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Clever way to pop the question - a live 'lip-dub' proposal

This wedding proposal is just wonderful and it's gone completely viral in only a week, taking place on 23 May 2012.

A Portland actor called Isaac got his family and friends involved in his wedding proposal to his girlfriend Amy who had a dancing background on Broadway. The whole event was a complete surprise for Amy.

Amy was seated in the back of a car by Isaac's brother with a pair of headphones playing the Bruno Mars song 'Think I'm Going To Marry You'.

As the car drives along she looks out of the back and sees people, family and friends dancing around and popping up on either side.
The lip synching is fabulous and the whole effect is funny and very heartwarming.  It's also very romantic.

Emotions run high for the bride to be - who of course says yes at the end to Isaac's proposal.Its beautifully thought out and choreographed. Watch it and see for yourself ...