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A DIY Wedding Spectacular: From Buttons to Mason Jars

A DIY Wedding Spectacular: From Buttons to Mason Jars

Ok friends, make yourself a coffee and get ready to snuggle up with this one. I just couldn't part with any of the images so get comfy and dig in. As you know, I am a shoe-in for any great DIY wedding, but this one has just moved into my #1 favorite spot.

Details, details details! I am insanely impressed. I mean, cardboard/wooden guest book, artwork, old school typewriter, books, the desk bursting with flowers and topped with one gorgeous cake, and a camera station complete with socks falling out of the drawers! I'm in DIY heaven. What's your favorite detail?

thriftgenius1.jpgthriftgenius2.jpgthriftgenius3.jpgthriftgenius4.jpgthriftgenius5.jpgthriftgenius6.jpgthriftgenius7.jpgthriftgenius8.jpgthriftgenius9.jpgthriftgenius10.jpgthriftgenius11.jpgthriftgenius12.jpgthriftgenius13.jpgthriftgenius14.jpgthriftgenius15.jpgthriftgenius16.jpgthriftgenius17.jpgthriftgenius18.jpgthriftgenius19.jpgthriftgenius20.jpgthriftgenius21.jpgImages by Clayton Austin Photography