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Wedding Hair Styles For Short Hair

Short wedding hair styles

<img" title="Model_Wears_Clara_By_Debbie_Carlisle_Bouquets" src="/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Model_Wears_Clara_By_Debbie_Carlisle_Bouquets-333x500.jpeg" alt="Short wedding hair styles " />

You may have flirted with long flowing locks, but decided a while ago that short hair suits your face and your features so much better.

Short Cuts Are Long On Style

And with the likes of actress Carey Mulligan and Emma Watson making short pixie crops right on trend, you're in good, stylish company.

But maybe you're wondering how to accessorise your short hair on your wedding day? After all, you're not in the market for an intricate up-do and you may not even want to wear a veil.

So How Should You Acessorise Your Short Hair On Your Wedding Day?

Well, I've just been sent these images by designer Debbie Carlisle (who makes fabulous heirloom bouquets we've previously featured). I thought you should see them because to me they illustrate perfectly how you can look chic and elegant with short hair, by accessorising with a variety of different hair ornaments.

wedding hair styles for short hair

Another thing to remember when you have short hair on your wedding day is to give careful thought to the neckline of your dress. Depending on how you accessorise your hair, you may find that a strapless gown needs a little more detail. When you go to choose your bridal dress, talk to the assistant and ask her what she thinks will look best with your particular hair cut. Be open to ideas - most brides end up choosing a completely different dress from the one they originally thought about.

Thanks to Debbie for sending us all these inspirational images. You can buy all the accessories featured from Debbie Carlisle - and you could also talk to her about creating something made just for you.

One thing is for sure - if you're a bride with short hair, there's no need to feel you have to grow your hair long for your big day. There are plenty of ways to be stylish with short locks!

Photo credits: All main photographs and accessories by Debbie Carlisle.