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Diamond Jubilee Themed Wedding?

With Queen Elizabeth II celebrating 60 amazing years on the throne on June 5th, shop windows are full of Union Jacks; red, white and blue and anything diamond jubilee-themed.

So if you're feeling patriotic, you could add a touch of patriotic red, white and blue to your wedding colour theme.

Of course, I'm not saying that you should dress your maids in blue and red to contrast with your white wedding dress (although it's a nice thought and there's sure to be one or two brides who've already considered it). In fact, I blogged about a Cool Britannia wedding theme some months back and I thought the photography shot in central London was mesmerisingly wonderful.

But even last minute, it is easy to work in a few ideas to give a nod to what's going on with the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Items are only available whilst stocks last, so don't wait too long to order.

Think of giving some Diamond Jubilee themed items as wedding favours - something that most of your guests will want to treasure way beyond your special day. Here are a few fun ideas.

Diamond Jubilee wedding confetti

1. Vintage inspired Diamond Jubilee Confetti. This is just great and is sure to amuse your guests! From Not On the High Street £4.50

<img" title="Diamond Jubilee" src="/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Screen-Shot-2012-05-24-at-15.46.171-325x333.png" alt="Diamond Jubilee cake pops from Not On The HIgh Street" />

2. Diamond Jubilee Cake Pops. These would be perfect favours for your guests or a last-minute wedding cake alternative. £29.95 for eight.

Union Jack bunting

3. Union Jack Bunting. Need I say more? Endless uses. You could drape it around the entrance to your reception, inside the venue, along the walkway. £13.50 from Not On The High Street

red, white and blue shoes

4. Red, white and blue shoes for your bridesmaids from Rachel Simpson Shoes.

Diamond Jubilee cupcake toppers from Hunky Dory Home

5. Diamond Jubilee cupcake toppers from Hunky Dory Home

Blue and red flowergirl dress by Dessy

6. Flower girl dress by Dessy.

Red, white and blue flowers

7. Red, white and blue flowers. Mix garden blooms together for the prettiest mix. Flowers by Sarah Raven.Diamond Jubilee temporary tattoos

8. Jubilee temporary tattoos. Favours for your youngest guests? By Hunky Dory Home.

Diamond Jubilee Mug

9. Diamond Jubilee Mug. Okay, so not the cheapest favour. But certainly something that will remind your guests of your big day and be very useful! This one is from Hunky Dory Home but you'll see Diamond Jubilee mugs all over the place.

Union Jack shoes

10. Diamond Jubilee Shoes by Aruna Seth. Couldn't resist these. Okay, you might not want to wear them to your wedding but they are certainly eyecatching and very patriotic!

Are you having a Diamond Jubilee themed-wedding? Let us know, we'd love to feature your photographs!

Top photograph credit: Craig Williams Photography