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Choosing Wedding Colors and Coordinating Your Bridal Party

Choosing Wedding Colors and Coordinating Your Bridal Party

If you're a fan of colors, like I am, you might be sort of lost in a rainbow world when it comes to picking colors for your wedding theme. It's important not to overdo it when it comes to colors of dresses and other fashion items at a wedding. But how do you know which direction to walk in with your coloring when you're in love with colors in general?

It can be tough, but the important thing is to pick a theme and stay focused.

Confused about where to start with color themes? Here are some items you should consider color coordinating together:

The Clothing: Everything from the men's vests to the flower girl's hair ribbons can be color coordinated. Make sure you think about the small details! They make all the difference.

Flowers & Other Decorations: Luckily for all of us, wedding flowers come in just about every shade. Explore different types of native and exotic flowers to find the ones that match your color theme the best and do the same with all your other decorations, too.

Wedding Cake: Your cake can most certainly be iced in a way that will help it fit your color theme. Regardless of the cake's color, you can make it whatever flavor you want, so don't let a flavor preference stop you from doing this!

(photo from: Getty Images)