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A Stylish Pink Lemonade Inspired Wedding Day

A Stylish Pink Lemonade Inspired Wedding Day

How adorable are these bridesmaids in pink? I love all of the pops of colors in this happy summer wedding. Lemons as place cards and the fluffy pom poms to throw add the perfect fun touches to this day. Enjoy!

pinkandlemons1.jpgpinkandlemons2.jpgpinkandlemons3.jpgpinkandlemons4.jpgpinkandlemons5.jpgpinkandlemons6.jpgpinkandlemons7.jpgpinkandlemons8.jpgpinkandlemons9.jpgpinkandlemons10.jpgpinkandlemons11.jpgpinkandlemons12.jpgpinkandlemons13.jpgpinkandlemons14.jpgpinkandlemons15.jpgImages by Jill Thomas Photography