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DIY Floral Favor Baskets

DIY Floral Favor Baskets

No matter how old I get I still love to open mystery gifts to be surprised and excited about what I find inside. For all of you (and your wedding guests) who are still kids at heart I found these DIY favor florets via Camille Styles. Perfect for any time of year, fill these with any kind of goodies you want. For all of you planning your Autumn wedding, I think they would be so very perfect using orange and brown paper for a pumpkin like favor. Visit Camille Styles for the full tutorial.

flavorflorets1.jpgflavorflorets2.jpgflavorflorets3.jpgflavorflorets4.jpgflavorflorets5.jpgflavorflorets6.jpgflavorflorets7.jpgImages via Camille Styles