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Wedding Stress Survey Released by David's Bridal

Interestingly, in a survey of 501 brides, finding a wedding dress wasn't the number one stress in the wedding planning process. That prize went to finding a wedding location. Who would have thought?

After these priorities, picking out bridesmaids' dresses wasn't far behind.

Top reasons for bridesmaids' dress stress included deciding on a color and the general lack of cute bridesmaids' dresses in an array of sizes. In fact, two-thirds of brides say their biggest problem is finding a style that will fit and flatter each of their bridesmaids' body types.

Rest assured, we have the answer to these problems! Trouble finding a color? Order fabric swatches to see the color as it really is. Lack of cute bridesmaids dresses? Check out the thoroughly modern gowns at (Dessy also has great bridesmaid accessories and gifts!)

As for the problem of bridesmaids' dresses for different body shapes, don't worry. Choose your colors then let your girls pick their own best dress styles to suit their own unique figures.