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Quick Fixes if the Bride Has A Meltdown

So you're friends with the bride. You know that she is anxious about the wedding. In fact, anxious may not even sum it up. She may nearly be a nervous wreck, ready to explode on anything or anyone in her way at some near point in the future. It's of your closest friends may be warping into a bridezilla at a pace too fast to even keep up with. It's more likely than not that your dear friend may have a break down of some sort. So how will you deal?

THE MELTDOWN: She's fat. She's ugly. She hates herself.
THE FIX: Assure her she's beautiful and even ask for tips on how she keeps her skin in shape, her hair, her nails, etc.

THE MELTDOWN: She's not sure he's the one.
THE FIX: Have an in depth conversation with her about their relationship and figure out whether she's just nervous or whether she really is marrying the wrong person.

THE MELTDOWN: None of the wedding plans are coming out the way she wants.
THE FIX: Remind her that life is about spontaneity and riding the waves as they come. Be enthusiastic about the bumps in the road and try to help her see them as positive things.

THE MELTDOWN: Her family is driving her insane.
THE FIX: Distract her family by offering to take them out to dinner (or SOMEthing) and give her a chance to get some time alone and off from the fam.