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Kid Friendly Wedding Ideas: Grey Likes Weddings Guest Post

Kid Friendly Wedding Ideas: Grey Likes Weddings Guest Post

A couple of months ago I introduced you to the amazingly inspirational blog Grey Likes Weddings. Well, lucky for you and me she's back for another guest post. Visit Grey Likes Weddings for loads more real wedding inspiration, ideas & finds. I promise you will love.

As we all know, when it comes to planning a wedding, one of the most difficult processes can be creating a guest list. Cutting that list is one of the most effective ways to save money, but it can be a fairly emotional process deciding which of your potential guests deserves a spot on the final list. Deciding whether or not to include children on the invite is another quandary for many brides. If you do decide to include young guests, it always helps to provide them with a few trinkets and treats to keep them occupied. I just recently stumbled across these bright pillow boxes from Cute Tape made especially for the little ones. They are super easy and doubly adorable.