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Pro Sports Tips for Catching the Wedding Bouquet


You know the story. The bride at the wedding throw the flower bouquet. The girl who catches the bouquet is the next girl who will be married. It's an exciting tradition. But..are there any rules? There don't seem to be any. But I do have some tips if you want to catch the bouquet at an upcoming wedding:
1. Change you shoes. Make sure that you have shoes that are comfortable. This means changing out of heels before the flower throw.
2. Size down your competitors. Notice the girls who aren't wearing marriage or engagement rings.
3. Watch the bride to make sure that you don't miss her call for the bouquet toss.
4. Eye down the bouquet and when you catch it, don't let go!
You should be able to secure the bouquet in your hands in no time if you follow these rules. It also may not hurt to encourage the alcohol consumption of your competitors.
Good luck!