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To Wear Fake Nails Or Not

Bridesmaids and brides alike often struggle with the question of whether they should get fake nails for the big day. Not all women have long nails or are even capable of growing long nails. For instance, I'm a guitarist and can't have my nails long because it makes playing guitar nearly impossible. Given this common situation, fake nails sometimes seem to be the only answer. However, everyone considering this should weigh the pros and cons of fake nails before deciding to use them on the big day.


They're an easy way to achieve a look that isn't permanent. They're relatively cheap. They can truly accent your dress colors.


Fake nails can do some intense damage to your real nails when pulled or broken off. They make even the smallest of tasks more difficult than they should be. If any break off, your look is ruined. (After all, no nails whatsoever looks better than one or two nails blatantly broken off). The choice is certainly up to you and your friends, but make sure you consider the pros and cons beforehand. If you're not used to wearing fake nails, you may be surprised with the outcome. Do a test run several weeks before the wedding.

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