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Wedding Jewelry 101: Why Pearls Add the Most Class

You probably want your bridesmaids to look as elegant as possible for the big day. Part of this is making sure your ladies are all wearing classy jewelry. In top of that, it works best if the ladies are all wearing matching jewelry. This can often times be a point of dispute for many brides and bridesmaids. Each person, particularly woman, has their own view of what classy and elegant jewelry is. Some women are all about flashy gold and diamond while others don't see the need for anything on top of a nice, smooth silver. It can be really tough trying to figure out what will actually look the best across the board and flatter all of the women involved.
I find that the answer to this common problem is the pearl. Pearls have long been a symbol of class and beauty on women and they seem to never fail in this department. Regardless of what kind of personality type you're working with when it comes down to your closest lady friends, pearls are bound to make everyone smile.
In addition to that, pearls and/or pearl looks tend to be much easier to buy in bulk for matching bridesmaids than other types of classy jewelry.
Choose the pearl for your big day and you won't regret it. It's a sure way to make everyone happy and see to it that they all look flawless.