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A Family Focused Wedding Day filled with Love and Fun for All

A Family Focused Wedding Day filled with Love and Fun for All

This wedding looks like it was one big, fun, hilarious party that I would have loved to have gone to. Everyone seems to just be having a laid back, easy going great time. First of all - confetti, bubbles, champagne, face painting and a tambourine band? Talk about style. And the absolutely best part: the Trampoline! That's right, a trampoline at a wedding. Seeing this, I've decided it should be mandatory at every wedding. Check out the laughter below.
trampolinewedding2.jpgtrampolinewedding3.jpgtrampolinewedding4.jpgtrampolinewedding5.jpgtrampolinewedding6.jpgtrampolinewedding7.jpgtrampolinewedding8.jpgtrampolinewedding9.jpgtrampolinewedding10.jpgtrampolinewedding11.jpgtrampolinewedding12.jpgtrampolinewedding13.jpgtrampolinewedding14.jpgtrampolinewedding15.jpgtrampolinewedding16.jpgtrampolinewedding17.jpgtrampolinewedding18.jpgImages by The Image is Found