Destination Beach Wedding Planning Tips

Destination Beach Wedding Planning Tips

Feeling the sand between your toes as you walk down the aisle in your flowing white gown while the sparkling and warm sun falls on you, your guests and that amazing blue water. The perfect destination beach wedding is a dream for many brides and grooms to be. And for good reason - what better way to bring out a great celebration than with a day at the beach?

Whether you're planning to bring all your loved ones to a private spot in the Caribbean or to your local lake with beachfront property, there are some special arrangements to keep in mind to ensure your day keeps up with that of your dreams.

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Choosing Your Location

This is obviously a personal choice. But, keep in mind your priority guests and their ability to easily get to your location. If it's half way around the world make sure it is as affordable as possible to those who really want in attendance on your big day

Choosing the Time and Date for Your Wedding

Keep in mind the time of sunset and sunrise of your chosen location. This will help you plan for photographs and lighting/

Getting a Marriage License

Different states and countries often have different qualifications to get your license. Be sure to find out the rules before you go so that you have all the necessary documents with you.

Send Wedding Invites in Advance

Especially if your wedding will require your guests to fly, send out your invitations at least 6 months in advance. Consider making a wedding website to help keep all of your guests informed of the details as you plan.

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Keep it simple. Try rose petals on the sand for the aisle, local bright flowers on chairs and if it's an evening wedding or reception you will need some type of lighting. Try tiki torches or strings of small white bulbs to set the mood

Keep the Weather in Mind

Most beaches tend to be at least a little windy. And, of course, there's always that dreaded chance of rain. Be prepared. Keeping the comfort of your guests in mind have shawls on hand for cooler breezes. For the chance of rain, rent a tent just in case and have umbrellas on hand. These can also come in handy to shade the sun. For the reception, try placing a bag of flip flops out for all those tired feet. Additionally, know the tide of your beach so no one gets wet!

Work with Your Facilities

If you are having your ceremony at a hotel beach, ask them about their sound system and if they can set up speakers for you to have the music of your choice. If they cannot, ask if you can bring your own. Also, make sure there are restrooms available nearby. If not, you may have to rent your own.

Reception Details

If you are staying on the beach make sure you have a partially closed area available for your food to keep it sand free. If you are taking your reception off the beach, you may want to keep the beach theme going with your decor - candles with sand, sea shells, seafood etc.

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