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How to make tissue paper pom poms

Tissue paper pom poms are fun and easy to make and look really effective when used as decorations for wedding receptions or interiors. Today's guest blog is by Gail at seventyoneseventyone Design who gives full instructions on how you can make these inexpensive DIY wedding decorations.

Instructions for making tissue paper pom poms

You will need:

Tissue paper (in any colour you choose) , florists wire, string, scissors.

You need eight sheets of tissue paper to make a pom pom. You can make them any size. In this demonstration I have used four large sheets of tissue and cut them in half.

tissue paper sheets in blue

Start by making a fold in the tissue about an inch deep; then fold the tissue paper backwards and forwards in a concertina shape. You will end up with a folded strip. Fold the strip in half to find the centre and tie your wire around the centre to secure. Also tie some cotton or string around the centre to hang your finished pom pom.

tissue paper in blue

Cut the ends of the tissue in a rounded shape or cut off to a point for a different look.

pink and blue tissue paper

Then carefully start separating the layers of tissue to form your pom pom shape.

folded blue tissue paper

Fluff your pom pom up to get a nice rounded shape.

blue tissue paper pom pom

That's it. You can now hang your gorgeous pom poms and be the envy of all who visit.

Thanks Gail for this great idea!