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A Summer Wedding in Michigan

A Summer Wedding in Michigan

The purple bow tie and ruffle trimmed and belted dress really got me in this one. Isn't it such a perfect summer wedding dress? And, as you all know, I'm a pushover for great DIY elements. The paper bag menu filled with a cookie, the cute bunting and painted wood signs just stole my heart.

michiganwedding1.jpgmichiganwedding2.jpgmichiganwedding3.jpgmichiganwedding4.jpgmichiganwedding5.jpgmichiganwedding6.jpgmichiganwedding7.jpgmichiganwedding8.jpgmichiganwedding9.jpgmichiganwedding10.jpgmichiganwedding11.jpgImages by Tec Petaja Photography

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