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Wedding Theme Inspiration: The Astronomer & The Librarian

Wedding Theme Inspiration: The Astronomer & The Librarian

When this astronomer and a librarian decided to get married they brought a lot of inspiring creativity into their big day. Complete with library constellation escort cards and the bride and grooms favorite books as the wedding favors, this wedding was undoubtedly a special one for the guests. Not to mention that amazing bouquet and lovely and bright bridesmaid dresses. Enjoy!

astronomerlibrarian1.jpgastronomerlibrarian2.jpgastronomerlibrarian3.jpgastronomerlibrarian4.jpgastronomerlibrarian5.jpgastronomerlibrarian6.jpgastronomerlibrarian7.jpgastronomerlibrarian8.jpgastronomerlibrarian9.jpgastronomerlibrarian10.jpgastronomerlibrarian11.jpgImages by Brooke Courtney Photography