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14 Wedding Candy Buffets that will Make Your Mouth Water

14 Wedding Candy Buffets that will Make Your Mouth Water

Candy Buffets are one of my favorite wedding trends. Who does NOT smile when they see a huge table full of colorful yummy candy?! No matter your age the word candy brings happiness I say. Jars full of M&M's, banana runts, sticky gooey taffy, and as many chocolate variations as you can find-now that's a party! In addition to candy buffets being just plain fun, they are also a great decoration.

Make your candy table unique by finding and decorating your own jars of different colors and sizes, decorate your table with petals, flowers, candles and even add childhood and current pictures of you and your loved one. Choose colored candy that matches your wedding theme and colors. Don't forget to add some of your favorite childhood candy like ring pops, candy bracelets and necklaces, lollipops, and even pop rocks.

One of my favorite displays is from Wedding Bee. I just want to dive head first into this table of goodness. I like how cupcakes and amazing little decorated cakes from Bakerella are added to the buffet. Let the inspiration begin.

weddingbeeone.jpg weddingbeetwo.jpg weddingbeethree.jpg weddingbeefour.jpg weddingbeefive.jpg weddingbeesix.jpgphotography by Scott and Temp

Project Wedding shared some of these gorgeous candy arrangements. I love the simplicity of the all-white theme. Marshmallows, yes please!

weddingcandyone.jpgphotography by Cary Pennington

weddingcandythree.jpgphotography by Garden Party To Go

I think maybe my favorite sweets growing up, and by that I mean I'm still growing up, is cotton candy. Bridal Bar recently featured this purple cotton candy martini that I had to share with you. Love!

weddingcandyfour.jpgphotography by Scott Campbell

To stock up on all of your wedding candy needs check out A Candy Store where you can select by color AND flavor. They have all of the old favorites like pez, rock candy, jawbrakers and more. You can also find many of your favorites at the Candy Warehouse and they include a video on how to create your own buffet. Have fun creating and save some goodies for me!