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A Mountain Peak Wedding Ceremony

A Mountain Peak Wedding Ceremony

Simply stunning is the only way to describe this mountain top wedding. It looks like a dream to good to be true with the amazing scenery, ridiculously hip couple and the DIY elements. The wedding reception table is one to write home about. Don't you love the wooden place settings and the yummy comfort food? And the Polaroid shots at the end are simply the best. Enjoy the hip-ness!

ontopofmountain1.jpgontopofmountain2.jpgontopofmountain3.jpgontopofmountain4.jpgontopofmountain5.jpgontopofmountain6.jpgontopofmountain7.jpgontopofmountain8.jpgontopofmountain9.jpgontopofmountain10.jpgontopofmountain11.jpgontopofmountain12.jpgontopofmountain13.jpgontopofmountain14.jpgontopofmountain15.jpgontopofmountain16.jpgImages by Sean Flanigan Photography