Perfect Couples: A clever way to find wedding inspiration

Perfect Couples

Looking for wedding inspiration?  Help on building your own wedding website?


Then you HAVE to check out The Dessy Group's new website


It was put together to give you a gallery of the stunning, imaginative wedding 'wed sites' that are around today.

locations of weddings map

You can search for sites by date and by the location of the weddings.  Then when you've found a site you particularly like, you can give it a rating (and people can rate yours too!)

If you're looking to create your own wedding day website to share with your family and friends, then you'll find a number of choices offering free or paid-for wedding web site creation.  You can build a wedding website for free via Dessy, or visit, GettingMarried and JustTheThing.


PerfectCouples was created by us here at The Dessy Group to help brides and grooms with their wedding planning.  Alongside the pages you will see our popular bridal, bridesmaid and menswear styles for bridegrooms - you should also check out Dessy to see the latest in bridal fashions, gifts and accessories.


If you're particularly proud of your wedding website, you should nominate it for one of our prizes - or nominate a friend's site.  Just complete the nomination form.  The best will win prizes.


Have fun!  Find inspiration.  Look at PerfectCouples, tell your friends about it, nominate the best sites and rate others you like.  We'd love your comments!