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A Carnival Inspired Wedding Theme

A Carnival Inspired Wedding Theme

I found this fabulously full of color, unique summer wedding via Yes Bride and couldn't help myself - I just had to re-post. The color scheme is so well thought through and planned. Do you see those bridesmaid dresses? Love! Everything down to the brides polka dot nail polish screams fun and playful. And isn't that what your wedding day should be full of anyway?

colorfulwedding1.jpgcolorfulwedding2.jpgcolorfulwedding3.jpgcolorfulwedding4.jpgcolorfulwedding5.jpgcolorfulwedding6.jpgcolorfulwedding7.jpgcolorfulwedding8.jpgcolorfulwedding9.jpgcolorfulwedding10.jpgcolorfulwedding11.jpgcolorfulwedding12.jpgcolorfulwedding13.jpgcolorfulwedding14.jpgcolorfulwedding15.jpgImages by Jagger Photography