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Colorful Carnival Engagement Shoot

Colorful Carnival Engagement Shoot

This sweet carnival engagement shoot just screams fun! I love all of the sweet details. Colorful balloons, a day full of playing those childhood favorite carnival games, and that unforgettable carnival food - cotton candy, candied apples..yummm...make this one special day that I would love to recreate for myself.
carnivalengage1.jpgcarnivalengage2.jpgcarnivalengage3.jpgcarnivalengage4.jpgcarnivalengage5.jpgcarnivalengage6.jpgcarnivalengage7.jpgcarnivalengage8.jpgcarnivalengage9.jpgcarnivalengage10.jpgcarnivalengage11.jpg<carnivalengage12.jpgcarnivalengage13.jpgcarnivalengage14.jpgImages by Ica Images