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Tips For Pacing Yourself on Your Wedding Day

Weddings are a dieter's nightmare. They're almost as bad as the holidays, collectively. From the elaborate entrees to the extensive drinking to the luscious cake, you're bound to eat way out of your range of calories on the wedding day. It is relatively unavoidable that you'll be consuming more than you regularly would on the day of a wedding, but there are always ways to manage your intake and make sure you're not getting too out of control. I know this is a problem I have constantly..I just love food too much! If it's in front of my face (and free), that means that it's going to go into my mouth. But even I have learned some trips for pacing myself over the years and they may be of use to you, as well.
Not only does water make you feel full and help you to avoid overeating, but switching off your beverages between alcohol/punch and water is a great idea. Not only will you save calories by doing this, but you'll also keep your body hydrated and you'll feel better about life (generally) in the morning if you do this.
Using small plates and bowls actually works wonders for many dieters. Your mind has this great little way of tricking you into thinking you're eating more (when you aren't) simply because it sees a full plate or bowl-regardless of how big or small that bowl or plate is. On the other hand, using a big plate or bowl will be sure to make you feel like you're eating less than you actually are eating...and that's no good at all.
Sometimes I eat just because I'm fidgety and there is food around. If you're already full, try making sure to keep your hands full, too. Help out with serving the food, dance, gather wrapping paper laying on the floor, etc. If you make sure your hands are occupied, you'll be less likely to snack for the sake of snacking.