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Top 10 Wedding Dance Videos

Remember when just walking down the aisle was simply that -- walking. Brides and grooms are getting ever better at upping the ante when it comes to making an entrance or showcasing that first dance. From intricately choreographed reception dances to strutting their stuff down the aisle, today's couples are truly making an art form out of their big day. And, thankfully for us, they are videotaping their creations for us all to enjoy.

Thanks to Mashable for compiling this list to share with you. Get ready for some giggles that'll knock you off your seat! Do you have any videos that I missed? Leave a comment and share the laughter.

One of the more well known and most entertaining aisle dances-lovin' those sunglasses.

A lot of time went into this entertaining & choreographed number-Enjoy!

Now, if I could actually dance like this, I'd probably show off in front of my friends and family too!

A hip dad gets into his groove here - go dad!

Who doesn't love the last song scene of Dirty Dancing? Go ahead. Sing along.

One to remember. The hip hop interruption will get you dancing!

These two can really DANCE. Seriously impressive moves and you can tell they're having the time of their lives.

One With over 12 million views, this Michael Jackson inspired dance is worth watching.

One As the Michael Jackson theme continues, this entire wedding party dance to Thriller is pretty impressive.

A true dance off ensues between the girls and the boys..who wins your vote?