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An Outdoor Wedding Inspired by Lovebirds

An Outdoor Wedding Inspired by Lovebirds

Happy Thursday everyone! It's so close to the weekend I can almost taste it, can't you?! So, to start it off in style check out this bright, colorful and ridiculously gorgeous wedding photographed by Jo Photo. The bridesmaid's hot pink dresses and wedge shoes along with the terribly adorable cake topper and creative DIY elements should provide you with some inspiration to take into this wedding planning weekend of yours. Enjoy!

smithview1.jpgsmithview2.jpgsmithview3.jpgsmithview4.jpgsmithview5.jpgsmithview6.jpgsmithview7.jpgsmithview8.jpgsmithview9.jpgsmithview10.jpgsmithview11.jpgsmithview12.jpgsmithview13.jpgsmithview14.jpgImages by Jo Photo