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An Antique Wedding in Teal Blue

An Antique Wedding in Teal Blue

Some weddings are simply pretty, some festive, and some are truly from the heart. This is one of those. So much care went into the little details. The gorgeous wedding bouquets, antique furniture in all the right places, sparkly shoes and one of the prettiest outdoor wedding locations I've seen.

vintageantiquewedding1.jpgvintageantiquewedding2.jpgvintageantiquewedding3.jpgvintageantiquewedding4.jpgvintageantiquewedding5.jpgvintageantiquewedding6.jpgvintageantiquewedding7.jpgvintageantiquewedding8.jpgvintageantiquewedding9.jpgvintageantiquewedding10.jpgvintageantiquewedding11.jpgvintageantiquewedding12.jpgvintageantiquewedding13.jpgvintageantiquewedding14.jpgImages by Braedon Photography