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A Lakeside Color Palette: Teal and Yellow Wedding

A Lakeside Color Palette: Teal and Yellow Wedding

What grabbed my attention in this beautiful wedding was the color palette. I am truly loving the use of teal and yellow together. Isn't it just gorgeous? Not to mention the adorable and unique bridesmaid dress, pinwheels and bow shoes with...wait for it....yellow nail polish. Even the cupcakes are color coordinated! What do you think? Are you loving this color combo too?

blueyellowwedding2.jpgblueyellowwedding3.jpgblueyellowwedding4.jpgblueyellowwedding5.jpgblueyellowwedding6.jpgblueyellowwedding7.jpgblueyellowwedding8.jpgblueyellowwedding9.jpgblueyellowwedding10.jpgblueyellowwedding11.jpgblueyellowwedding12.jpgImages by Sloan Photographers