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How to Bundle Up in Class for your Winter Wedding

How to Bundle Up in Class for your Winter Wedding

Some people shy away from winter weddings. Obviously snow and cold can be a factor, but at the same time, they can make your Big Day absolutely stunning. This beauty captured by Jill Devries Photography is proof that sunshine and sand aren't required for a fabulous, fun, and perfectly pretty wedding day. The cozy shrugs, black and red color scheme and 'frosty' wedding decorations are simply lovely. Enjoy!

Januarywedding1.jpgJanuarywedding2.jpgJanuarywedding3.jpgJanuarywedding4.jpgJanuarywedding5.jpgJanuarywedding6.jpgJanuarywedding7.jpgJanuarywedding8.jpgJanuarywedding9.jpgJanuarywedding10.jpgJanuarywedding11.jpgJanuarywedding12.jpgJanuarywedding13.jpgJanuarywedding14.jpgJanuarywedding15.jpgImages by Jill Devries Photography