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The Best Wedding Songs of 2010

The Best Wedding Songs of 2010

image from Leo DJ Photography

From the first dance, to the last dance of the evening, you want only the best songs for your big dreamy wedding day. Music sets the mood, whether it be romance and love or breakin' loose on the reception dance floor, good tunes are essential! I'd like to introduce you to the top wedding songs of 2010. Some of these titles are linked so you can view the video and listen to the lyrics.

You & Me: Dave Matthews Band
why: spin through the stars
I Got a Feeling: Black Eyed Peas
why: get the dance floor moving!
Hey Soul Sister: Train
why: for all to enjoy...a 'faster' slow song, and great lyrics
You and Me: Lifehouse
why: awwwww factor
In My Life: The Beatles
why: a classic for a reason
Down: Jay Sean
why: to get everyone back on the dance floor!
Two: Ryan Adams
why: because now it takes two...
Giving Myself Over to You: Jennifer Hudson
why: those lyrics, and that voice!
At Last: Etta James
why: life is like a song...
Wanna Be Your Everything: Keith Urban
why: even if you think you don't like country-listen to this one and change your mind

Don't see your favorite dance songs? Comment here and tell me yours!