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A 20 Point Wedding Rehearsal Checklist


Sometimes all you really need in order to help straighten out your mind is a checklist. Checklists actually help me in most areas of my life. I plan to help you with checklists for all aspects of your wedding on here. I'll start with this checklist below for your wedding rehearsal. Here are all of the areas you'll probably want to make sure you have covered before you start the wedding rehearsal:
1. Venue
2. Gifts
3. Gifts for each other
4. Dishes
5. Tables/Chairs
6. Decorations
7. Bar
8. Center pieces
9. Flowers
10. Music
11. Coat Check
12. Custodian
13. Teapot
14. Sound System
15. Parking
16. Glasses
17. Menu
18. Food
19. Permit for space
20. Limo