disney fan. Or you could do Robin HOod and Maid marion (see film clip).Cinderella and Prince Charming.

Sex in the City - really for the bridesmaids - mismatched dresses and looks fabulous.

A Little Wedding Sparkle with a Whole Lot of Love

A Little Wedding Sparkle with a Whole Lot of Love

Rhinestones and any kind of sparkle are a definite must for your wedding day! There are several places you can incorporate a little sparkle on your special day. Here are some ideas for wedding sparkle!

The Cake: If you are a bride that wants and enjoys sparkle, the cake is already grabbing the center of attention at the wedding, so why not give it a little more? A rhinestone border alongside the each tier of the cake or tiny crystals throughout is a great way to add wedding sparkle.


Use rhinestones on each tier like this one to give your cake a little more sparkle! Photo by Something Blue Wedding Photography

Your Centerpieces: The centerpieces are a great place to have rhinestones and anything else that sparkles. You can decorate each table beautifully and add a little more to your wedding decor.


Sparkle to the table? We love it! And you will too! We promise! Photograph by Something Blue Wedding Photography

In the Little Details: Whether it is in your bouquet, your shoes, or on your dress, there are plenty of little ways you can incorporate sparkle into your wedding. If you are a bride that loves it, then by all means go for it!


Sparkle for your feet! Enjoy this pair of Heaven Dyeable Crystal Bridal Sandal for your wedding!


Make your wedding bouquet even more beautiful! Photo by Limelight Photography


Sparkle at the waistline! Photograph by Tikko Weddings

Guest at a wedding soon and need a little something extra go with your outfit? Check out all of our accessories available at!

Looking To Visit A Wedding Show? Here's A List Of 30 Top Shows To Visit

If you're looking for wedding inspiration, one way of finding it is by attending a wedding show.

That's when a whole load of suppliers get together under one roof to show off what they do - whether it's wedding dresses, wedding cakes, bouquets, fabulous venues, catering, shoes, stationery ....

You get to browse around, pick up some samples (and maybe taste a few), chat with suppliers about what they offer and what availability they have - basically immerse yourself in wedding stuff for a good few hours so you can really get some aspects well on the way to being sorted.

Wedding shows are also fun - you could invite your mum, your sister, your best friend, your chief bridesmaid ....

Lots of you may get engaged over the summer when you're on holiday with your boyfriend or partner - so I thought it was a good time to give you a list of the wedding shows you can visit over the rest of 2014.

Have a look and get that diary out!

Moodboard For A Monochrome Wedding

monochrome wedding

If you're getting married in a chic city and want a really stylish, sophisticated look on your big day, then you seriously need to think about having a monochrome wedding theme.

It's a very easy look to put together - because you only really have two colours to think about - and they are so versatile.

Black and white wedding invitations. A cinch.

White flowers. Think roses, orchids, lilies, tulips, narcissi - all depending on the time of year.

Your dress? Well - white, cream or ivory.

And you could put your maids in elegant black frocks - perfect for an evening reception (and a dress they're likely to wear again and again).

You can use black and white as blocks of colour - as stripes, spots or overlay black with white lace.

Have a look at our Pinterest boards for some more inspiration. And you can create your own wedding moodboard for free here!

Photo credit. All dresses via Dessy. Wedding cake via GC Couture Cakes.

Ideas For A Lace Wedding Theme

Lace has never been out of fashion at weddings. Not really.

But the Duchess of Cambridge has started the trend again big time. Her lace wedding dress has become iconic - simple and timeless.

Of course, you'll find plenty of wedding dresses about that feature lace. But what about the other aspects of your wedding day? How can you get that delicate prettiness?

If you're considering having a vintage style wedding day, then lace is perfect for helping you create a dreamy, romantic mood. Decorate your wedding tables with lace. Choose delicate flowers - gypsophila is perfect for giving a laciness to bouquets. Find shoes with lace detail ...

Here are a few ideas I've found to help you along.

blue tiered wedding cake with lace detail

The lace detail on this cake shows up beautifully against the accent colour (which of course could be any shade that wish it to be). Audrey cake by GC Couture Cakes.

lace bridesmaid dress Lace bridesmaid dress by Lela Rose Style LR195 with lace detail on the shoulder available in either black or ivory. The dress is offered in over 20 different shades.

lace card by Ananya cards

Lace look card by Ananya Cards

lace table runner

Use a length of lace as a table runner ...lace ballet flat shoe Gold lace ballet flat by Dessy - also in white and black. lace wedding dress with long sleeves Lace wedding dress by Sassi Holford

lace bouquet tie Lace bouquet tie via Etsy

Lace detail wedding veil Lace detail wedding veil via Etsy

bouquet of gypsophila

Gypsophila or 'Baby's Breath' is an inexpensive but effective way of creating a lacy look for your wedding flowers

Credits: Featured image, lace shrug by Dessy, Audrey Cake by GC Couture, bridesmaid dress by Dessy, lace card by Ananya Cards, lace ballet flats by Dessy,

How to Build the Perfect Bridesmaid Kit

How to Build the Perfect Bridesmaid Kit

Your bridesmaids play a major part in your big day, they are running last minute errands, going to hair and makeup appointments, and most importantly keeping the bride calm. So there isn't a better way to show your bridesmaid a little love than with a bridesmaid kit.

We recently came across a blog post from, which shows how you can build the perfect bridesmaid kit for the wedding day!

According to the blog post, you would want to start with a dipped canvas tote. We personally recommend the Best Day Ever Tote and accompany it with the Best Bridesmaid Satin Cosmetics Bag both available on

Best Day Ever Tote - Dessy

The Best Day Ever Tote is perfect for all of your bridesmaid kit items!

This makes a great gift for all your bridesmaids!

Now what do you need to put into it? Well that depends on what type of theme you are going for. Is it a survival kit, a personalized kit or pampered kit?

For a survival kit, recommends including deodorant, Band-Aids, lip balm, bobby pins, snacks and hair spray, just to name a few. We also recommend bottles of water, headache medicine, stain remover, scotch tape, safety pins…(this list could seriously go on).


This monogrammed keepsake box is just one of many items you can have for your bridesmaid kit! Photo provided by

When it comes to a pampered kit, recommends her favorite magazine, lip gloss, luxorious lotion, champagne and small box of fancy chocolates.

We would love to add a soft Pashmina Shawl and a pair of flip flops both available on

Dessy pom pom flower accessoryYour kit can also get personalized too! recommends a monogrammed glass keepsake box, a shot glass among other items. You can mix and match the items from your pampered and survival kits as well.

Read How to Build the Ultimate Bridesmaid Kit by

Red Carpet Style For Your Bridesmaids

I don't know about you, but I'm hooked at seeing what the A-listers wear on the red carpet at film premieres and awards.

Whilst most of us can only dream of wearing the couture frocks they show off, you'll find that Dessy has some very pretty alternative frocks to help you get the look.

Here's some shots of the red carpet at the Cannes film festival in 2014 and ideas for getting a similar look.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley at Cannes Dessy strapless silver bridesmaid dress

Dessy Style 2898

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 16.05.23purple one shoulder bridesmaid dress

Dessy Style 2831

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 15.40.04fuchsia pink bridesmaid gown

Dessy Style 6525

Dessy Style 2876

Dessy Style 2909

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 16.16.33

Dessy / Lela Rose Style LR181

10 Things You Need To Know About Wedding Shoes

Get them right and you'll be walking on air all day. (And not only because you're marrying your Mr Right.)

Get them wrong and your wedding shoes will be a pain. Literally.

It's a given that you're going to choose pretty shoes that make you feel like a princess. But you know, there's a few other considerations to take into account as well. Here - with the benefit of experience gained from other brides, are the 10 commandments of wedding shoes.

  1. You do actually have to wear them. Whilst the highest of heels may be your thing, you're going to be in those heels all day. Walking down the aisle towards your fiance with the eyes of your friends and family on you (and tripping up is so not a good look). You're also probably going to have to dance in your heels. So choose a pair that you can dance and walk in - you'll feel more comfortable and will be able to relax more.
  2. You don't have to have white or ivory shoes. Having coloured shoes peeping out from beneath your dress looks great and gives you a touch of individuality. You've always loved red shoes - well, go for a beautiful pair on your wedding day.
  3. Wear your shoes around the house (on carpet) in the run up to your big day so you've 'broken' them in a bit before you wear them.
  4. Buy a pair of shoes you're going to want to wear over and over again, and not just for your big day. So if you've always fancied a pair of Jimmy Choos then this is the time to go for it. Choose the right style and you can wear them to parties, balls and posh events for months or even years afterwards (and then they'll be an investment piece).
  5. Wear your shoes (or a pair of similar height) to your bridal dress fitting so your hemline is the right length.
  6. Make like a supermodel and practise walking in your shoes - especially if they're on the high side and you're not used to walking in high heels.
  7. Cushioned gel insoles can be a real life saver at the end of the day - have a pair on hand in case your feet start to get achey at the reception.
  8. If you're looking for coloured shoes but can't find just the right shade, Rainbow Club offer a fabulous shoe dyeing service.
  9. If you're having a winter wedding, be prepared for snow or wet weather. Don't have your dainty satin slippers ruined by walking in the slush - instead consider wearing some wedding wellies to see you safely down the path.
  10. If you're wearing open toed shoes, then a pedicure is an absolute must.

If you're looking for bridesmaid shoes and wedding shoes, Dessy has a lovely range with ballet flats in a rainbow of shades, plus shoe clips to make the look even more individual.

The Right Accessories for the Right Neckline

The Right Accessories for the Right Neckline

Finding the perfect accessories for the wedding and bridesmaid dress can be a bit of a tedious task, because while everything is beautiful, not having the right accessory could make your wedding gown and bridesmaid dress look awkward.

Fret not: with some help, you can find the perfect accessory that will match the appropriate neckline and make your wedding day look beautiful.

For example, with a one-shoulder neckline, you may want to forgo a necklace and instead go with a bracelet or a pair of sparkling earrings. The CZ Empire Chandelier Earrings or the French Metallic Lace Bracelet by Dessy would look stunning with a one-shoulder neckline.

Forgoing a necklace is also appropriate for high necklines that cover your neck and don't leave room for any sparkle.

For a strapless gown, a choker length necklace would be a perfect accessory! You may want to consider a pair of pearls or crystal necklace for this neckline. The Fresh Water Pearl Necklace by Dessy is also a great alternative.

For a V-neck neckline, you will want to consider a necklace with a pendant – this style of necklace will fall in a V-shape in the neckline.

Remember, what you want to think about when matching the right accessory, particularly a necklace, is that it replicates the neckline of the gown.

For a sweetheart neckline, the perfect options are princess length necklace or a choker, or a necklace that has a delicate drop.

Off-the-shoulder dresses lend themselves to simple or dramatic accessories – you should decide your look for this style; Tip: you don't want the necklace to land too close to the neckline of your gown.French Metallic Lace Bracelet

The French Metallic Lace Bracelet by Dessy

If you are wearing a scoop neckline, a dramatic multi-strand necklace is a good choice. This neckline is perfect for chokers, pendants, or single and double strand necklaces. A good necklace and matching earrings would be the Bridal Necklace and Drop Earrings by Dessy.

If you are not a big jewelry person, accent your wedding or bridesmaid gown with a bright colored clutch or Pasmina. For example, the Gathered Matte Satin Clutch by Dessy comes in a variety of colors.