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Colour co-ordination for the bridegroom (and how to fold his pocket handkerchief just right).

red wedding moodboard

Creating a wonderful 'look' on your wedding day is all about the details.

You'll have decided on a wedding colour scheme and you've probably discussed this with your husband-to-be.

Most bridegrooms like to match up their waistcoats, ties, cravats and pocket squares to the general theme - and your man will want to look his best. He'll also want his accompanying male cast to join in the fun.

groom wedding accessories in purple

(Dessy has a rainbow of cravats, neckties, handkerchiefs and bridegroom waistcoats in all sorts of colours. Men don't tend to like shopping so this is an easy online option for him.)

Your pageboy's bowtie or necktie can also co-ordinate with the bigger boys.

One small detail is how a bridegroom folds his pocket handkerchief in the breast pocket of his suit. So I found some useful tips for pocket handkerchief folding on the Martha Stewart website. How to create a one or two point square or a 'winged puff' effect.

grooms pink cravat and waistcoat

Have fun getting your wedding details the way you want them and showing your bridegroom how to colour co-ordinate!

Credits: All photographs of groomswear via Dessy, where you'll also find the wedding moodboard shown.