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Save Yourself from the Summer Wedding Blues

While getting married in summer connotes many beautiful images: sunset kisses, sailboat backdrops, and outdoor champagne toasts, there are a few sticky situations that can mar the bliss of summer nuptials. Not to worry, here are ways to avoid the most common fierce weather foibles:

Allergies. I have been to outdoor weddings where my allergies were so bad I was crying harder than the bride throughout the entire ceremony. Lest your attendants sneeze like that notorious seventh dwarf, provide your girls with gorgeous embroidered handkerchiefs as bridesmaids gifts. Easily tucked into bridesmaids' dresses or stored among bouquets, elegant little hankies help keep the sniffles away.

Buzzing insects. Outdoor wedding can attract unwanted guests in the form of insects. But the rules of summer weddings are firm: no bees or any other pests, even ones wearing formal apparel, can be allowed to linger. Lest some flies show up who like, totally did not RSVP, arm an usher with a trusty flyswatter. Hey, if they're not on the guest list, they're not on the guest list.

Melting wedding cake. Outdoor weddings are often low on culinary supplies and cool storage places. To keep your wedding cake from melting like cheap makeup, consider serving adorable custom cookies instead. Perfect for a beach wedding or destination wedding, these durable desserts will withstand any weather.