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What will your wedding flowers mean?

Red Roses

You'll probably choose your bridal blooms because of the colour, the style and the fragrance. But what will be the meaning of your wedding flowers?

Certain flowers are thought to mean different things - like beauty and elegance as well as love.

Before choosing the blooms which will decorate your wedding day, we thought you might like to take a look at the guide below.

The meaning of wedding flowers

Anemone - Anticipation

Apple Blossom - Hope

Aster - Elegance

Baby's breath - Pure heart

Calla lily - Beauty

Camellia - Perfection

Carnation - Devotion

Daisy - Gentleness

Forget-me-not - Remembrance

Freesia - Innocence

Gardenia - Purity

Heather - Fortune

Heliotrope - Faithfulness

Ivy - Eternal fidelity

Larkspur - Laughter

Lily of the valley - Happiness

Mimosa - Friendship

Peony - Bashfulness

Stephanotis - Marital bliss

Tulip - Passion

Violet - Modesty

Red rose - Love

This extract on flower meanings comes from The Wedding Book: The Big Book for your Big Day by Mindy Weiss. Also available from Amazon. Photograph by Vicky Hugheston.