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Outdoor Wedding 101: How to Fix the Bad with the Good

Outdoor weddings are incredibly popular. I mean, really, what's more romantic than getting married next to the sunset? The beach, the forest, the name it. There is something fundamentally romantic and pure about nature and it's no wonder, to me, why so many people want to get married surrounded by nature.

With that said, outdoor weddings definitely do pose more potential inconveniences than indoor weddings. Problems you may not have accounted for can come up and, if you're not prepared, they can make your overall experience less pleasant than it should be.

THE FIX: Make sure you bring a hand fan, a cloth, and deodorant with you.

THE FIX: Find a bug spray to bring with you that doesn't smell awful.

THE PROBLEM: Sunburn.THE FIX: Coat yourself with sunblock and wear makeup with SPF in it. Also opt to sit/stand in the shade every chance you can.

THE FIX: If you're wearing heels, bring some flip flops, too.

Outdoor weddings can be majestic. However, you should make sure you're ready to deal with the problems you may have to weather with them.