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Secrets for cutting the cost of being a wedding guest

Being asked to attend a wedding as a guest is wonderful. You want to be there for your friends and family on the big day after all. However, costs can mount up so here are some hints and tips for cutting the cost of being a wedding guest without compromising, from the blog.

Set a budget

Decide how much you're able to spend before the event itself, so you don't have to worry that you are spending money you don't have.

Consider exactly how much you would be happy to spend on the day in total, including the cost of new clothes and travel expenses. Try to stick to that figure.

Save for the occasion

Once you've set a budget for your wedding expenditure start saving for the big day.

Even if you just put a few pounds aside each week you could quickly build up enough cash to pay for your drinks at the wedding reception. Put aside a little more and you'll have the cost of hotel accommodation and a gift covered in no time.

Give a gift that's worth more but costs less

If you have a skill that can be utilised on the big day, such as photography or a panache for bakery, why not offer it as a gift?

Not only will this type of gift be unique and memorable for the couple in question, there is a good chance that it will save them (and you) a considerable amount of cash - making its worth even greater.

Alternatively, preparing something such as photo album of the couple tying the knot is a great way to offer a personalised gift at a low cost.

Book hotel rooms in advance

As a rule the further in advance you can book your room the more likely you'll be able to find a good price.

Booking several months before your stay will also give you the opportunity to take advantage of any offers from hotel chains in suitable locations.

You should also check whether discounts are available if you mention you are attending the wedding.

Leave it late

If you are happy to wait until just a few days before you travel you could also pick up a bargain by booking at the last minute.

Online hotel booking websites including, and often reduce room rates just a few days before your stay in order to fill vacant spaces.

Stay with family or friends

Although staying at a hotel can make you feel part of the wedding party and add a sense of occasion to the event, if you have the opportunity you could save a substantial amount of money by staying with friends or family.

Equally, if you are travelling to a wedding and don't know anyone nearby you might be able to save by booking accommodation with other guests, or clubbing together to rent a property for the weekend.

Book tickets early

Whether you are travelling by coach, train or plane, booking in advance or during a ticket sale can cut your cost considerably.

For help finding cheap train tickets read the guide: How to Find Cheap Train Tickets

Car share

If you are planning to drive to the wedding then consider sharing a lift with other guests and splitting the cost, or if there are a large number could you save money by renting a mini-bus?

Fly for less

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